Accentuate the PAWSitive - FIV is No Big Deal!

Posted on Tuesday, April 4th

Samson and his forever family know that the feline immunodeficiency virus is spread by deep bites typical of un-altered tom cats in territorial battles, or from mom to baby in the birth process. It is not passed among house cats using the same litter boxes or food dishes; or by communal grooming. It's just fine for FIV cats to live with people, dogs, and other cats.

Kitties who test positive for FIV CAN have reduced immune function, and MIGHT be at greater risk for respiratory infections and dental issues; but those conditions are easily treated. With normal veterinary care, cats with FIV live long and healthy lives. Just like other cats.

Furkids has always championed the FIV+ cat. Until recently cats who tested positive were euthanized. Fortunately, the word is out, that FIV is not a death sentence; and we hear every day about our Furkids FIV alums like Samson thriving in their Forever Homes! So we're celebrating our PAWSitive kitties this month, with our "Accentuate the PAWSitive" campaign; and serving up lots of info about FIV and our FIV cats on our Facebook page.

Then, you're invited to our FIV Open House PAWty, Saturday, April 22nd from 11 to 4 at our cat shelter. The kitties can't wait to show off their FIV Suite, and love all over you. And maybe get adopted? FIV cats have no adoption fees, and we'll vet them for a year for free. That's something to celebrate!

Samson's mom wrote this to him on his Gotcha-versary: "Happy one year anniversary homecoming to Samson! We love you so much, and are grateful to FurKids for caring for you and not letting a pesky detail like FIV get in the way of your having a purrfectly normal life."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.  To learn more about the wonderful FIV+ Cats Furkids has rescued over the years, and those still waiting for homes, please visit  And watch a wonderful video from a  veterinarian who champions FIV+ Cats all over North America, click here http://www.iwillhelpyourcat.com