Changing Lives One Cat at a Time

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th

The small black cat crouched in fear at the back of the intake cage, hissing and growling, swiping at any hand that came close. Her ears were pinned back and her eyes were wide as she puffed herself up to seem larger and more fearsome. What adopter could possibly want to take her home?

Jump ahead just seven weeks: the same cat rests calmly in her bed watching people bustling about. She sniffs at hands that are extended to her and lifts her head to receive petting. She rolls over and fearlessly exposes her belly. She gently nibbles a treat from the fingers of a visitor, purring softly.

What brought about this remarkable true transformation? The Purrkids program! Purrkids volunteers work one-on-one with shy, scared, timid, aggressive, and under-socialized cats to help them become more adoptable. Purrkids volunteers change these kitties lives in profound and lasting ways. The work can be difficult and results can be slow, but it's incredibly rewarding to watch a frightened cat learn to trust people. [By the way, that black cat is Muzby on the left, and she has become so affectionate that she has already won the heart of a potential adopter!]

The Purrkids program is not for everyone. You must commit to spend at least 30 minutes every week with each kitty that you choose to help. While prior experience with "difficult" cats may be helpful, it's not required; you will be taught how to work with your Purrkids kitty. For now, we are accepting only volunteers who are over 21 years old.

Think you'd like to change a kitty's life? Send an email to for more information and to learn whether this position is a good fit for you. The next training sessions will be Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th at 1 PM at the Furkids shelter; respond no later than Monday, May 6th so that we can prepare enough materials for everyone who attends.