Blogs from October 2013

91 Cats and Dogs Adopted in September 2013

Posted on Tuesday, October 8th

Congratulations to all of the new families! During September we adopted 91 cats and dogs (75 cats and 16 dogs). While 91 animals placed in forever homes is fantastic, it is actually rather low for our organization. We typically adopt more than 110 animals a month. We need your help to find homeless animals forever homes. Visit our adoptable page to browse over 600 available cats and dogs now! Can't adopt? Share one animal's profile by e-mail or social media and open your friends, family and colleague's eyes to adopting a new friend today! Cat adoptions (75): Guy 13651, Sumo… READ MORE >

October is Black Cat Awareness Month

Posted on Tuesday, October 8th

At Furkids, it is painfully obvious which cats are overlooked at our shelter by adopters. Though likely unintentional, black cats are overlooked again and again by adopters across the country. Pictured left are Louie and Zorro. They are best buds and have been living the shelter life for far too long! They have patiently waited for the purrrfect human to give them the loving home they deserve for almost SIX years! They have to watch while other cats go home, and they don't understand why they aren't selected. Help them by fighting this black stigma and apply to adopt them… READ MORE >