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Blogs from August 2012

Paralyzed kitten and his brother need your donations

Posted by Furkids | Thursday, August 23rd

Little Sy and his brother, Willie, were recently rescued by Furkids after young children found them in the woods trying to fend for themselves. The biggest surprise is that they were alive at all, especially Little Sy because he is partially paralyzed. Their foster mom, Dana, spent the first few days getting their tummies used to cat food! They are feeling really good now and full of energy. Sy tries hard to follow Willie around by pulling himself along with his front paws. We have noticed movement in his toes and have seen him try to pull himself up. The examining vet think there is a good chance that it was an injury and that he will walk again!

Sy receives daily massages to his limbs and lots of love and kisses. He seems able to eliminate by himself, but his loving foster mom checks his bladder often and will help him if needed. He is not able to use a litter box - thank goodness for wee wee pads!

Please help us encourage Sy and his foster mom by helping with their wish list of...

Featured Furkid - Bessie

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, August 21st

Bessie, a 40-pound Basset Hound mix, is known around the shelter for her soulful eyes and wiggly bottom. It's hard to believe she has had such a rough past. We are hopeful she will find her forever home soon, with your help! 

Bessie was originally rescued by another Atlanta shelter when she had a litter of puppies in 2011. Her puppies were all placed in adoptive homes and Bessie underwent heartworm treatment. After a few months she was adopted and thought she was home, forever. 

Her new family decided they no longer wanted her and dumped her on a neighbor who was a fellow animal lover. Miraculously she made her way to our organization, and the original rescue was informed and agreed we would care for her. 

Bessie has been with Furkids/Small Dog Rescue for about six months now and everyone she meets is enamored with her sweet demeanor. Bessie is GREAT, AMAZING, AND FANTASTIC with children and other dogs! She has attended multiple children's events and been the main star. 



Featured Furkids - Piper & Willow

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, August 21st

The precious sisters are ready to settle into their new home! These two girls are only 10 weeks old and precious as a button! 

When they arrived at Furkids Piper and Willow were very sick with an upper respiratory infections.  Furkids gave them medicine and lots of TLC.  Now they are all better and looking for forever homes.  Willow and Piper are very playful and enjoy being petted and held by their foster family.  They are both good with children, dogs, and other cats - a trifecta.  They would just love to be adopted together! Put in your application today! 

Piper 12413 (left) and Willow 12414 (right)


Featured Furkids - The PETCO Kittens

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, August 14th

These 6 precious kittens were dropped outside the front door of an Alpharetta Petco store. We are so glad the staff contacted Furkids and assisted in their rescue! These sweet kittens are now ready to be safe in their forever homes. Remember that most kittens need the companionship of another kitten or young cat in order to grow into well-adjusted adults. Please consider the many benefits of adopting a pair!  We're happy to help you find the perfect match! E-mail or fill out your cat adoption application today! 

Callen 12398 (left) is very quiet but, don't let that fool you; he has lots of kitten energy and love to give. His inquisitive personality makes him a favorite among the volunteers. If Callen had hands he would be our little helper when we clean. Your house cleaning might take a little longer with Callen but, it will be full of love.

Peyton 12395 (right) loves to run and jump, when he tires out he loves to be cradle in arms to go to sleep. This rough and...


Featured Furkid - Fargo

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, August 14th

Fargo is the last of 5 precious puppies raised at the shelter since they were about 8 weeks old! Fargo is a seven-pound Chihuahua/Jack Russell/Dachshund mix. This stunning five-month-old puppy loves to play, as you can see in his video below.

Fargo and his brother Jack, who has since been adopted, were found on the side of the road as babies after their mother was it by a car. We have been his family for the past few months, but we know he is ready to move on to a family of his own where he can be spoiled rotten. Fargo is super friendly and happy and would make a great additional to most any household. Just remember, he is a puppy and requires lots of patience and training. E-mail or apply today to make Fargo a part of your family! 






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