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Blogs from September 2011

Rascal | Furkid of the Week

Posted by Admin | Friday, September 30th

Our little fluffy Rascal came to us as a kitten in May of 2006 with his brother, Bonkers. They were both feral and, therefore, not very warm to humans. Rascal has weathered the domesticated storm quite well. It may have taken quite a while, but he is no longer shy or wary of humans. In fact, he is now the cat to welcome you into Room 10. He sits by the door and when you come in he wants lots of attention. He's come such a long way. Rascal was also ill for a little while, but he is fully… READ MORE >

Lily | Furkid of the Week

Posted by Admin | Wednesday, September 21st

Since we had such great fortune this month in having two all-white boys adopted together (Linus and Victor), we thought we'd highlight one of our absolutely gorgeous all-white girls, Lily. Cala lilies, water lilies, lilies of the valley -- they are all delicate and exquisite-looking white flowers. And so is this little girl. I mean, just look at her! She really embodies her name. Lily is graceful, beautiful, and smart. She has been with us since 2009 and is 3-years-old. She is an all-white short hair and unique in the sense that her eyes are two different shades. She is… READ MORE >

"Less Adoptable" Adoption Story | Ansel

Posted by Admin | Friday, September 16th

Sometimes, it's not a medical condition, or a physical condition, or a behavior issue in a cat that keeps adopters at bay. Sometimes it's...well, we're not quite sure. Furkids currently has, and has had, many cats in our care that for some reason or another just don't get adopted. Everyone who works or volunteers at the shelter looks at these cats and roots for them -- knowing how wonderful and sweet they are. We are often stumped as to why no one picks them. But when they do, it's a whole different level of happiness! To wit... Meet Ansel. This… READ MORE >

Mango | Furkid of the Week

Posted by Admin | Friday, September 16th

Mango is always one of the first cats to greet you at the door of room 1-2-3. Just like her tropical fruit namesake, she is a brilliant rich orange color and full of sweetness. This very affectionate kitty absolutely adores attention and will sit by your side until your pet her or hold her. She will make someone a great lap cat! Mango came to Furkids in 2008 with her sisters, Peachy and Tangerine. Peachy has since been adopted but Mango and Tangerine are still seeking their forever homes. It would be nice to have them adopted together, but it… READ MORE >

"Less Adoptable" Adoption Story | Scooter

Posted by Admin | Thursday, September 15th

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week is September 17-25. This "less adoptable" adoption story comes to us from Paige J. I adopted my handicapped cat Scooter from Furkids 5½ years ago. I was a volunteer there, and I saw this new little intake kitten that was appropriately named Scooter. She was born with a hip and knee on her back left leg but no ankle or foot. On her back right leg she has a hip, knee, and ankle, but no foot or toes. Even her tail isn’t fully formed. She has always been able to get around like a… READ MORE >
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