And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Posted on Thursday, April 30th

We LOVE these Happy Tales, and we know you do, too! Enjoy a double feature of happiness.

AYCEE and CARZ were found in a junkyard, behind an AAMCO Car Care Center; along with their tiny sibling, BEEP. The kittens were in horrible shape…snotty, emaciated, flea-infested, and filthy. The angel who found them was a woman who worked in the shop. She called to see if Furkids could take them in.

This was last year, during full-blown kitten season. We had no available foster homes to care for these sad little creatures, so their rescuer graciously offered to foster them. We got them to a vet, who was not certain they would survive, and set their brand new foster up for the difficult task of restoring them to health.

 Sadly, little BEEP did not make it. But AYCEE and CARZ started to put on weight and recover from their other ailments; and became HAPPY, HEALTHY, ADORABLE kittens. Their foster family taught them to play, to love people; and they even learned that they liked dogs!

AYCEE and CARZ strutted their stuff at our adoption centers for months, but didn’t get chosen…until last week! A family with three little girls couldn’t wait to share their home with the pair, now named TWINKLE and PRINCE. They have the FAMILY they always wanted, and we couldn’t be happier!



A foster home was the difference between life and death for AYCEE and CARZ. Furkids ALWAYS needs new fosters, and it is easy; and fun! Please volunteer to foster. Find more info here or email

Hats off to everyone who helped our Junkyard Cats along the way; and HUGE CONGRATS to the new FOREVER FAMILY!

Written by: Nancy Pihera