Ollie’s Story - Our Senior Cats Have Tales to Tell, and So Much Love to Give!

Posted on Thursday, October 15th

Precious senior Ollie has been through way too much. He came to Furkids years ago, after being rescued from some children who poured scalding water over him. Ollie healed well, but the abuse resulted in some hair loss. This sweet guy has bald patches.

Ollie was adopted soon after he healed, and had many good years with his loving mama, until earlier this year; when she was in a horrible car accident. Sadly, Ollie's mom succumbed to her injuries.

Ollie came back to Furkids, along with his housemate, Willow. She was soon adopted, and Ollie settled in to the shelter life, basking in the love of staff and vols who adore him. In spite of his history of abuse, Ollie has a heart as golden as his fur. Everybody at Furkids loves Ollie.

So we were elated when he was adopted last week! But an unforeseen issue arose with a roommate; and his adopter, in Ollie's best interest, returned him to Furkids. (For the record, Ollie was not in any danger, and he did nothing to cause his return. It was a difficult decision, and one we understand.)

So this precious, balding, older gentleman was again in the market for a Forever Home. Happily, a Facebook story about him sparked a friend of Furkids to offer him a new lease on life; and we are working now to place Ollie with his new family!

Our shelter, however, is full of other seniors, waiting for a place to spend their golden years. These older cats have lots of love to give, and no adoption fees; they're low maintenance, and beyond the destructive tendencies of youth. Yet they are often overlooked in favor of younger, shinier models.

Please consider inviting a senior Furkid to join your family. You can apply online here or stop by our cat shelter on a Monday (noon to 5), Wednesday (noon to 8) or Saturday (noon to 5) to meet some charmers, and fill out an application. Visit our adoptable cat page and select SENIOR from the dropdown bar to view seniors available. 

At Furkids, we cheer every adoption. But when our seniors go home - we won't lie - we cry, too. Happy tears. And we love it when that happens...

Written by: Nancy Pihera