Leaning Lenny is Bulletproof!

Posted on Monday, June 3rd

Just like Superman, our boy Leaning Lenny seems to be bulletproof!

We first heard of Lenny through an urgent email from Animal Control. They had a 9-year-old, heartworm positive miniature pinscher in pain with a badly injured

leg, and no money or space to care for him. If he didn’t find a rescue that day, he would be euthanized in the morning. We didn’t know what had happened to him, but we knew we had to help!

We stepped up to save him and named him Leaning Lenny. He quickly visited our vet for X-rays. Turns out, Lenny had been shot with a BB gun, not once but TWICE! The velocity of the shots was so fast there were BB fragments lodged in his back right hip and in his side. The shot fragments in his hip had been there so long that he needed to undergo surgery to remove his entire back right leg.

Because of his age and his heartworms, putting Lenny under for surgery was very risky. The vet wasn’t sure he would make it, but Lenny was in so much pain that we had to try the surgery.  And Lenny didn’t survive two gunshots for nothing! He came through the surgery like a champ and is now doing better than ever on three legs. You can see how much better he feels and how happy he is now. We may need to change his name to Leaping Lenny!

Lenny’s biggest struggle now is paying his medical bills. His surgery and post-op care will total over $1,300. Can you please help Lenny, and other sick and injured animals like him, by making a donation towards our medical fund? Thank you for helping us save some of the most difficult and sad cases and giving them a second chance at a new life!