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City the Kitty Hopes for a Second Chance at Life

Posted by Furkids Admin | Saturday, April 30th

City the kitty has known much pain and difficulty in his short life. He came to a local animal control, suffering from abuse that left him with a shattered leg, broken tail, and both upper canines broken at the gum line. City made his way to Furkids and its partner vets, where he was evaluated for care. While waiting to be strong enough for surgery, he would lie on his side and eat food from the bowl, as it was too painful to stand for any length of time.

Through all the pain and waiting, City is always receptive to a gentle voice and a kind touch. He endured surgery to remove his shattered and painful leg, further evaluate his tail injury, and remove the two broken teeth. He is FIV+, but his FIV+ status doesn’t matter to Furkids; he deserves a second chance at a good life, and to know that people can be kind. 

City came through his surgery, and is now recovering. Please help support his ‘second chance’ by donating whatever you can toward his surgeries, estimated at $1200. ...


Love Changes Everything!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, April 21st


Have you been thinking about adopting a or special cat or dog? May 7-8 is the weekend to take action – add to your family, make room for another rescue pet at the shelter, and support Furkids! 

On May 7th and 8th, help to break our record, here are our special adoption rates:

CATS: six months and older:  $14 (shelter and Furkids' cats in petco stores, May 7 & 8 only). For the rest of the month, ANY cat over six months is half price (shelter, any store)!

DOGS: $50 off adoption fee (May 7 & 8 only)

This weekend could be the one to tip Furkids over the 1000 adoptions this year! Click here for store and shelter hours and information. 


Breast Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, April 21st

Chanty came to Furkids when her owners abandoned her as they no longer had time for her. A compassionate neighbor took care of her, and brought her to Furkids.  Upon an exam, it was found that, at 8 years old, she had never been spayed. In addition, several lumps were found on her chest, and it was determined surgery was needed.  It is obvious that Chanty had not received the care she deserved, and that lack of care contributed to her cancer development.

Breast cancer occurs fairly frequently in un-spayed female dogs. Spaying can largely reduce the risk of developing this type of cancer, especially if the dog is spayed before it has an opportunity to go into heat. 

Furkids wants to save Chanty, and we need your help.  Chanty’s surgery will cost several hundred dollars.  Please donate here, and give Chanty an opportunity to live a happy life!


Jackson Galaxy Picks Furkids

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, April 20th

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation has chosen Furkids to participate in “Cat Pawsitive,” an intensive Training Program to help cats in shelters put their ‘best pawforward’ in finding a forever home. Furkids is one of only nine shelters across the country that were invited to participate, and we are so excited! Developed by Jackson Galaxy and a team of animal behavior experts, Cat Pawsitive is a training program aimed at enriching day-to-day life for cats in shelters, building social skills, promoting the human-cat bond, and improving “adoptability” by reducing stress-related behaviors.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to learn new training methods from Jackson Galaxy,” says Samantha Shelton, founder and Executive Director of Furkids. “We are confident we will gain insights and tools to help us achieve more adoptions of our shelter cats, keep them active and happy, and enrich their environment while they wait for forever homes. It is our goal to remove...


Magnificent March 2016 Adoptions!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Friday, April 1st

8137 Carol Purdy

9485 Alvin

11190 Bubbalicious
11512 Nina
12301 Greta Garbo
13093 Apple Bee
14566 Achilles
14567 Apollo #2
14807 Amari
131048 Aggie
131049 Aaron
141098 Verne
141250 Baby
141251 Lil Blackie

141512 Maury
141663 Bianca
150107 California
150317 Sampson
150389 Princess
150453 Betty
150560 Wicket
150760 Princess
150951 Mulberry
150962 Cashew
150963 Almond
151025 Candler
151110 The Great Salazar
151159 Ellis
151160 Edsel
151219 Pumpkin
151243 Blackberry
151246 Black Orchid
151260 Begonia
151301 Kimberly
151302 Nadia
151302 Nadia
151486 Rome
151525 Phelps
151537 Gregory Hines
151631 Raven
151681 Savannah
151750 Taco
151765 Grace
151770 Greg  
151782 Hiromi
151783 Keiko
151874 Black Moon
151910 Luna
151913 Big Kahuna
151933 Miles
152017 Coal
152018 Hiro
160025 Rebel
160026 Golden
160027 Mars
160030 Diamond Girl
160037 Starfire
160042 Darling
160043 Jemmy
160045 Pacman
160046 Cheeto
160057 See Spot
160061 Cleo
160063 Camo
160064 Rey
160076 Comanche
160078 Ophelia
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