National Mutt Day

Posted on Thursday, July 28th

August is just around the corner, but the last day of July is what it’s all about! National Mutt Day is coming up and we want to celebrate all the mutts in our shelter and in the world!

National Mutt Day was founded 11 years ago by Colleen Paige. Paige wanted to shed some light on mixed-breed dogs who are often overlooked. There is such a high demand for “designer breeds” that many unwanted mutts go into shelters and never come out. Always adopt. There are so many dogs in shelters waiting for forever homes.

Furkids loves all dogs, designers and mutts alike, but on Sunday, we will be showcasing our perfectly mixed-up pooches on our social media pages. Post a picture of your Furkids mutt and tag Furkids with the hashtag #FurkidsMutt and we’ll share it! Don’t have a furry family member to share? Check out our dogs any time at and fill out an adoption application. Your best friend is waiting for you!

This weekend, make a $15 donation for National Mutt Day to help support the amazing mutts at the Furkids dog shelter. Let’s help them all find the way home!