We continue breaking records! 226 animals RESCUED in April 2014, 116 adoptions

Posted on Saturday, March 1st

April 2014 proved to be a record breaking month for Furkids and Small Dog Rescue - saving 226 animals. In the same month we adopted out 116 animals. Do the math! We have a LOT of animals in need of loving homes. This month we took in some of the MOST difficult medical cases we have ever seen. We rescued dozens of bottle babies orphaned with no chance at survival. Our volunteers and foster homes STEPPED UP and helped save so many lives. We can not thank everyone enough for this huge victory for Georgia's animals. Funding is greatly needed for medical expenses, so if you would like to make a donation in honor of the 226 little lives saved this month please do so below. We will be forever in your gratitude. [add_to_cart item="Donate to the shelter" quantity="user:1" ] 

cat adoption1 Cats/Kittens Adopted (55): Molly #1 5440, Keeper 11567, Cookie #1 11568, Jacob 12114, Jackie O 13088, Calloway 13150, Juliette Gordon Lowe 13226, Harvey 13410, Debian 13540, Kefer 13619, Walker 13661, Zora 13981, Madeline 14052, Jelly Bean 14059, Calhoun 14067, Carlos 14081, Anna Maria 14089, Woodstock 14090, Jory 14102, Sylvia 14106, Liam 14112, Poppet 14122, Addie 14160, Putter 14162, Bailey 14185, Anderson Cooper 14190, Lyric 14191, Beek 14193, Surrey 14194, Edie 14195, Eureka 14199, Big Jim 14222, Luka 14231, Angelique 14232, Millie 14273, Hiro 14292, Cindy 14309, Mindy 14310, Roger 14311, Rufus 14312, Linus 14313, Chance 131003, Hope 131004, rotini 131059, Lois 131175, Meg 131176, Bryan 131178, Cassia 131184, Dixie Chick 131194, Cole 131197, Avalon 131206

Dog Adoption

Dogs/Puppies Adopted (61): Hansel, Flynn, Danny, Belle, Arthur, Aladdin, Myah, Daisy, Ashlan, Wishaw, Tyrone, Paisley, Pomeroy, Nenagh, Kells, Dundee, Feeny, Tavan, Templemore, Wicklow, Coco, Boyle, Trim, Galway, Tipperary, Athy, Ireland, Enis, Jojo, Jannie, Tralee, Prince Charming, Vivian Leigh, Shelby, Cleopatra, Baxter, Lucille Ball, Okemo, Olive Silverton, Aspen, Telluride, Baby, Holly, Sugar Daddy, Hershey, Wrigley Waffles, Stabler, Lexi, Letterkenny, Caelan, Alana, Violet, Susie, Spike, Keela, Irene, Dash, Waterford, Mallow, Deliah, Jane Eyre, Scarlett O'Hara