I Found a Home for the Holidays

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd

Happy Holidays everyone,Home for the Holidays

2018 was sure a whirlwind of a year! So sorry if I haven't been able to keep in touch, I've moved around a lot. Here's a quick update for those I've missed: 

I started the year off at a local animal control. They kept me warm and fed, but I just wasn't getting the attention I needed. So, in January, I schmoozed my way into Furkids and found a nice lady to let me crash with her for a while. That was great, but I figured I needed to get out and meet more humans. I left my foster home and moved in to a nice condo at the Holcomb Bridge Petco. Again, great place, but I still wasn't meeting the right person. I tried out a Petsmart (Northlake to be exact), and had the same issue. A friend there told me about Happy Tabby Cat Cafe and I figured I'd give that a shot. Now that's a great spot - if you're ever in Atlanta, check it out! Still, no luck for me though. I was running out of ideas, so I moved back to Holcomb Bridge for a while until I figured out my next move. I just couldn't figure out why no humans wanted to take me home. I  guess there are just too many cats here and not enough people for all of us. 

That's when I heard about Furkids' new TransFUR program. They offer cats FREE rides up North, where there are TONS of humans just waiting to adopt cats! Sounds crazy, I know, but what did I have to lose? In October, I packed up and hopped on the TransFUR van up to Massachusetts. It was a long drive, but comfortable and there were plenty of other cats there to chat with and pass the time. Once we got there, the humane society welcomed us with open arms. It was great, but I didn't get to spend much time there. Just a few days later, I found a great family and moved in with them! I'm writing this letter from my new home, and I couldn't be happier.

I am so thankful for everyone I met this year at Furkids! My foster mom, the volunteers at the stores, the staff at the shelter and the TransFUR team all helped make my journey possible. So, this year, instead of gifts, I am asking everyone to please consider making a donation to Furkids so they can keep helping cats like me find our way home. 

Best wishes in 2019,