2014 Grand Finale

Posted on Monday, March 2nd

Yes, those are HORNS you hear! We are BLOWING OUR OWN HORNS, loud and clear!

2014 was a BIG year for Furkids. We set a goal to rescue TWO THOUSAND HOMELESS PETS, and managed to take in 2,375! We found FOREVER HOMES for 2,069 animals, an adoption rate 35% higher than the year before.

And we ended 2014 appropriately, with a FLURRY of FREEDOM RIDES and an AVALANCHE of ADOPTIONS. In December alone, 250 pets left Furkids for their own digs...almost DOUBLE our previous average numbers. Thanks to our new initiative, Operation: HOME!, donors can sponsor specific animals by paying all or part of their adoption fees. Sponsorships give these critters a "leg-up" on the adoption ladder; and they have been wildly popular with adopters. Donors love them too - sponsorships are a GREAT way for folks who can't adopt more pets to send some Furkids HOME! We have Operation: HOME! Gift Certificates, as well...

What better way to say, "Happy Valentine's Day!"?

As we dive HEADLONG into 2015, we are so grateful for your CONTINUED SUPPORT, and GENEROSITY; they make it possible for us to exceed our goals, and expand our LIFESAVING MISSION. We look forward to sharing more HORN-BLOWING NEWS with you in 2015!

Written By: Nancy Pihera