Five Dogs in Need of Heartworm Treatment RIGHT NOW

Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd

As if being a homeless dog isn't hard enough, these dogs will have to undergo a brutal process to rid their hearts of worms through their blood stream. The treatment is dangerous, painful, potentially deadly and most of all PREVENTABLE! All that pet owners need to do is purchase heartworm medication from their veterinarian, and give it once a month to prevent this horrible disease. Unfortunately it is too late for these dogs, and they will need to go through 90 days of treatment and confinement before being placed up for adoption. We ALWAYS treat dogs for heartworms before they are adopted and routinely are treating multiple dogs each month. Learn more about heartworm prevention and treatment here. 
Each treatment will cost nearly $500 in vet visits and medications, assuming no complications. In addition to heartworms, these dogs were medically neglected for years causing other medical issues. Granola recently had his eye removed due to an untreated ulcer, Sir Grapefellow had almost all his teeth removed and a fistula repaired, and Black Eyed Pea and Kentucky Bourbon need major dental work once they are cleared for surgery.
Please HEAL a HEART and donate toward Granola, Kentucky Bourbon, Black Eyed Pea, Boiled Peanuts and Sir Grapefellow's treatments today. Every little bit helps.
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