Urgent Bartow County Rescue of 61 Cats

Posted on Wednesday, June 28th

We're trying to save 61 lives, and we need you!

You might have seen, read, or heard by now that Bartow County Animal Control has had an outbreak of potentially deadly feline panleukopenia - also known as feline distemper or feline parvo. All of the cats in the facility would have to be euthanized unless someone intervened.

A licensed Georgia rescue could quarantine and monitor them, under very specific Department of Agriculture guidelines, for 14 days. This would be a huge undertaking, but Furkids had done this before on a smaller scale, several years ago. Even though it's kitten season and we are absolutely slammed, we decided we absolutely had to step up.

The DOA did a biosecurity inspection of our facility, and approved the plan; so our team went to Bartow County today to bring back what we thought would be 30 cats. Then, we were told 37 cats. When we arrived, the number had grown - to 61!

(Quick note of clarification - they will not all be Furkids. Most were pending to go to other rescues, until the quarantine was imposed. They will, hopefully, recover with us and then go to their intended rescues.)

How can you help with this extraordinary rescue effort? DONATE. Donations are our greatest need...every single time one of our medical team moves from cat to cat, they must re-gown and re-glove. Each cat needs to be assessed at least twice a day...that's over 120 paper gowns and 240 disposable gloves per day! Plus disposable booties, other preventative precautions, as well as medical supplies like vaccines and fluids, to give these babies a fighting chance.

Then there's food - five dozen cats on a special diet and supplements. Additional vet and med team hours. Additional staff hours for processing and paperwork - this is one of the biggest saves we have ever undertaken, and we need all the financial help we can get.

So, please, click here to make a donation. You'll be helping to save the lives of 61 of these precious souls. You can click here to watch a news piece on WSB-TV about this rescue endeavor.

This is big, friends. Please, share on social media. Thank you, Rescue Partners. Together we can make miracles for these innocent victims of fate.