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August Cat and Kitten Adoption Specials: We are on Fire!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 6th

Tetched By the Heat? You Decide! We ran some hot adoption specials last month, but this August, we're on FIRE! Furkids is in a full-on Forever Home frenzy. We have too many cats and kittens, and we know a flood of fall felines is just beyond the horizon. We've reduced adoption fees in three ways: 1. ALL kittens, aged 4 months to one year are just $9! 2. Our "little" kittens, less than 4 months, have 1/2 price adoption fees - just $62.50.  3. ALL of our adult "Shelter Dwellers" have $9 adoption fees. Visit the shelter this week! Reminder,… READ MORE >

Adopt an Altered, Fully-Vetted Adult Cat for Just NINE Dollars!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, July 22nd

Adopt an Altered, Fully-Vetted Adult Cat for Just NINE Dollars! It's hard to believe, but absolutely can adopt a fully-vetted adult Furkid - any cat you choose - for just nine dollars until the very last day of July! Oh, except for our senior cats, FIV+ kitties and sponsored cats; their adoption fees are ZERO!  It is the PURRfect time to grow the family by four paws, or maybe eight. Stop by our cage-free cat shelter Mondays or Saturdays, from 12 to 5 p.m. or Wednesdays from 12 to 8 p.m., to meet your new bestie! Or visit one of our… READ MORE >

$9 Adoptions and Half Price Kittens begin July 1

Posted by Furkids Admin | Tuesday, June 30th

It's BAAACK...our beloved 9 Lives for 9 Dollars Campaign! For the month of July, all cats 6 months or older have $9 adoption fees. That means cute little Rajah pictured right can come home for only $9. These are altered, vaccinated, healthy and happy Furkids! Senior cats and FIV+ kitties are excluded, because they already have zero adoption fees. Nada. Zilch. Oh, did we mention our Kitten Special? Half-price adoption fees on all littles under 6 months. That means you can adopt two, for the price of one! Have we lost our minds? Well, here's the back story. Furkids saved a lot… READ MORE >

Lemond Goes Home!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Monday, June 15th

Lemond stole our hearts, and gave new meaning to the phrase, "Everybody's beautiful, in their own way". When Lemond came to Furkids months ago, he looked like a very sad cat. He was filthy, flea-ridden, and covered in grease; missing most of an ear, and had just one "good" eye. His jaw was crooked, and he drooled a little. An initial exam identified some problems - Lemond needed to have his damaged eye removed, and his crinkled ear was due to a severe ear-mite infection. Our docs couldn't find anything specifically wrong with his jaw; so we decided to leave… READ MORE >

169 Animals Find Forever Homes in February 2015

Posted by Admin | Thursday, March 12th

Furkids placed 169 cats and dogs in loving homes during February 2015. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open three days a week for visitors. BOTH ARE OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS! Check out our hours and locations. See more February adoption pictures in this album. Cats and kittens: (123)  Garnet 13035, Bradford 141281, Josie 14621, Lucy 14172, Thomas 14173, Philomena 141329, Snowflake 141358, Stormy 141359,… READ MORE >
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