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NOW HIRING: Dog Trainer (Full-time)

Posted by Furkids Admin | Tuesday, May 17th

We are currently looking for a full time Dog Trainer to join our Alpharetta dog shelter team. In this role, the perfect candidate will be responsible for the following:

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Work on the adoption floor during the busy part of the weekend and assist with adoptions.
• Coordinate dog playgroups with kennel associates and managers developing safety guidelines for various groups.
• Write stories and provide information to adoption team for hard to place dogs for the website. 
• Have a working relationship to utilize kennel associates, with relation to behavior problems and training through group classes and one-on-one training.
• Go over trainer's daily dog observation books in order to make suggestions and any needed changes in protocols.
• Oversee, train and develop volunteer team that works on basic obedience with population dogs. 
• Oversee, train and develop special volunteer team that works one-on-one with dogs with behavioral issues. (WoofKids...


198 Cats and Dogs Go Home in April 2016

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, May 5th

Furkids helped 63 dogs and 135 cats find forever homes in April 2016! Here is a list of the happy families. See more happy tail photos in our Facebook album. You could be featured next. Don't shop, adopt! 

DOGS: 63 Dacula, Yagoo Valley, Patch, Space Jam, Pulp Fiction, Dahlonega, Ellabell, Daisy, Dakota, Molly, Prop Dog, Suzasan, Tate, Helena, Helen, Faith, Flowery Branch, Wendy Dogworthy, Lenox, Kinkade, Doug, Silver Cloud, Terk, Nina Ricci, Louie, Tanya Tucker, Dalton, Oscar, Villa Rica, Bellville, Roscoe, Mr.Brown, Lumpkin, Bailey, Butters, Senoia, Candy, Jackson, Peanut, Sandy, Maxamillion, Dunwoody, Zoran, Flintstone, Keurig, Buffy, Hedgehog, Eddie Vedder, Kara, Susie, Savannah, Chai, Kira, Decatur, Sampson, Bree, Buddy, Kipper, Panda Puffs, Taylor Swift, Trenton, Cherrylog, Tybee



CATS: 135

5091 Kaytee
5124 Slide
8474 Mixie
10002 Tigra
10441 Charley Malarkey
11186 Jesse #2
11673 Brittany
12095 Nash #1
12191 Lottie
14564 Mars
131107 Yams
131108 Cranberry
141040 Wyatt... READ MORE >

Meet Cecil:  Inventor, Volunteer, Cat Whisperer

Posted by Furkids Admin | Saturday, April 30th

Meet Cecil Clontz, a volunteer at Furkids for almost four years. Cecil is, by profession, a Consultant who works with service providers (video, internet, voice). By choice, he is an inventor, photographer, Vice Chairman of the Furkids Volunteer Council, cat whisperer and an amazing volunteer at the Furkids cat shelter. Cecil is an original member of the Purrkids program, a group of volunteers dedicated to working with shy cats.  


Cecil’s interest in electronics began at a very early age, and he has 5-6 projects in development at any given time. As electronics have changed, his interest has grown to include software development and 3D proto-typing. 

In 2015, Cecil decided to develop a microchip scanner that could integrate more data, including cat ID number and name, age and photograph (shown previously). The cat shelter has used the prototype  for several months, and it is a wonderful resource. The production scanner is shown at left, and it is amazing!  Most scanners provide...


City the Kitty Hopes for a Second Chance at Life

Posted by Furkids Admin | Saturday, April 30th

City the kitty has known much pain and difficulty in his short life. He came to a local animal control, suffering from abuse that left him with a shattered leg, broken tail, and both upper canines broken at the gum line. City made his way to Furkids and its partner vets, where he was evaluated for care. While waiting to be strong enough for surgery, he would lie on his side and eat food from the bowl, as it was too painful to stand for any length of time.

Through all the pain and waiting, City is always receptive to a gentle voice and a kind touch. He endured surgery to remove his shattered and painful leg, further evaluate his tail injury, and remove the two broken teeth. He is FIV+, but his FIV+ status doesn’t matter to Furkids; he deserves a second chance at a good life, and to know that people can be kind. 

City came through his surgery, and is now recovering. Please help support his ‘second chance’ by donating whatever you can toward his surgeries, estimated at $1200. ...


Love Changes Everything!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, April 21st


Have you been thinking about adopting a special cat? May 7-14 is the week to take action – add to your family, make room for another rescue pet at the shelter, and support Furkids! 

May 7th - 14th, to help to break our record and add happiness to your home, check out these special adoption rates:

Cats, six months and older:  $14 (shelter and Furkids' cats in petco stores, May 7-14 only). For the rest of the month, ANY cat over six months is half price (shelter, any store)!

This weekend could be the one to tip Furkids over the 1000 adoptions this year! Click here for store and shelter hours and information. 

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