Blogs from March 2017

Props for Paul Preston and Kitty Kommercial at Furkids’ Fifteenth!

Posted on Thursday, March 9th

Props for PAUL PRESTON and Kitty Kommercial at Furkids' Fifteenth! Raise your hands, ladies - OK, guys, too, we don't judge - if you crushed a little on the comic genius of Paul Preston in our viral Kitty Kommercial! Well, guess what! JACKSON GALAXY is not the only special guest at the Furkids 15th Birthday Party on March 25th at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. PAUL PRESTON will be there, too - we're honoring him! But, wait, there's more! Partiers might just catch a glimpse of Goldfish Girl (or Plant Lady, if you prefer.) Rumor is, she was the brains behind… READ MORE >

A Miracle Happened for Abby and Lucy!

Posted on Thursday, March 9th

The MIRACLE of SIGHT - Help ABBY and LUCY See Again! It's a perfect day for a MIRACLE for ABBY and LUCY. These two bonded, 6-year-old Bichon-Poodle mixes came to Furkids from a horrible situation. They were filthy; and sick with terrible ear infections. Their fur was hopelessly matted, their skin was red, inflamed, and irritated; and their person was headed to a life on the streets. In short, they were pitiful. Once in the capable hands of Furkids fosters, they were healed up, cleaned up, and carefully assessed; and we discovered that - in spite of all their past… READ MORE >

Relay Race to the Finish: 22 Cats from Effingham County to Furkids!

Posted on Thursday, March 9th

A couple of weeks ago, Furkids was asked to help with an eviction situation. Twenty-two cats were about to be turned out on their own. Could we take them? The plea to fund their rescue went up on Facebook - Furkids needed $1870, fast, to cover their initial vetting. A volunteer happened to be at a dinner meeting in a restaurant near GA Tech. She saw the post, and shared the emergency with the folks at her table. Cue the angels...a stranger at a neighboring table heard her tale, and donated the entire $1870, on the spot! That, dear friends, was a one-in-a-million… READ MORE >