Help Furkids Win the 2019 Give Atlanta Challenge!

Posted on Tuesday, October 15th

The 2019 Give Atlanta Challenge is underway! From October 15 to November 15, 23 charities from across Georgia will be competing to see who can raise the most money, and the organization that wins will also take home a prize of an additional $17,000 at the end of the month. The past two years, the Furkids family came together to win the challenge (and the prize). As the two-time champion, we are the team to beat this year and the competition is stiffer than ever! 

Last year, we raised over $120,000 during Give Atlanta, and we were able to take that money and use it for the following life-saving work: 

  • The Furkids Interstate TransFUR Coalition transported 1,113 animals to our partner organizations in the following states: MA, NY, IL, ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, OH, PA, VT, and WI
  • We adopted 3,155 animals into loving forever homes
  • We saved the lives of 4,366 animals
  • We secured the beautiful 9-acre property for the new Furkids headquarters in Cumming, and are well underway renovating its two existing buildings

Click play on the video above to see
more of the live-saving work we are doing here at Furkids! 

Whether you've adopted an animal from us, volunteered with us, fostered for us, or made a gift to us, you are a part of the Furkids family, and we are thankful to have you. #NowIsTheTime for Give Atlanta 2019, and we hope we can count on you to help us reach this year's goal of $150,000, which will help us save even more lives as well as complete our move into our new headquarters and cat shelter in December!

What can you do to help us win again this year? #NowIsTheTime for you to: 

  • Join the Furkids team as a fundraiser and ask your friends and family to donate towards your team.
  • Make a donation to our team. Every dollar counts towards our total! 
  • Share the challenge with everyone you know! Include how Furkids has made an impact on your life and encourage people to get involved and donate.