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Seasons Greetings 2011

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, November 29th

We've had an adventurous year here at Furkids! We are again honored to receive our 7th consecutive "Best in America" Seal of Excellence by Independent Charities of America. As the year comes to an end and the holiday season peaks, we are proud to demonstrate how we have served our community and earned the accolade.We have:
  • Saved over 900 animals, spaying/neutering each one and providing all medical needs;
  • Matched over 800 animals with loving adoptive families;
  • Cared for over 685 animals daily, nursing the injured and ill back to health;
  • Provided resources and counseling to our adopters and the general public through our dedicated staff and volunteers;
  • Recruited and trained new volunteers, further strengthening our organization;
  • Operated our surgery clinic weekly, providing basic health needs;
  • Expanded our Thrift Store hours;
  • Added two PETCO stores and two PetSmart stores to our cat/dog adoption sites;
  • Acquired SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society, our most exciting...

Henry County Cats

Posted by Furkids | Wednesday, November 23rd

Rescuing animals.  It's not only what we do; it's what we do best (even if we do say so ourselves, thank you).  One the eve of Thanksgiving, we are happy to add that one of the things we are grateful for is that these cats from Henry County are alive and on the road to being well-cared for and adopted into loving homes.

[portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled size=medium include="4136, 4137, 4138, 4139, 4140, 4141, 4142, 4143, 4144, 4145, 4146, 4147, 4148, 4149"]

  • Thank you to those who alerted us to their situation.
  • Thank you to those who have spread the word about the good work we do here at Furkids.
  • Thank you to those who have expressed appreciation for our work.

Please be sure to read the full story here.  We welcome interested adopters and donations to help care for these Thanksgiving miracle cats.

We wish for everyone a beautiful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.


Thanksgiving Miracle: Furkids Rescues Doomed Henry County Cats: Not One Cat Left Behind

Posted by Furkids | Wednesday, November 23rd

Not One Cat Left Behind

Atlanta, Ga. (November 23, 2011) — This Thanksgiving, 16 homeless cats from the Henry County Animal Care & Control in Georgia (HCC&C)  ( have a reason to be thankful.  Instead of being put to death because their time at the facility was up, they were rescued by Furkids, ( a nonprofit organization that rescues, shelters, sterilizes, and places helpless, homeless animals into permanent, loving homes.

It’s highly unusual for one organization to rescue so many animals at one time.  Furkids was able to take this step because it operates the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter in Georgia for cats and a no-kill shelter for homeless dogs.  Furkids cares for more animals on a daily basis than any other local organization, including the Atlanta Humane Society.  Today, the homeless Henry County cats are healthy and happy, living in a temporary home with Furkids.  And Furkids will place them for adoption into permanent, loving homes.



Brownie | Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, November 20th

Brownie was born in Feburary of 2006, making her nearly 6 years old.  She is a beautiful golden brown tabico with a dense plush coat. She is a friendly kitty with large inquisitive sea foam green eyes and a very expressive face.Little Miss Brownie is a bit of a shelter favorite.  We try to get her as much exposure as possible because she is such a sweetheart and we would love to see her get adopted.  Actually, she was adopted once, but was returned to us in 2010.  She's very quiet and a bit timid in new surroundings.  Recently, we took her to one of the cat shows so that cat lovers could meet her and see that she was up for adoption.  Somehow, she managed to get into her litter box with her cat bed on top of her!  And that's where she preferred to stay and not be bothered.  But once we would open her cage door, she'd peak out and let everyone pet her.  She may be shy, but she loves affection and always likes to see what's going on.  Back in her element at the shelter, she... READ MORE >

Please Help: Paper Towels

Posted by Furkids | Wednesday, November 16th

Attention...cleanup needed in aisle Furkids!The main shelter is currently in need of donations of paper towels.  If perhaps you can find some spare change, a sale, a dollar store, a little time, and some goodwill, we would so appreciate any and all donations.  As you may or may not know, a legion of volunteers comes to the shelter on a daily basis to clean every single cat room at the main shelter (14 rooms/areas in total), plus the hallway, offices, bathrooms, kitchen, lobby, etc.  We do this, naturally, to keep the animals safe and healthy in a clean environment.  Your kind donation of a roll of towels or two will go a long way in helping us keep the cleanliness of the shelter running smoothly.If you know where the main shelter is, you can drop off your donations there.  The best times to stop by are between the hours of 9am and 3pm, 7 days a week.  You can also arrange to drop off your donations at any of our adoption centers, just be sure to e-mail us first at... READ MORE >
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