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Blogs from October 2011

Jesse | Furkid of the Week

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, October 30th

No, you are not seeing double! I know our little Furkid from last week was also a pretty gray tuxedo -- but this is an entirely new handsome gray tuxedo kitty that we are highlighting this week. Meet Jesse. We will let Carol Purdy, our Medical Records & Surgery Manager, tell you his story, since she was his heroic rescuer:I rescued Jesse, along with two other kittens, in April of this year from behind the Zaxby's in Tucker. I had been feeding them for several months and I couldn't stand the thought of them being out in the cold any longer. At least two other cats in this colony had already been hit and killed on the busy street nearby.It took me several days to trap everyone, but when I finally got them, I discovered that Jesse & his brother had tipped ears. Those of us who had been feeding them had not realized this until we had trapped them and saw them up close.The other two kittens we caught that day came around quickly and were adopted soon after, but Jesse was one very... READ MORE >

Sadie | Furkid of the Week

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, October 18th

Aww...look at this super cutie pie.  Sweet Sadie!If you are looking to own a single pet -- a sole companion on which to lavish all your attention, and in turn have just one animal that will lavish all their loyalty on you -- then Sadie is a perfect choice.  This sweet little girl gets a lot of attention from visitors because she is a strikingly beautiful gray tuxedo kitty.  She's also quite vocal when people come into her room, indicating that she loves attention.  Shelter staff report that she will love to be in your lap every chance she gets.  She is very friendly -- with humans.Sadie needs to be the only pet/animal in a household because she simply does not do well with other animals, especially dogs.  She had a very bad experience with a dog right before she was rescued by one of our volunteers.  She was adopted by a family a few years ago, but when they got a new dog Sadie showed aggression towards the dog.  The family ultimately decided to keep the dog and return... READ MORE >

Fifi | Furkid of the Week

Posted by Furkids | Thursday, October 6th

Fifi's most recent foster family would like to let everyone know how wonderful she is so we have chosen to spotlight her this week. [Full disclosure: I, Ida, and my husband, Thad, are Fifi's most recent foster family  :-D ]  We are hoping that she can soon be adopted into a loving home.  There are several things you need to know right off the top about Fifi.One, she's got spunk!  This girl has a huge personality and lots of fun energy.  She clearly likes to be in charge of both herself and others.  I really enjoyed her self-assured attitude and the sometimes disdainful looks she'd give me.  I would just laugh and go over and pet her anyway.  She always gave in.  She often gets "the crazies" and dashes madly from room to room.  She loves to play with cat toys and will keep you and herself entertained for hours.  One of her favorite activities is sitting near a window looking outside.  She does not mind dogs.  She got along great with our dog; but clearly did not want to... READ MORE >


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