Blogs from July 2013

A Few Special Dogs

Posted on Wednesday, July 31st

Currently we have a few dogs in need of extra special care, and we would love your help caring for them! These three dogs will cost us more than $2,500 in medical treatment. Donate to their care today! Hi, I'm Abalone. I was rescued as a stray in Gwinnett county with my brother Scallop. After a short time with Furkids/SDR, I didn't feel well. I had a slight fever and didn't really want to eat much. They found me a nice foster family to take care of me, but I just didn't feel right. The doctors say I have pneumonia.… READ MORE >

June 2013 Adoptions

Posted on Wednesday, July 17th

We placed 144 cats and dogs in loving forever homes in June 2013! Cat Pairs (33 pairs) 14363 Chesley, 13464 Chaplin, 13344 Doodle, 13342 Sketch, 13525 Kansas, 13518 Montana, 13252 Kansas, 13518 Montana, 13266 Caramella, 12747 Mittens, 13305 Redbud, 13307 Dewberry, 13101 Deb, 13102 Rita, 13399 Gigi, 13398 Calypso, 13383 Kedi, 13381 Katze, 12321 Lynah, 12776 Miranda, 13258 Anton, 13256 Luka, 13447 Alaska, 13480 Canada, 13101 Deb, 13102 Rita, 13420 Princess Leia, 13418 Smeagol, 13277 Buzzle, 13279 Ruffle, 12357 Steinbeck, 12356 Hemingway, 13393 Bengal, 13395 Steeler, 12569 Arya, 12568 Sansa, 13151 Eleanor Rigby, 13155 Lady Madonna, 13310 Boomer, 13314 Starbuck,… READ MORE >

Fillmore Needs Leg Surgery

Posted on Wednesday, July 17th

Fillmore was found running stray in a rural county with a limp. He was placed in a secluded back room at animal control for weeks before our team found him. Luckily we rescued him just in time! Since his time with us Fillmore has proven to be a wonderful dog! He loves car rides and is playful with other dogs. He is mild mannered, sweet, great on a leash and potty trained. What more can we say?! Fillmore is now in a loving foster home ready to help him through his upcoming procedure and recovery. Fillmore can barely stand on… READ MORE >

Help Baby Lazarus

Posted on Tuesday, July 16th

We never expect these kinds of emergencies, but we could not turn a blind eye to Lazarus when our volunteer found him dodging cars in middle of the road. Upon first exam, the greatest concern were the deep wounds covered in maggots and a possible infection. Those are all cleaned up now, but pneumonia is our greatest concern now. Please help us continue our care for Lazarus by contributing to vet bills totaling over $1200.   Thank you!    [add_to_cart item="Donate to the shelter" quantity="user:1" ]  READ MORE >