What life-saving change allowed a long-time Furkid to find a new home in minutes?

Now you can be a part of a game-changing new program!

Tessa, a beautiful kitty, lived at Furkids for nearly 365 long days, watching adopters leave the shelter with other cats. Sadly, Tessa was always left behind, and our staff members watched this affectionate cat lose her spirit. Until a bold new program matched Tessa with an unlikely adoptive family - almost immediately.

Furkids and the Athens Area Humane Society joined forces to launch the Georgia Interstate TransFUR Coalition, an innovative state-to-state animal adoption program. The purpose is to give homeless Georgia pets a better chance at adoption by sending them to Northern states. Cats have a highter chance of being adopted in the North because Georgia has an overabundance of homeless cats, while states in the North need more cats to fill loving homes. Shelters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are on board, and we are negotiating with still others who want and need Georgia's homeless cats.

The program started when one of our loyal supporters donated a van to Furkids in 2017. Our first TransFUR was last October, when we transported 23 cats to Minnesota. We've had eleven transports this year, offering 448 cats and kittens a second chance. Our vision is to transfer as many as 100 cats and dogs per week from Georgia kill shelters.

Can you imagine a greater joy than walking out of an empty animal control shelter, knowing you saved these animals and most certainly will find them new homes? It's what we dream and work for! The initial transports are proving that this program is successful. Transported cats are getting adopted within hours of arriving on the adoption floor!

Now, you can join the team. It costs more than $75 per animal to rescue, vet, quarantine, and transport cats to Northern shelters. 

Help us reach 500 lives saved by giving $75 or more now so we can fill our next transport! 

Donate Now

And if you have love and time to give, please let us know: email transport@furkids.org  Be a part of one of the most succesful animal adoption teams in Furkids history!

Thank you for what you do for us. 


Warmly and appreciatively, 


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