Nalley Driven for a Cause (Vote for Furkids!)

Posted on Thursday, June 28th

The contest deadline is JULY 10. Your votes will help Furkids win a van from Nalley Cars. Pure and simple, the winner is the organization that gets the most votes, and Furkids is in second place. We need every vote!

Here are five powerful reasons why should you vote for Furkids.

  • Be part of a winning team that doesn’t discriminate by breed. Furkids rescues all cats and dogs, not just one breed.
  • Save more animals. Furkids serves 600 homeless dogs and cats per day – far more than any other organization in the state.
  • Help more animals find homes. Right now, Furkids has one van to serve 600 animals and 14 locations – cat and dog shelters, 4 PETCO locations, 5 PetSmart locations, a home for FIV cats, a Thrift Store – plus dozens of foster homes.
  • Assist law enforcement officials. Law enforcement officials call on Furkids to assist them with hoarding cases - sick, starving, injured, neglected cats and dogs imprisoned in filthy conditions, and a van will help Furkids efficiently rescue more of these animals.
  • Help Furkids volunteers do even more. A second van means we can cut down on rental vehicles for adoption events and for the Furkids Thrift Store. A second van also will keep volunteers from using their personal vehicles.
  • Magnify the power of your vote! It takes money to own a van, and Furkids has that covered. If Furkids wins, an anonymous donor has volunteered to donate to pay for taxes, insurance and maintenance on the vehicle for three years.

Make the most of your vote by supporting the organization that will save more animals than any other. Vote today and every day through July 10! Here’s how:

You must have a Facebook account to participate and you can vote once each 24 hour period. To vote, follow this link or click on the banner below, then click "Vote Now," log into your Facebook account and choose FURKIDS!

If the link above does not work, search "Nalley Driven for a Cause" on Facebook and make sure you choose the app, not the page. Click on the "Vote Now" button and select Furkids from the list.