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Blogs from February 2016

January, 2016 Adoptions at Furkids!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, February 11th

Furkids Celebrated its Best Record Ever:  285 Adoptions in January, 2016!  See below for the lucky pets who went home...

CAT ADOPTIONS January 2016

6259 Freckles, 6260 Chloe, 6668 Lona, 11015 Madonna, 11061 Maisie, 11063 Horton, 11167 Darren, 12359 Dino, 12360 Frankie, 12428 Sterling, 12673 Benny #2, 13011 Chris, 13731 Femme, 14126 Bill, 14356 Samantha Ann, 14406 Smoke , 14434 Spitfire, 131095 Nori, 131147 Prancer, 141293 Tabitha, 141573 Pumpkin Patch, 141619 Artemis, 141702 Matilda, 150347 Neal, 150374 Coco, 150399 Ms. Whiskers, 150400 Garfield, 150401 Torres, 150402 Mona Lisa, 150403 Casper, 150417 Toshiba, 150522 Eleanor, 150544 Cinder, 150573 Thelma, 150574 Louise, 150703 Alston, 150895 Mariska, 150898 Matteo, 150909 Mr. Gold, 150926 Robbie, 150929 L L Bean, 150946 Evan, 150950 Raspberry, 150979 Helen, 150992 Aaron (was Arya), 150996 Brian (fka Brienne), 151020 Abbadabba, 151025 Candler, 151075 Auburn, 151076 Zane, 151077 Zander, 151093 Artiste (aka Otis), 151099 Calisota,...



Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, February 11th

Langley is a special tabby with gorgeous big green eyes. It’s okay if you get lost in them, we do too!  Langley is good with other cats and is often found sitting pretty for everyone to see. He is a big boy that is a softy at heart.  He has very distinct stripes with a white underbelly. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines and ready for his fur-ever home! Come meet Langley and he will show you all the love he has to offer.

The adoption fee for FIV+ cats is $0. That's right $0 for a full-vetted, healthy, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped kitty friend that happens to have FIV. But wait, there's more! Adopt an FIV+ cat and receive one-year of free-vetting at our Doraville cat shelter for this cat. We want to show you that FIV+ cats are just like every other cat. Let us prove it to you and adopt an FIV+ cat today! Learn more at



Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, February 11th

Mac is a handsome 5-year old, tan Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix dog. He’s a huge bundle of joy even though he weighs just 16 lbs.   Mac is good with other dogs, gets along with cats, loves going for walks and, best of all, is a cuddle bug.  His favorite sleeping spot is in bed with his human. Mac lived in foster care for some time and was housebroken in the home. Of course with any new pet, you should expect a period of adjustment as he learns your routine.   Mac will be a great fit for an adult home because the unpredictable behavior of children makes him nervous.  Mac is a happy boy and is forever grateful for being rescued by Furkids, but he longs for a forever home.

Mac's adoption fee is $275.  Senior citizens age 62 and older and military personnel receive a 15% discount on dog adoption fees.   If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting Mac, please submit an online Adoption Application at READ MORE >


Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, February 11th

If you were lucky enough to attend college, you remember it was not all parties and fun.  Studying, mid-terms, classes, expenses all create stress.  See what some lucky dogs from Furkids did to help the students at Georgia Tech earlier this month!

On Monday, February 8, several fabulous Furkids dogs took a field trip to Georgia Tech as part of Mental Health Week. We’re not sure who had a better time – the students who played with and walked the dogs, or the dogs who received all the attention!  This annual event, which includes yoga, dog walking, massages and pillow fights, is a great way to reduce stress before final exams and a great outing for Furkids dogs!  For more group opportunities to volunteer or work with Furkids, click here…



Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, February 11th

What happens to a poor puppy with no food, medicine, health care or love? 

It’s not unusual to find a possum going through the trash to scavenge food.  But when the possum turns out to be a small puppy, it is heart-breaking. Klar is eight weeks old, and has known pain his entire, short life – the pain of abuse, hunger, and sarcoptic mange, which is caused by small mites that cause unbearable itching and hair loss.

The wonderful person who took a closer look is a hero to Klar.  As he approached the foraging ‘possum,’ the puppy ran toward him joyfully. Klar was taken to the local animal control, and Furkids stepped in to rescue this poor boy.

Klar is being treated for his skin condition, and is on special food to help him grow.  Help Klar feel like the puppy he is by donating in rememberance of a special pet in your life at  

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