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Dusty - Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, July 31st

My story is a sad, but common, tale of what happens when humans divorce. I know I didn’t do anything wrong, so why didn’t I get to stay with my people? I guess the children and the pets often get the raw end of the deal in a divorce, and in my case, I was surrendered to Furkids. Right now, I'm having a hard time understanding what has happened to me and why I am in a shelter full of cats instead of a soft bed with loving hands to pet me.
I am an extremely beautiful 3-year-old girl with long, fluffy dilute tortoiseshell fur and I do like to play and be brushed and petted, so I hope you will want to take me home right away.
Please fill out an application so I can be happy and get on with my new life!

Please come meet her and see if you fall in love!

Dusty is cat number 12050. If you would like to meet her, contact us to set up an appointment.  Or, you can apply to adopt Dusty now.


No-Kill Shelter Facing Overcrowding

Posted by Furkids | Thursday, July 26th

Traditionally animal adoptions are down in the summer, but this year animal abandonment is up. ( Click here for the video )


Dogs and cats are dying every day because there are so many animals up for adoption. Traditionally pet adoptions are down in the summer, but this year animal abandonment is up. That's proving to be a problem for no-kill shelters

"Georgia has a very challenging pet overpopulation problem," Furkids Executive Director Samantha Shelton said.

Hundreds of those pets come through the door at Furkids no-kill shelter.

"We're seeing people do some pretty desperate moves, leaving animals unattended in carriers, in crates," Shelton said. 

A surveillance camera at the shelter captured a woman walk up to the door with a crate carrying a cat and five kittens. Someone inside asks her to wait, but she just leaves the animals.

A dog was left outside one of Furkids adoption centers with a sign saying she needs a good home.

Fur kids has...


Furkids, Inc. is now on Google+, Google Plus

Posted by Furkids | Wednesday, July 25th

We have entered into the future of Social Media 2.0. We now have a Google+ Page.

We invite everyone to circle us now!



Confetti | Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, July 22nd

Are you a special person who really wants to give a sweet girl a chance? Take a look at our darling Confetti! She is a total purr machine who loves to be petted, and rewards you with head-butts again and again.

Confetti has the softest coat you can imagine and she likes to rub against your legs for attention. She is very laid back. She would love to be your only kitty, or wouldn't mind sharing her new home with another low-key cat.

Confetti is an older cat -- about 10 years old.  She has been waiting for her forever home longer than she deserves. Wouldn't it be great if this sweet girl could spend her "older" years in a loving home with comfy furniture where she can watch birds out the window?

Confetti and the Furkids staff would be very grateful if you'd give her a chance. Please come meet her and see if you fall in love!

Confetti is cat number 4415. If you would like to meet her, contact us to set up an appointment.  Or, you can apply to adopt Confetti now.


Promotional Video Contest -  Encyclomedia

Posted by Furkids | Friday, July 6th

Yes, fans and supporters -- another contest with high stakes! Furkids is one of 27 finalists in a local contest to win a $50,000 video to promote our cause. The contest is sponsored by the wonderful people at encyclomedia.

Voting is Now Live - Click Here - Vote for Furkids!

The rules are simple. Each person may vote only one time and the contest is open until July 31. A winner will be chosen from the three organizations with the most votes.

Please share our entry and encourage others to vote for us! A professional promotional video will go a very long way in raising awareness about pet overpopulation in Georgia, spreading our mission, and saving more animals.

Thank you!

Photo credits on homepage slide, from left to right:

Images 1 & 3: Esther Julee Photography
Image 2: Leesia Teh Phtography
Image 4: Jessica Luce Photography

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