It’s Now or Never for Hurricane Irma Animals

Posted on Thursday, September 7th

Friends, we need your help! Animal control operations in the danger zone have been flooded with cats and dogs whose owners had to escape ahead of Hurricane Irma. Furkids already has taken in more than 20 dogs abandoned in south Georgia. Tomorrow, we open our doors to about 50 cats and dogs from shelters in Effingham and Long Counties. People can run, but there's little chance for helpless animals to escape. They're terrified and in terrible danger!  Last Fall, Furkids rescued 100+ animals from Hurricane Matthew, and we want to help again.  HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW Adopt a Furkid this weekend, September… READ MORE >

Spike has Spirit!

Posted on Thursday, June 30th

Hi, I’m Spike. I only just arrived to Furkids earlier this week. Furkids got a call came to rescue me and my two fur-siblings. They found me outside in the garbage-filled backyard where we lived. The Furkids vets said I am sick and have Parvovirus, but my humans never took me to the vet to get a check-up, so how was I supposed to know? I also was suffering from Heat Stroke from being left out in the summer sun with nowhere to go. I’m a Poodle with black hair, so I get hot pretty easily. Furkids got to me… READ MORE >

Shenandoah and Trooper Need Help

Posted on Thursday, June 16th

I’m Shenandoah and I need some help. I’ve had this awful, scratchy feeling in my eyes since I was a baby. It feels like something is always in my eyes, and no matter how hard I rub or scratch them back, it never goes away. My siblings and I were rescued by Furkids one day when we were trying to find shelter at a playground. When we arrived at their shelter, we were taken to a room with a doctor and examined. They said that I was born with a rare condition where all my eyelashes grow the wrong way.… READ MORE >

May and June Adoptions (through 6/15!

Posted on Thursday, June 16th

Furkids Celebrated Many Wonderful Adoptions in May/June (as of 6/15)! CATS: 151240 Ace , Agent Cat ,160304 Aimee ,150656 Alaska ,160190 Allie ,160112 Almond Joy ,150703 Alston ,160824 Amaranth ,14807 Amari ,160783 Ambassador Blue ,160329 Ann   ,160177 Anna ,160830 Ashes ,160831 Ashley ,160669 Aventura/ Eugene ,160390 Baby Jane ,160741 Bagel ,160397 Batman ,160411 Bear B ,160899 Bessie Mae ,160490 Black Jack ,160639 Blessed ,151258 Boris #2 ,141498 Bric ,160543 Bronte ,160297 Buffett ,160496 Bugsy ,160493 Busy Bee ,151832 Butter ,160475 Butter Rum ,160370 Cadbury ,11729 Cagney ,160846 Cake Batter ,160326 Cali ,160413 Cali B ,160331 Cheese ,160474 Chester ,160575 Chestnut/Chewbaca… READ MORE >

Volunteering is a Walk in the Park!

Posted on Thursday, June 16th

Volunteering is a Walk in the Park by Stephanie Swain Last Saturday, I took Princess for an outing to give her some time away from the dog shelter.  I also wanted to have her all to myself for a while. This is the first instance that I’ve taken a dog on an outing since I’ve been volunteering and it was so much fun! First off, Princess is amazing in the car. She jumped right in, sat down and seemed to totally enjoy the ride. When we got to Wills Park, I opened the car door and she waited patiently for… READ MORE >

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