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April 2013 Adoption Numbers

Posted on Thursday, May 30th

During April 2013 Furkids and Small Dog Rescue adopted out 101 cats and dogs! Cat Adoptions (59): 13042 Piccolo, 13059 Wynona, 11164 Miss Kitty, 13100 Dex, 13142 Erin, 13298 Kaja, 13200 Enzo, 12309 Vron, 12311 Jojoo, 12622 Leah, 12662 Seth, 5299 Louis, 5296 Maggie, 12695 Peekaboo, 12305 Pork, 12306 Bacon, 12258 Poppy, 13003 Jefferson, 12495 London, 12682 Swirly, 12565 Asha, 13060 Sachi, 12419 Skittles, 12301 Greta Garbo, 12375 Leonard, 31272 Samba, 31271 Twist, 13049 Adrianna, 13036 Snowdrop, 13273 Polka, 13274 Limbo, 31106 Fannie Mae, 11258 Sienna, 13146 Freckles, 13144 Puffin, 13145 Charlie Bear, 4440 Sophia, 13218 Pandora, 12595 Joseph,… READ MORE >

Meet Bubbles

Posted on Thursday, May 30th

Bubbles recently arrived at Furkids/Small Dog Rescue after a good samaritan found her standing alone in the pouring rain! Due to her chronic medical conditions they were unable to keep her permanently. We are grateful to her rescuer for saving this sweet girl and reaching out to us! Bubbles has only seen neglect her entire life. We are here to help her now! When Bubbles was found she was barely standing, hungry, soaking wet, and limping. Bubbles has many medical issues and conditions needing care, including:   - Chronic Arthritis - Severely neglected teeth and gums - Eye issues, possibly… READ MORE >

Featured Furkid - Vernon

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th

I'm Vernon, a 35-pound tri-color Beagle Mix with lots of personality and style. I'm a spunky seven-year-old guy who is more than ready to settle into a home with the leadership of a loving family. I'm sure a perfect match is out there just waiting for my friendship and great company. And I'm grateful to know that - especially because I was first a stray and then being held in a high-kill facility. Kind hearts from Small Dog Rescue reached out to me thankfully. Now I'm in good care, but I am counting the days until I can settle comfortably… READ MORE >

Featured Furkid - Angela 11223

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th

Date of Birth: 1/26/2008 Angela is definitely a Furkids Angel! This stunning black and orange tortie female came to Furkids in May 2011 when her owner passed away. Angela is the official door greeter; she waits at the door to give you all the love in the world. Her favorite spot is in your lap, but she also loves to play in the water when the faucet is turned on. She is a great helper; she happily gets involved in whatever tasks you are doing. You can’t ignore Angela's beautiful blue-green eyes because she will let you know that she… READ MORE >

Saturday is Caturday at Furkids!

Posted on Friday, May 24th

This Saturday, May 25, Furkids is offering a unique opportunity for people to meet and greet with cats at our shelter! We will have adoption counselors onsite ready to accept your application and work with you to find your perfect match! You can apply online now to begin the process or come by and apply in person! We have a great variety of wonderful cats available for adoption and some that are unable to go to our PetSmart and Petco adoption centers. It is our goal to place these deserving kitties into loving homes. We hope you will stop by… READ MORE >

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