Celebrating National Vet Tech Week

Posted on Monday, October 19th

Vet Techs and Vet Assistants are the beating heart of any animal shelter. Renee Cardona, Animal Care Manager at Furkids, is an amazing example of a heart that keeps on giving. 

A (human) nurse, Renee began her journey with Furkids in 2005 as a volunteer, cleaning rooms 123, 4, and 6 (the FIV room at that time) each Monday and Thursday. That same year, Renee and her family (husband Fred, daughters Kayla, 10, and Hannah, 5) adopted their first Furkid, a black and white tux named Pepe Le Pew (now Mon). More tuxes (a Renee favorite) have joined the family, along with a calico here and there!

As Furkids grew, Renee expanded her medical skills to the Furkids residents, helping out with the med team, assisting with surgeries, transports, medical fostering and ultimately came on staff in 2008, as animal care manager.

When asked about her career focus in rescue, Renee said, “There is nothing I would rather do more than working with the animals at Furkids.”

There have been many rewards, challenges, happy times and sad times. When asked about the most challenging/rewarding moment, she shared, “It has to be when we were called into help with a hoarding case in Dunwoody in 2011. There were over 100 cats in the house, in terrible conditions. We took in over 60 cats and kittens, and I vetted every one of them in two days, with the help of a dedicated team. They all went on to happy homes, including 14 orange tabby kittens!”

In honor of Vet Tech Appreciation Week, we thank Renee Cardona for 10 years of caring for our Furkids! 


Julia Galotti, pictured here with (adoptable) Debbie, came to Furkids in January 2015. As our Canine Vet Tech, Julia ensures the well-being of our shelter dogs; and loves the challenge of helping animals in desperate need get the care they need, so they can go home forever.

When she's not at the shelter, Julia is mom to a six-year-old boy, 10 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goats, a duck, and a chicken. It's clear that her passion for animals is not just a 9 to 5 thing!

Thanks for all you do for our Furkids, Julia! Happy National Vet Tech Week, y'all...Furkids simply could not operate without the care, compassion, and dedication our techs and animal care managers bring to our shelters every day.