Meet Furkids fosters who said their lifesaving “Yes!” and never looked back…

Meet Furkids fosters who said their lifesaving “Yes!” and never looked back…

We reached out to our fabulous Furkids fosters about why they love fostering, and the feedback was wonderfully overwhelming! We’d say more about the joys of fostering, but we’ll let these testimonials speak for themselves:

1. “There is nothing more joyous than fostering cats and kittens. When a cat needs a home and finds warmth with a foster they give you much more than you can give them. Fostering has brought me great joy and many laughs! And Furkids is a great organization that takes good care of their foster moms.” - Julie Moore

2. “Fostering is great for people who can’t commit long term. It’s often just for a few weeks until a kitten reaches adoptable age or more room opens up at the shelter. It is an easy and fun way to help rescue organizations save more animals!” - Nancy Rinzler

3. “Fostering is an incredible experience because you get to be a vital part of the lives of so many animals. From babies who just need love and cuddles to show them how wonderful it is to be a cat, to adults who need some extra kindness and support to get them back to good health and on a path to a happy rest of their life. You are the person showing them life can be great and people can be trusted, you are the one who gives them the chance they may not have had. There is really nothing better! And while it isn’t always easy to say goodbye, you get to know they have a happy forever home because of you. They never leave your heart- it just keeps growing as it is filled with more babies!” - Kristyn Rice

4. “Fostering helps your social life. Especially if you have kids, as all their friends will want to meet the kittens.” - Sandy Levitt

5. “I like to recommend fostering to people who are partial to animals when they're small and playful. There is an endless supply of love and energy and you always get to meet new little ones! Saving lives and helping them be ready for a forever home is the icing on the cake!” - Karla Workman

6. “I’m so glad I took a chance on fostering for the first time last year! It was a great experience- so much so that I ended up adopting my 2 foster kittens and couldn’t imagine life without them. Thank you FurKids!” - Kalie Martin

7. “Fostering is an absolute joy because while I get to soak in all the love they have to offer (trust me, it’s a lot of love!), I get to make a difference in the life of an animal in need, too. Watching them go from scared/sick to happy, healthy, and adoptable is truly a magical experience. Fostering has given me a purpose in life that I had always been searching for and I HIGHLY recommend it!” - Joelle Brubaker

8. “Fostering helps rescue organizations save more lives and that's ultimately what everyone wants - to help the innocent and vulnerable homeless animals. It's a great way to love and care for animals in need. Then when it's time for them to move onto their forever home, you know you've made a difference.” - Sue Kwiatkowski Motak

9. “I love watching them grow, playing with them, loving on them. Our adoption team does a wonderful job of finding them great homes and I usually get to know where they go. Sometimes I get updates from their new parents which makes my heart sing.” - Suzanne Patterson

10. “Fostering is a double blessing. I get to enjoy some kitten time, but it also helps me appreciate my own adult cats more.” - Andrea Bentley

11. “If only they could stay adorable little kittens forever. Now they can!! Foster some littles until they’re ready for adoption, then get refills!!” - Sharon Diane

12. “I love fostering for Furkids because you all provide so much foster support and make the process seamless from picking up all the way to adoption. It is a fabulous organization, and it really is a no brainer to foster kittens through you all. “ - Bekah Champy

13. “It was easily the most rewarding time of our life, well over 100 came through our house and the memories will last a lifetime. Furkids is amazing all around from the top to the 100’s if great people make it happen. If you want a life-changing, rewarding experience, jump aboard !!!” - Bob Shurilla 

14. “Fostering gives me a sense of doing something good for a living being who can’t repay you in a monetary sense but gives back to you tenfold of what you put in. The fosters are great little buddies who just need love and some cat food. The kittens are endlessly entertaining but mostly what I love is seeing the adoption pictures. Knowing I had a part in another person’s happiness through the mutual love of a cat warms my heart. Saving the world one cat and one person at a time!” - Dana Summerbell 

15. “It's a great way to get the joy of kittens but not have the expense. That's huge for a lot of people - as all of us know, our four-legged friends are so expensive! I know that a lot of people don't know that they can foster without having to pay for all the med bills, etc. That's huge! I've talked to ppl about fostering that just didn't feel like they could afford it, and had no idea they wouldn't be responsible for all of the expenses that come with kittens.” - Linda Henry

16. “I’m still fairly new to fostering… And it has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve encountered in my life. Just knowing that I’m a small part of their lives… Helping them to become healthy and strong and socialized… So they can go on to their forever homes and live a wonderful happy life.” - Mary Jane Jones Beverly

17. “My three and five-year-olds love fostering because “they get to help kitties and play with kittens.” - Kathleen Hausler

18. “I foster neonatal kittens who are affectionately called “bottle babies. The hard truth is that this age kitten is one of the most highly euthanized populations. They need round-the-clock care and shelters just cannot provide that… unless they have people volunteer to be bottle feeders. Furkids does wonderful work with bottle babies. They take them in, get them with a foster and then support the foster in every way possible. I get formula, bottles, heating pads, carriers, medicine, excellent vet care, and someone on call 24/7 to answer questions and give medical advice. This is all at zero cost to the foster. Anyone can learn to bottle feed. I promise. Furkids trains you. Yes you have to feed them every 2.5 hours during their first week of life, but then if they are doing well, it goes to every three hours. And by the third week, you might get to sleep 5 consecutive hours at night. Also, it only takes 10 minutes to feed them in the middle of the night. They litter box train at 3 weeks and start eating wet food around 4-5 weeks. So a few weeks of interrupted sleep means a kitten who had had no chance at all to live suddenly has hope. When their precious little paws reach for your hands while they are taking their tiny bottle, your heart melts and you know you are part of something so incredibly wonderful. Please consider becoming a bottle feeder and giving the most helpless kittens a chance at life. When they get their furever homes your heart melts all over again. ” - Lisa Sheehy

19. “Simple. Go to an empty room in your home. Spare bedroom. Spare bathroom. Imagine it as the place for a kitty to be safe to live and grow. Picture what happens if everyone makes that same choice. Be The One To Save A Life.” - Gregg Vande Wiele

20. “It’s so easy and rewarding. It’s a great family lesson. Giving is so much better than getting. Give your extra space to a fur baby in need. They’re forever grateful and you’re forever touched by your own love and kindness. It’s a win-win.”- Anne Kenyon

21. “If you can give a couple of weeks of time here and there and have a spare room, even a bathroom, where they can be quiet & separate from any of your personal animals, then you can help rescue. Some have extra needs, but many just need 2-3 weeks to grow or have a break from an adoption center. There’s a large volunteer community that can give advice and tips, but most of them just need time & love (and yummy food that’s provided).” - Danielle Walther

22. “The saying is “you reap what you sow”. You cannot imagine all the love one feels for the foster babies and what they return back 100 times over. I cry happy/sad tears when I hand them over to their forever families. Well worth it.” - Peggy Quinn

23. “Saving little lives and cuddling purring kittens is a win-win situation!” - Kayla Green

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