Exquisite Eve’s Urgent Rescue

Posted on Thursday, May 2nd

In pain with a shattered pelvis and labeled URGENT, Eve was forced to languish in a crowded animal shelter in rural Georgia. In desperate need of medical care, Eve clearly needed surgery as well as a long recovery period – something animal control facilities are not able to do and sadly forces them to euthanize sweet, loving dogs and cats like Eve.

With time quickly running out, Eve had to get out of animal control and out of pain. Thankfully, Furkids was alerted to her plight and we rescued her from the shelter and immediately got her to the vet.

Eve was discovered to have a shattered pelvis caused probably by a car – Eve is also heartworm positive and well underweight. She has had surgery to mend her broken pelvis and will now need weeks of physical therapy, medications and laser therapy, plus heartworm treatment.

Eve is a very appreciative and loving dog who just needed a chance – unfortunately that chance comes with a high price tag, but her saving her life was worth it. Her surgery, medical expenses and rehabilitation have exceeded $4,000.

Can you help us help Eve? Helping Furkids cover some of the cost of Eve’s medical care not only saves Eve, but it also frees up funds to save even more lives, just like hers.