Blogs from May 2012

Bobo | Featured Furkid

Posted on Tuesday, May 29th

Sweet and handsome Bobo will win your heart with his soft gaze, gentle rubs, and cuddling. He is patient and kind -- the type of cat that will bring peace and love into your life just by being your friend. He is GORGEOUS and looks like Sylvester the Cat from Looney Tunes, except Bobo has a bobtail. Bobo is FIV positive, but that in no way shortens his lifespan and he is in very good health. He is currently a hall cat at the main Furkids shelter. Because he loves everyone, he is the official greeter when you walk into… READ MORE >

Butler | Featured Furkid

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th

This is Butler, another one of our sweet and beloved FIV+ boys. Butler has been enjoying the environs of the hallway at the main shelter, lately. And believe me, he is eating up the attention and living up to all of the personality traits outlined in his online bio, which states: "I am that cat you will fall in love with! I am spunky! I am playful! I also love attention. I am a black and white tuxedo with a beautiful black smudge marking on my nose. I am done with all the demands of kittenhood but I have turned… READ MORE >

Catsby | Featured Furkid

Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd

The beautiful orange boys of the FIV House seem to have some of the most vividly colored coats we’ve ever seen, and the Great Catsby is no exception! Plus, look at those gorgeous eyes! Catsby is a big orange boy full of love who will greet you at the door and watch you as you leave -- looking longingly out the window. His healthy, substantial build makes him especially satisfying to hug. He has an impressive purr and a surprisingly sweet little meow for such a big guy. Catsby makes friends quickly with both cats and people. He will patiently… READ MORE >