Senior Dog About to be Put to Death Needs Our Help

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th

Save this senior Shih-TzuSENIOR ABOUT TO BE PUT TO SLEEP - NEEDS OUR HELP!!! It's National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and what a timely story...

This 13 year old shih-tzu was brought into a vet to be euthanized yesterday, for no reason - he was their daughter's dog, and was dumped on the parents. He's not sick, just older. The staff didn't have the heart to put him to sleep, and asked us to take him in. He needs to be checked out, get a good grooming and senior bloodwork, then we hope he'll have MANY happy years ahead. Please help us commemorate Adopt a Senior Pet Month, by donating to his care, or offering to foster or adopt him.

We've got to raise money for his care. If just a few kind people help out with a donation of $20 each at, we can get this sweet, old guy the help he needs, so he can enjoy some more quality time. Celebrate senior pets with a gift to this pup in need today; and feel fantastic about making a real difference in a little life.