A Foster Quiz for You: True or False?

A Foster Quiz for You: True or False?
1.  Fostering is not for everyone. 
TRUE! It is only for people who love animals.

2.  Fostering is  hard work.
FALSE! Unless cuddling cute kittens is hard work for you. The truth is, fostering can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. A friendly mom cat with four babies in your spare bedroom or bathroom is easy-peasy….mom cat does all the heavy lifting; you just supervise! A litter of bouncy kittens takes some time, but they are so much fun for you and the kids! Maybe nurturing and nursing are second-nature to you…bottle-feeding kittens or puppies could be right up your alley. And perhaps you are a retired empty-nester, with medical skills languishing in the hip pocket of  your favorite “I’m RETIRED!“ jeans…a medical foster might be just what the doctor ordered! See? You decide on your own foster experience!

3.  You need a lot of room to foster.
FALSE! An extra bedroom, a spare bath, a corner of the basement, even a playpen in the dining room ALL provide the opportunity to save someone in animal control from certain death. 

4.  You have to buy all kinds of stuff for your fosters.
FALSE! Most rescue groups provide foster families with the basics for their fosters. Here at Furkids, for example, we supply pet carriers, crates, bedding, toys, food, leashes and/or a litter box to new fosters parents. Our foster families can come back to our shelters for more food, when necessary; or they can choose to provide their own, as a donation in-kind to the program. It’s all up to you!

5. You are stuck with all the medical expenses for your fosters.
FALSE! The rescue group generally covers medical expenses. At Furkids, we provide vetting, medical check-ups and alters at our shelters, at no expense to the foster families, and around their schedules. We have weekend appointments for medical visits, and late-afternoon drop-offs and pick-ups for spays and neuters.

6.  If you go on vacation, you have to find someone to take care of your charges.
FALSE! Rescue groups love their foster families. We will find someone to “spell” you while you are away.

7.  My resident dog/cat will never allow for a foster in the house.
Maybe TRUE, you are the expert on your current resident(s); but, surprisingly, often FALSE. Lots of foster families are pleasantly surprised to find that their current residents are curious, and even glad, to have fosters on board. While we would NEVER, EVER, ADVOCATE fosters in a home with an aggressive animal, we have great success in placing fosters IN SEPARATE QUARTERS with friendly household animals who are fully vaccinated. Once the fosters are vaccinated, it is beneficial for them to be exposed to friendly dogs and cats. And lots of people find that their residents “miss” the fosters when it is time for the to leave.

kids and animals8. I have little kids. It will be good for them to have foster babies.
TRUE! FALSE! It WILL be good for them, IF they are able to understand that the fosters aren’t “toys”; and they need to be handled gently. Well-behaved children are GREAT foster-team members. The fosters gain confidence and become more adoptable. And the children learn compassion. BONUS POINTS! Your kids will probably grow up to be fantastic fosters, too!

9.  I don’t want a houseful of bouncy kittens or puppies. We don’t have the energy for that, so we can’t foster.
FALSE! There are foster opportunities all across the energy spectrum. We are always looking for quiet homes for our medical fosters. They might need a little TLC, but lots of them just need peace and quiet. And we have senior animals requiring nothing more than a little love to be completely content.

10.  Something might go wrong while I am fostering, and I won’t know what to do.
FALSE! At Furkids, a current foster parent will do a home visit for you. S/he will answer all of your questions, give you emergency contact info, and share foster tips and insight. You will ALWAYS have the support you need. That is why our foster team is more than 120 households strong, and growing!

dirt11. HOME VISIT? I could never pass an inspection! What if they break out the white gloves?
FALSE! We are required by law to have a home study on every foster household, but we are not evaluating your housekeeping, or organizational skills. We ARE looking for a safe space for the fosters, indoors and climate-controlled. You need to have fresh water, clean litter, and adequate food for them. We want to meet you, and feel good about your ability to love your charges. We want to introduce ourselves, as well; so you know the faces behind the foster emails. Home visits are designed to be comforting, not intimidating. And the person conducting yours has been through one, too!

12. I know I will get attached to my fosters. I will never be able to let them go.
TRUE! FALSE! TRUE! FALSE! Oh, how rescue groups LOVE “Failed Foster”! Most of us have done that now and again…fallen in love with a foster; and thanked the gods of homeless animals for sending us such perfection! But fostering feels “different” from adopting. One foster mom describes it this way…”I see myself as the kindly Boarding School Matron. My job is to keep the children safe, nourish them, and teach them manners; then I send them off into the Big World.” Perfect!

13. OK, I’ll give it a try. But, just this once…..
HAHAHAHAHA! FALSE! You will love it so much, we know that you’ll be back for more!lend

Learn more about fostering for Furkids or email us at

Nancy Pihera, Co-Coordinator
Furkids Foster Team

“Another Chance” for Tammy Wynette

TammyTammy Wynette, known as the First Lady of Country Music, was raising children on her own, while she was telling the story of  everyday women — she was their voice of inspiration. Naming this precious pooch after the famous country singer seemed fitting. 
Our Tammy Wynette, a sweet older basset hound, needs ”Another Chance” at a happy ending.

Tammy Wynette and her two sons were living the county life for many years before they came to Furkids. Sadly, it wasn’t all sweet tea and relaxing summer nights for this country family. They spent many nights living outside “Crying in the Rain” – wishing and hoping for a better life. Years outside caused all three dogs to contract heartworm disease, a painful and easily preventable disease that is transmitted by mosquito bites. 

Tammy and her sons eventually made their way to the county animal control or “pound,” where every day could have been their last. County shelters are overcrowded; and, sadly, they have to euthanize animals due to lack of space. Their time was running out, but luckily Furkids was alerted to their story and rescued them in the nick of time. 

Furkids saved all three dogs, and transported them to our shelter. We soon realized Tammy had much more than heartworm disease. She had pneumonia, and a large mass hanging from her abdomen. Her road to recovery would be long and difficult. First we treated her pneumonia.  After a few weeks Tammy began to roll around and enjoy life again as you can see in her video.


Then it was time to address her large hanging mass. Originally we thought it was a tumor, but veterinarians say it is a massive hernia. Her intestines have migrated to a pouch outside of her belly. Her body has been able to survive and adjust;  but she needs surgery to correct this issue SOON. This is far from a simple surgery. 

Medical bills for Tammy and her sons will total more than $2,500. This county family has been through a lot and needs your help to get back on the road to a happy ending. 

Tammy wants to tell everyone out there, “I Still Believe in Fairy Tales,” and she knows that with your help she and her boys will get better and have “Another Chance.” 

Donate now to Tammy and her family;  help them heal,  and find the forever family they deserve.   






Good Day Atlanta visits the Furkids Thrift Store


In case you missed it, be sure to check out the exciting airing of the  Furkids Thrift Store on Good Day Atlanta this week with Paul Milliken. (Doesn’t he look hip?) Watch the exciting interview now!

The Furkids Thrift Store provides an important source of revenue to our no-kill shelters in Doraville and Alpharetta. Customers can browse more than 9,000 square feet of clothing, shoes, home decor, kitchenware, furniture, jewelry, books, pet products and more! This is one place where spending cash at checkout will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Do something for yourself and them!

Many people want to give back to animals, but might not have the cash to do so. We offer a unique way for you to give. “Not everyone can give a cash donation, but all of us have things we can purge from our homes to donate,” says Furkids Founder Samantha Shelton. “We are asking the community to gather those unused items, donate them to the Furkids Thrift Store and allow us to sell them at a great price to help more of Georgia’s homeless animals!” 

The store not only helps animals, but people, too! We sell pet products, clothing and household goods at hugely reduced rates. Many times items are brand new! At checkout we constantly hear, “I don’t know what I would do if your store wasn’t here.” Our well-priced business clothes allow those searching for jobs to look good on interviews. The store has donated to victims of apartment fires, homelessness, foster care children and women’s shelters over the years and continue to give back whenever possible. We work hard to be good stewards of the gifts we receive.


Furkids Thrift Store even has a box truck to pick up large donations like the leftovers from a garage sale, a business liquidation or that kitchen set you just HAVE to replace. Call 770-817-1405 or e-mail to arrange for a pick up today! 

Come in this week with your donations and meet our cheerful staff (including the two resident cats Samson and Dodger), browse our amazing selection of items and give in a fun and rewarding way! 

Thrift store

4015 Holcomb Bridge Rd. 
Norcross, GA 30092
Open Weekdays 10-6; Saturdays 10-5

Furkids Thrift Store helps save animals

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

NORCROSS, Ga. -There is nothing us folks at Good Day Atlanta like better than a thrift store. Well, maybe one thing — helping animals. So, imagine how happy we were to find a place that combines both! 

The Furkids Thrift Store in Norcross is operated by cage-free, no-kill shelter Furkids, and proceeds from the store benefit Furkids programs. The 9,000 square-foot store includes a wide variety of inventory, including furniture, appliances, books, clothes, and sporting goods.

And pet lovers will particularly enjoy a trip to the store, since it’s get some resident kitties happy to “help” customers!

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken dropped by the store to check it out

Click the videos above to take a look!


Urgent Rescue Reunited with Owners


One Saturday afternoon, just before we were to close our dog shelter after a great day of adoptions, a woman showed up.  She was visibly concerned and advised there was a dog in her back seat that desperately needed help.  She had found him wandering around on Friday night, but her roommates refused to let her bring him inside.  When Saturday came, she found him again.  The woman explained that he hadn’t eaten a thing since she had seen him & would barely drink any water.   

Our volunteers came out to her car and saw a pitiful black miniature schnauzer laying in a bed in her backseat.   He was clearly an older guy and definitely wasn’t feeling well.   The volunteers scanned him for a microchip in hopes they could find his parents but unfortunately were unable to find one.

How could Furkids possibly leave this guy behind?  It was clear he desperately needed HELP!  The volunteers took him in and named him Pink Floyd.  They set him up in a cage and tried to make him as comfortable as possible.  They gave him a smorgasbord of food to see if he would eat anything at all.  None of the dog food interested him, but he did nibble on some cheddar cheese! 

The next day, Pink Floyd was very lethargic and found himself at the emergency vet.   The vets guessed that Pink Floyd was about 14 years old, and several very expensive tests later told us that this senior, blind guy was anemic and had heart disease.   He was set to spend his Sunday night at the emergency vet until something amazing happened!

A volunteer was doing some late-night Facebooking and came across a post about a lost 15 year old Miniature Schnauzer named Jack.  He had last been seen on Friday night in the area where Pink Floyd was found.  With this information and the picture on the Facebook post, she knew Pink Floyd had to be Jack!!

The volunteer called the phone number on post and confirmed it was the exact same dog!!  His parents were worried sick & immediately drove to the emergency vet to pick up their baby!  They were also kind enough to pick up the bill for him, so that the money we were going to spend on him could go towards another needy dog or cat. 

unnamed (1)

Jack’s parents told us that he was back to his normal self as soon as he got home!  He drank plenty of water and ate all of his food right away. Jack will go for a follow up this week for his heart condition. Jack was also microchipped, unfortunately the scanner did not pick up the chip at our shelter.  

We LOVE a happy ending and are SO thrilled that Jack is back where he belongs!! Furkids is proud to have such amazing volunteers that TRULY go above and beyond to help animals in need.  

June 2014 Adoptions!

June marked a great month for our animals! With our $9 over 9 month old cat promotion, we adopted 87 cats in that age range. Our goal was 100 – we were SO close! In total we adopted out 156 cats and kittens and 56 dogs and puppies! Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families!  You can see a HUGE adoption album of the happy families on our Facebook page

During June, we also RESCUED 234 cats and dogs! Savings this many animals comes at a great cost. A donation of ANY amount would be greatly appreciated. 

pretty pictureDogs (56): Hawkeye, Dr. Gonzo, Pedro, Betty Boop, Dory, Sue, Abby, Wally Wachusett, Clark Gable, Queen Victoria, Beefy Wexford, Buddy Ennis, Nenagh, Goldilocks, Caspain, Triton, Red, Pee Wee, Soft Velvet, Ardie Aardvark, Fresh Daisy, Bight Diamond, Pleased Punch, Pretty Picture (pictured left), Good Gold, Moses, Jazzy, Rocco, Bright Sun, Easy Pie, Pierre, Smooth Silk, Polo, Taz, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, Gloria Caynor, Moody Blues, Walker; Meat Loaf, Bubbles, Busy Bee, Joan Jett, Steppenwolf, Tanya Tucker, Olive, Queen, Irish Rose, Duff,  Blossom, Starlet, Rose Red, Neil, Flanagan, Collin

Cats (156): 

cat adoption


Akira 14442
Albert 14274
Alexander 14261
Andy 14010
Anna Belle 14467
Apple 14056
Armani 14600
Athena #1 11324
Baxter #1 13058
Becker 14407
Beignet 13536
Belle 10576
Betty 14138
Bianca 13984
Biscuit 131215
Blue Ivy 14130
Bonnie 13633
Boo #2 12453
Boo Boo 14289
Boots 14308
Boudin 13535
Bowie 131180
Brinks 13763
Brinley 14344
Brock 14548
Bryce 14690
Bushmill 14669
Cameron 14639
Candy 14290
Caris 14200
Catalina 10463
Cici 14079
Cinder 14001
Clover 14671
Contessa 131222
Cookie 14461
Cookie #2 12278
Cora 13486
Cosima 14599
Cotton Tail 14351
Dagmar 14464
Darwin 14243
Dodie 14245
Dolce 14596
Dolly 14784
Dorian 14281
Dot 14027
Drake 14662
Elmo 13734
Enigma 409012
Enrique 131213
Evergreen 131156
Figaro 14280
Forest 14334
Frankie 14338
Fruitti 8594
Gatto 14481
Genevieve 14202
George 13149
Gia 14650
Giselle 14503
Gracie 14260
Harry Dresdon 12402
Henri 14474
Homeward Bound 14092
Irisa 14119
Isadora 14339
Jane Porter 14522
Jason 13369
Jasper 12816
Jester #1 12157
Jimmy 14480
Juliet 12112
Juney Moon 12253
Jupiter 14386
Kala 14521
Kayla 14586
Keiko 14405
Kermit 13737
Kit Kat 14155
Lacey 14078
Landon 14550
Larry 13059
Lemon Tart 14196
Lenny 14337
Letty 14416
Libby #1 11444
Lily 14409
Lily Ann 14544
Liza 14095
Loreal 14558
Lucy 14393
Luna 14099
Lynn 14659
Mags 12520
Mango 14417
Marcozo 14560
Mattie 14049
Michael  14549
Missy 14658
Molly #2 13216
Moonpie 14167
Mr Mittens 131109
Mr Peabody 14297
Mystic 14149
Neo 14008
Norwood 14129
Not Spot 33010
Oreo 12277
Oscar 14007
Otto 13985
Pace 14108
Pasquale 14189
Peach Cobbler 14197
Peanut #2 14156
Petra 14750
Phoenix 14502
Prince Albert 12623
Princess Charlene 12697
Princess Meow Meow 12800
Prissy 14263
Puffin 14404
Queenie 14110
Quinn 40602
Rain 14072
Raven 12610
Reid #1 313092
Rhiannon 14403
Richard Parker 14345
Ronnie 14282
Roux 13522
Rugby 14201
Saki 14096
Samantha 14234
Scraps 13750
Siam 14746
Smoke  14406
Snapdragon 14739
Snow 131053
Sorcha (Sulu) 13952
Spence 14304
Starla 14686
SUGAR 11319
Sunrise 14135
Sweet Pickle 14365
Tammy Faye 14556
Tarzan 14519
Thor 131087
Tigerlily 13924
Tommy D 10505
Truffle 14157
Violet 14735
Viva 14333
Yoda 14364
Zazzles 14168
Zelda Fitzgerald 12412

The True Definition of Rescue – Help Annie and Daisy Dukes


IMG_1437What a pitiful picture! Annie was found stray in someone’s backyard, which is really thermunimaginable when you hear all of the medical issues this baby has been battling.  This little Jack Russell mix is about 9-10 years old. She is SKINNY, has FLEAS, has infected ears, worms, terrible teeth and a large bladder stone in need of removal.

However, we have not even mentioned her most noticeable issue – the terribly swollen rear leg. X-rays don’t show any broken bones, but the swelling needs to come down for them to make a final diagnosis and determine if an amputation or surgery is needed. The nails in that foot had grown into the pad causing a massive infection on top over everything else. Where did this poor girl come from and what happened to her?

She doesn’t move around much, but she can walk a little.  She is on antibiotics, pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and ear medicine – for now. 

 What is even more amazing is that this dog is sweet and loving to complete strangers, while in a great deal of pain and discomfort. Annie’s vet bills will cost $2,000 or more. Make a donation to her medical care today. Let’s fill her thermometer with donations and prayers!   
YOU HAVE RAISED $535 FOR ANNIE (Updated: 7/4)
UPDATE 7/1: Annie has a mammary mass, needs additional teeth removed and will need her leg amputated. :-/


Daisy_Duke-11When you see this beautiful picture you would not imagine this is a sick dog, but Daisy Dukes needs your help! The past week she has been having issues urinating, so we did a urinalysis and found that she had urinary crystals, not terribly uncommon. She immediately began antibiotics, prescription food and pain medicine to help clear up the crystals. As you can imagine, crystals in urine can be very painful.


Friday we had an x-ray done which showed Gall stones, a bulged Lumbar Spine Disc (not currently causing issues), a large bladder stone and pieces of stone, fragments, floating around her urethral opening from the bladder. YIKES!

With so much going on she could easily become blocked and unable to urinate, but we could not schedule surgery until Monday (today). This weekend we opted to keep her at emergency vet for observation in case she did become blocked and needed emergency surgery. Luckily that didn’t happen and she will be having surgery today to hopefully remove the stones and fragments causing her so much trouble. Emergency bills and her surgery have cost $1,000. Let’s fill her thermometer with donations and prayers that her surgery goes well today!  



YOU HAVE RAISED $125 FOR DAISY (Updated: 7/4)

10 Ways to Keep Your Pets Healthy This Summer

poolSummer means fun outdoors for your family, including your pets. Follow these simple steps to a happy and healthy summer for the entire family: 

  • Walk with caution. Don’t walk your dog during the day’s highest heat and humidity, which is usually between 1 and 4 PM. This is especially important for dogs with short snouts, such as bulldogs, who can’t pant as efficiently in humid weather due to their narrowed nostrils and windpipes.
  • Never leave a pet in the car. Even if windows are cracked, the interior temp can rise by 19°F in as little as 7 minutes. On a hot day, this can be deadly. If you see an animal in a hot car please don’t leave it! Search for an owner, call the police and do what you have to do to get that pet out of the car! Watch this video of a veterinarian sitting for 30 minutes in a parked car with the windows cracked to get some perspective. 
  • Keep it cool indoors. Turn on the AC in your home, especially if you’ll be out of the house for several hours. If it’s too warm for you, it’s too warm for your pet.
  • Teach your dog (or cat) to swim. Not all pets inherently know how to swim and can panic when thrown in the water for the first time. Maybe sure your pet CAN swim before visiting a lake, pool or ocean. 
  • Create an exit strategy. Teach your pet how to get out of the pool by using the stairs 5 to 10 times in a row. This will help them learn where the stairs are, in case they accidentally fall in and need to climb out.
  • Use a lifejacket. Have your dog wear a life vest in a bright color in any body of water to help her stay afloat and ensure that she can be seen by swimmers and boaters. Let the dog get used to wearing it in your yard first.
  • Send parasites packing. Hookworms, fleas, ticks and heartworms are more prevalent during the summer and can gain access to your pet through mosquito bites, neighborhood walks, parks or visitors. Ask your vet for a prescription for heartworm medication, and make sure your pets are on flea and tick repellents. Prevention is MUCH CHEAPER than cure. Flea/tick medicine for a cat is about $10/month and flea/tick/heartworm medicine for a dog is about $25/month. Treating your home and carpet for fleas, getting the fleas or ticks off your animals or treating your dog for heartworm disease can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Skip the azaleas. These common backyard shrubs can be toxic for dogs and cats if ingested, resulting in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, heart arrhythmias, or an abnormal heart rate.
  • Limit the lilies. A daylily or Asiatic, Easter, or Stargazer lily and their pollen can cause acute kidney failure in cats. Ingestion of as little as two to three leaves can be fatal, so remove these plants from your yard if you let your cat out.
  • Keep pets away from fireworks. We cannot stress enough how important it is that your pets stay safe inside this Fourth of July. Cats and dogs, no matter how friendly and calm, often resort to fight or flight mode when they hear fireworks and BOLT! This instinct causes them to forget everything they know like, “Mom and dad are safe” and “Don’t run in front of cars.” More dogs and cats are lost Fourth of July than any other day of the year, so don’t let your family pet be a statistic. Keep them safe inside! Even better, make sure their tags and microchips are up to date with current information in case an accident happens. They are called accidents for a reason, you don’t ever think they will happen to you… 

Eat. Read. Love.


Pet Wellness

Animal Wellness magazine has joined forces with rescues and shelters across the country to give back – 40%! 

40% of each magazine subscription to Animal Wellness is donated to Furkids using our promotion code: AWA222!  A subscription only costs $24 and makes a wonderful gift for the animal lover in your home or office! Visit to learn more.
Animal Wellness magazine features articles and tips to keep your feline or canine family members healthy with medical, nutritional and behavioral advice. 
Additionally, $3 of every cookbook purchase is donated to Furkids, too. This unique cookbook will teach you how to cook healthy and organic treats and meals for your four legged friends.




Popeye is 2,000 miles away, and he wants to come home!

popeyeWalt Disney couldn’t have penned a more compelling story – and this one is TRUE! Prepare to be AMAZED!

Handsome, one-eyed, five-year-old POPEYE came to Furkids in 2007, as the first Hall Ambassador for FIV+ cats. (Furkids championed adoptions of non-aggressive FIV+ cats into homes with FIV- cats, long before it was common practice.) He was an instant celebrity!

Eventually, he was adopted. When his adopter took a job in San Francisco, Popeye moved across the country. Later, the adopter took another job, in Ohio. This time, for reasons yet unknown, she did not take Popeye. She left him in the care of a cousin, and did not alert Furkids to the change in guardianship.

We don’t know if Popeye escaped from his new home, or was turned out. We don’t know how long he was on his own. But luckily, he ended up in the custody of a pet store employee, who took him to a vet, and discovered that…

POPEYE WAS MICROCHIPPED!!!!!!! This is the point in the story where the angels sing…Popeye’s luck changed in a heartbeat. The microchip directed Popeye’s rescuer to Furkids! Last Thursday, our office got the call – a Furkid was in trouble.

Our now-thirteen-year-old hero was in bad shape. His teeth were rotting, he had abscesses in his mouth. He was very thin, and he was losing his fur. His one eye was infected. He needed help, fast.

Working with a San Francisco rescue volunteer, we arranged for his emergency vetting through a local clinic. In addition to his obvious issues, Popeye also appears to have a thyroid condition. He is going to need long-term treatment, and we need to get him HOME to be sure he gets it!

Thanks to an employee with connections to Delta Airlines, arrangements were made for a rescuer to fly to the west coast, and BRING POPEYE HOME! 

Once his PHYSICAL JOURNEY is complete, POPEYE will begin the long JOURNEY BACK TO HEALTH. He needs a GREAT DEAL of HELP with BOTH JOURNEYS…the costs of medical treatment in San Francisco, airfare, and his extensive treatments here at home, are staggering. But that is the commitment that Furkids makes to our rescues…WHATEVER IT TAKES!

1) Furkids NEVER lets a Furkid down!
2) MICROCHIPS save lives! 

Celebrate NATIONAL MICROCHIP MONTH and help us to WRITE A HAPPY ENDING for POPEYE’S INCREDIBLE JOURNEY! Donate here, and mention “Bring Popeye Home!” 



PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, so more lives can be saved! SHARE!SHARE!SHARE! Thank You!

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