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Blogs from March 2012

Volunteer Groups - March

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, March 20th

With the month of March comes Spring Breaks across the country.  With those Spring Breaks come great college student groups to Furkids.  How lucky are we?!

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Simon | Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, March 20th

Note: A few weeks ago we featured a young cat named Simon.  No, he did not age rapidly!  This is our "Old Man Simon."  He's a sweetheart.

My name is Simon. I’m an older gentleman who loves everyone. I want to be in the middle of someone’s lap, table or desk and especially where you are working. In fact, I was sitting in the middle of this bio as it was being written. I will stick my nose in your cup, glass, or plate; rub my head against your chin; climb on your shoulders; or meow squeakily at you. I will do anything to get your complete attention. I am sweet and loving. Please consider meeting me today and taking to me to my forever home.

Simon's ID number is 11389.   Contact us to make an appointment to meet Simon, or apply to adopt him now.

Photo credit: EstherJulee Photography


Volunteers Needed: PETCO Sandy Springs

Posted by Furkids | Wednesday, March 7th

Back in early January we posted a notice similar to this one asking for volunteers at one of our newest adoption centers -- PETCO Sandy Springs, located at 5938 Roswell Road NE. 

We are posting again to ask for more wonderful, generous, appreciated volunteer support at this location.

Specific needs are :

Volunteer Manager -- someone to organize schedules, fill open shifts, and generally oversee the operations of the center.  If you think you might be interested, we can arrange for you to speak with volunteer managers of other adoption centers, or you can e-mail our Volunteer Manager, Belinda Kach, at to ask for more specifics.  Someone to fill this volunteer need would be VERY appreciated.  

We also need volunteers for the following  days/times:

  • Monday AM & PM
  • Tuesday AM & PM
  • Wednesday AM
  • Friday AM
  • Saturdays and Sundays

You can work as little as 1 hour per week or several hours.  The amount of time you want to commit is up to you.  The work is highly...


Double Adoption Day!

Posted by Furkids | Friday, March 2nd

We get so excited when bonded pairs of cats get adopted together.  Today, we sent Liliana and Devon off to their new forever home with their wonderful adopter.

A few months ago, Devon (left) and Liliana (right) were surrendered to Furkids by a long-time owner.  These beautiful girls are 10 and 12 years old, so you can imagine how difficult it must have been for them to lose everything that was familiar to them.  Soon after they arrived, it was discovered that Devon would have to have her left eye surgically removed due to cancer.  She came through well after the surgery.

So it is with great joy that we get to see them off to a new home where they can be together and begin familiarizing themselves again with all the creature comforts of being adopted kitties -- a nice owner, beds, sofas, windows, etc.

What a great way to end our week!  What a great way for Lacey, Liliana, and Devon to begin their weekend..and forever lives together!  :-D

Proud new "mom" Lacey (left) and Furkids...

Simon | Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Thursday, March 1st

Little black & white Simon Cowell was born in August 2011 -- so he's a young one. He's a shelter favorite -- very easy going with a loving, sophisticated temperament.  He is a mush-pie when turned on his back in your lap or arms to have a belly scratch until he dozes off.

He's a bit of a "diva" as he prefers fluffy beds for his naps and he is quite vocal when hungry.  He likes to claim the feed dish before the others, gently pawing them to move over.  He is also very attached to his scratching post and dangling toys. 

This sweet little guy makes good eye contact with humans, is super gentle, and does well with children -- he is used to lots of holding. He has never been around dogs so it is unknown how he would do in a household with a dog.

Furkids staff will be the first to tell you that Simon will make you laugh with his silly antics and facial expressions. He was found homeless at 6 weeks old with three of his litter mates. 

Simon is ready to join you!  Contact us to make an...



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