2019 Kitten Season: a Full-Blown Population Explosion!

Posted on Monday, May 6th

The phones began ringing and emails began to fly in some time in February. A few here and there, and then the number and urgency began growing in direct proportion to the warming temperatures outside – and to the number of homeless mama cats and their litters of kittens.

It happens every year, but with this year’s early spring the onslaught is much, much more severe! We don’t have time to ponder why. We just have to act, and act now. Every single call represents five, and sometimes even eight innocent lives in urgent need of help.

In the last 14 days alone, we have taken in 218 kittens and cats! In April, we took in over 240 un-weaned kittens; some with and some without their mamas. That’s almost 90% more than in 2018! We normally average 10 intakes each day, but are currently running at 15 per day - a 50% increase over our normal capacity. These are staggering numbers of lives that we are caring for on a daily basis, but we could not say no.

If you’re asking, ‘what can I do to help?’ - thank you!

Foster - We are in dire need of fosters to care for these vulnerable new families. The great thing is a nursing mama and her litter of kittens don’t need much room at all. A spare bathroom with some comfortable bedding, a litter box, food and water work great. Un-weaned kittens without a mama will need bottle-feeding every 2-4 hours. Furkids offers bottle-feeding classes to show you the ropes, and we provide all food, supplies, and medical care for these families.

Donate - We also need donations, which will help us save even more young homeless families from a sad fate, suffering outdoors or even death in a kill shelter. Any donation of any amount is welcome. If you can’t foster or adopt you can still help in a number of ways:


Sponsor a Kitten Starter Kit - $25

A Kitten Starter Kit includes:
KMR Milk Powder Mix
Heating pad (24-hr)
Fleece Blanket
Miracle Nipples
Royal Canin Baby Cat wet food


Sponsor a Mama Cat - $75

Covers the intake expenses of one cat, including medical exams, vaccinations, spay surgery.


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