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Blogs from June 2012

Nalley Driven for a Cause (Vote for Furkids!)

Posted by Admin | Thursday, June 28th

The contest deadline is JULY 10. Your votes will help Furkids win a van from Nalley Cars. Pure and simple, the winner is the organization that gets the most votes, and Furkids is in second place. We need every vote! Here are five powerful reasons why should you vote for Furkids. Be part of a winning team that doesn’t discriminate by breed. Furkids rescues all cats and dogs, not just one breed. Save more animals. Furkids serves 600 homeless dogs and cats per day – far more than any other organization in the state. Help more animals find homes. Right… READ MORE >

Pansy | Featured Furkid

Posted by Admin | Thursday, June 14th

Pansy is one of the sweetest and friendliest cats you will ever meet! You will not be able to resist smiling when you watch her happily make biscuits while you rub her tummy. She is very demonstrative in her love. She loves to give kisses by touching her nose to yours and will nuzzle her face against your neck when you pick her up. She would be a perfect lap cat and you will end up feeling so loved by her every time she gazes adoringly at you. Pansy needs a little extra care. She is from a hoarding situation… READ MORE >


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