Surgery Needed for Nila – Help us Raise $750


Nila4Imagine yourself as a stray dog. No owners to look out for you. No place to rest your head at night and
keep warm in freezing temperatures.
Fresh food means eating behind a dumpster. And to top it off, you are a pit bull. You can’t help it. You were born this way. No matter how sweet you are or how many kisses and tail wags you give, the way you look turns people away when all you want to do is love them and be loved.
Now imagine being hit by a car and needing help from people who turn away. You have no family to care whether you live or die. Who helps this dog?
In Nila’s case, it was Furkids that stepped up to save her life just in time.
Yes, Furkids saved her life. But we must now turn to the Furkids community that does care about dogs like Nila who can’t heal without more help. The car that hit her shifted her entire pelvis, and she needs surgery to heal her body and be able to play again.
Nila currently is in foster care. Her foster parents are helping her heal emotionally, but it will take surgery to become the wonderful dog she once was and will be again. Her surgery will cost more than $750. Donate NOW toward her care and help us set her on a new path in life. Nila is depending on you.







Cruising to Success

The Georgia Cool Cruisers club held a Cruise-In on Valentines Day benefiting Furkids! The fun and generous members of this club welcomed our dogs and had gorgeous cars for the dogs to pose in front of. Their club motto is “Cars for a Cause” and these people are serious about helping, raising close to $2,000 for Furkids! A special thanks to Karen O. for nominating our charity for this event.

Furkids sends all the members tail wags and purrrrrs! 

If you know of a business or company that might be interested in partnering with us please e-mail 


 chercar angelcar


Captain’s Life-Changing Surgery is a Success

captain2We are SO HAPPY to share some amazing news about one of our favorite Furkids! Remember CAPTAIN? He came to us with seriously deformed back legs, and was “walking” on his elbows. If you are unfamiliar with his history, you can read his full history here - he is kind of a big deal. Walking on his elbows caused major deterioration of the limbs, and we knew he needed another, more permanent, solution. Furkids didn’t give up on this special boy! 

Captain was evaluated by specialists, who determined that he might be able to wear prosthetic braces to walk. Donors pitched in and helped us purchase these custom braces for Captain. Captain gave them the Old College Try – you might remember the video – but, sadly, the tissue in contact with the prosthetics continued to break down.

We knew that there was a surgery to strengthen Captain’s legs , but it was risky; and if it failed, there weren’t many alternatives. His surgeon decided that Captain stood to benefit greatly from the procedure…and a couple of weeks ago, Captain had one leg straightened.

The NEWS WAS GREAT! Captain did not lose blood flow to the foot, which was a huge concern; and in fact, he can even feel “tickles” on the pads of his paws! Now Captain goes to “Rehab” during the week, and spends the weekends with the best medical foster family in the universe… this guy is FEELING THE LOVE! He will have the other leg straightened in a few months.

In Captain’s honor, and to highlight Furkids’ dedication to help homeless pets that others leave behind, we are asking you to take up Captain’s Cause and help replenish our EMERGENCY MEDICAL FUND. You will hear more about it in the weeks to come, but you can help our seriously ill and injured animals NOW, by donating below in Captain’s honor:




Thank you! Please enjoy and share this remarkable video! It was your support  that made this  possible. We LOVE our rescue partners!

Written by: Nancy Pihera

Furkids Takes in 34 Cats from Struggling Rescue


When Animal Savers Rescue in Doraville found themselves facing eviction, they called Furkids for help. We opened our doors and our hearts to make room for a crowd!

You probably saw it on the news in January – Animal Savers Rescue in Doraville had to vacate their property within a few short weeks! 

There was no money for relocation. So the shelter director reached out to other rescue facilities in hopes they could give the animals a place to stay. Most said, “Sorry, we’re full”. But Furkids said, “YES! We can help!”

Last month, a team of Furkids’ staff and volunteers met at Animal Savers Rescue to assess and vet the 34 cats who were about to become Furkids. It took two days to complete the intake process.

Adding 34 cats to our ranks when we are at capacity already, required some “thinking out of the box.” Our super foster team mobilized; and with a call for more fosters, solved most of our housing issues. Furkids ALWAYS needs more fosters. You can help, by becoming a Furkids foster family. We provide everything you need, you just add the love! Email, for more information or apply nowYou’ll discover why we say, “Fostering Feels Fantastic!”

And, of course, taking in a group this large presented a huge financial challenge to Furkids. We know you have our back, and you embrace our efforts to say, “YES!”, when others say, “Sorry”. PLEASE help us bridge this gap! Donate below and please note it is for the “ASR Cats”!



We can’t make major saves like this without YOU, and we are so grateful for your continued support! From everyone at Furkids, especially our newest felines, a mega-thank you! We love our rescue partners! 


If you are interested in adopting an ASR kitty please visit our adoptable page and search for the following names:  Andy, Bandit, Bobbi Socks, Chevron, Delaney, Harley, Hope, Iggy, Itty, Jim, Jonas, Jonathan #2, Kimmie, Lexie, Mike, Missouri, Mittens, North Dakota, Oklahoma, O’Malley, Peanut Butter, Salem, Salvatore, Samira, Shady, Sharky, South Dakota, Taffy, Tiger, and Tigress.  (Sandy, Nicholas, Jack and Frizzle have already been adopted!)

Here is a new clip of the situation for more information:

Written by: Nancy Pihera

Five Dogs in Need of Heartworm Treatment RIGHT NOW

As if being a homeless dog isn’t hard enough, these dogs will have to undergo a brutal process to rid their hearts of worms through their blood stream. The treatment is dangerous, painful, potentially deadly and most of all PREVENTABLE! All that pet owners need to do is purchase heartworm medication from their veterinarian, and give it once a month to prevent this horrible disease. Unfortunately it is too late for these dogs, and they will need to go through 90 days of treatment and confinement before being placed up for adoption. We ALWAYS treat dogs for heartworms before they are adopted and routinely are treating multiple dogs each month. Learn more about heartworm prevention and treatment here. 
Each treatment will cost nearly $500 in vet visits and medications, assuming no complications. In addition to heartworms, these dogs were medically neglected for years causing other medical issues. Granola recently had his eye removed due to an untreated ulcer, Sir Grapefellow had almost all his teeth removed and a fistula repaired, and Black Eyed Pea and Kentucky Bourbon need major dental work once they are cleared for surgery.
Please HEAL a HEART and donate toward Granola, Kentucky Bourbon, Black Eyed Pea, Boiled Peanuts and Sir Grapefellow’s treatments today. Every little bit helps.



Meet Josephine, Queen of Dogtopia

Meet Josephine. She is a gorgeous gray girl with long and luxurious fur soft as a bunny rabbit. She was rescued from Henry County animal control along with her babies who were very small at the time. All were placed together in a loving foster home where they were safe until they were ready for adoption. Since then, Josephine has completed her role as a mom and all of her babies have been adopted. Now it is her turn! 

Her foster mom could no longer care for her and at the time the cat shelter was very full, so Josephine took up residence at the dog shelter in the medical room. It was just supposed to be temporary, but months later Josephine is very content with her subjects (dogs and humans) and only plans to leave for the right home. (She told us so…) A home that will SPOIL HER ROTTEN! She has managed to become Queen of  Dogtopia and often roams the lobby greeting visitors and putting new dogs in their place. They pretty much abide to her every wish and desire, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Josephine is seeking a cat savvy household that knows how to treat royalty. Though she will tolerate other animals, she truly prefers to be your one and only. Her favorite past times include lounging on office chairs and paperwork and scratching on her posts. 

If this Queen sounds like a perfect match for your castle please APPLY NOW or come meet her during the shelter’s open hours: 

1520 Union Hill Rd. Alpharetta, GA 30005
Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursdays 12 to 7 p.m. 


2015 Starts off with a BIG BANG! 238 cats and dogs *ADOPTED* in January 2015

Furkids’ AMAZING adoption teams placed 238 cats and dogs in loving homes during January 2015. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open three days a week for visitors. BOTH ARE OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS! Check out our hours and locations.

See more January adoption pictures in this album.

Cats and Kittens (179): 602042 Tommy, 141362 Alexis, 141238 Alisa, 141700 Angel, 14002 Angel , 11676 Anna, 141430 Annie Pencil Legs, 141670 Antonio, 141429 Apple, 141415 Ariana, 141365 Armin, 141180 Asics, 141280 Aspen, 141416 Aubrey, 14742 Aubrey, 141440 Barsad, 14938 Basil, 141600 BB, 141135 Betel, 14075 Bincy, 14378 Birdie, 14066 Bishop, 141480 BJ, 141409 Boston, 141281 Bradford, 14824 Brigid, 141264 Bubbles, 141633 Buffy, 141637 Butterscotch, 14831 Caraway, 141491 Carmen, 141575 Carys, 141493 Cassidy, 141527 Castle White, 14533 Catnip, 141042 Celine, 141645 Chai (was Monica), 141369 Chevis, 14970 Collins, 141298 Conan, 150027 Cullen, 141496 Cuvee, 141313 Dave, 141312 Davina, 141638 Dax, 141705 Deacon, 13650 Declan, 14525 Dot, 141593 Dougal McPurr, 141361 Drew, 14914 Elena, 141339 Elmo, 141690 Emanuelle, 11541 Emily, 141662 Enzo, 14744 Ethan, 14199 Eureka, 141547 Evangeline – Harper, 141434 Fanta, 14869 Fargo, 141149 Fergus, 141160 Frasier, 141701 Frizzle, 141515 Gabby, 13035 Garnet, 141669 Geneva, 141632 Grayson, 141608 Harvest, 141631 Harvey, 141582 Hemingway, 150037 Henrietta, 141136 Hickory, 141624 Illya, 141244 Indy #2, 11675 Irina, 14724 J. D. Salinger, 150062 Jack, 141505 Jacob, 141349 James, 11368 Jeanine, 14228 Jess, 141508 Jesse, 141504 John, 141699 John Luke Picard, 14707 Jon, 141202 Jordan, 141692 Josh, 14621 Josie, 141399 Joye, 141433 Julius, 141695 Kai, 14788 Kanga, 14967 Kendall, 14992 Kenya, 141613 Kingston, 141372 Kinsley, 141661 Kitty Carlisle, 141134 Kola, 141277 Koosh, 141549 Laila – F. Scott, 141644 Latte (was Chandler), 141386 Leela, 141595 Leona, 141355 Leslie, 141581 Lettie, 141366 Levi, 14730 Limerick, 14076 Link, 141125 Linus, 141183 Lucas, 141133 Macadamia, 141660 Major Buffington, 141267 Marcie (pictured left), 141517 Marilyn, 141172 Mariya, 14986 Marmie, 141173 Mary, 141702 Matilda, 14723 Maya Angelou, 141558 Midori, 141364 Mikasa, 141018 Milan, 141594 Moira McPurr, 141387 Monet, 14823 Mulcahy, 141691 Murphy, 141350 Murphy, 141445 Musta (was Marsha), 14498 Nightingale, 141169 Olivia, 141301 Opie, 141170 Otis, 141668 Palau, 141698 Patrick Stewart, 141151 Patsy, 14973 Paulette, 141152 Percy, 141612 Poppy, 141560 Pumpkin Pie, 141178 Reebok, 14767 Reemis, 141410 Reno, 141314 Rhubarb, 141218 Rudy, 150012 Ryan, 141059 Saber, 141629 Sabrina, 14541 Saint Helena, 141407 Salem, 141124 Sally (pictured left), 141408 Santa Fe, 141727 Sasha, 141516 Scarlett, 14499 Semmelweiss, 141716 Shadow Song, 14873 Skyburst, 141615 Solange, 141561 Spice Cake, 14919 Starsky, 131157 Sugarplum. 12819 Tasha, 141368 Teddy, 141597 Thadria, 141665 Tibet, 14787 Tigger, 14952 Tink. 141201 Tippy, 150041 Tolstoy, 14657 Toots, 141666 Tuvalu, 602041 Tyler, 141628 Vann, 141655 Victoria, 141373 Vivian, 12803 Vixen, 141276 Wiffle, 141540 Xena, 14509 Xena, 141667 Zambia

Dogs and Puppies (59): Leia, Allman Brothers, Blue Oyster Cult, Denny Does Equis, Nick Amaro (pictured left), Abbie, Victoria Pope, Elantra, DeLorean, Hudson, Houdini, Thomas Barrow, Annie, Lapis, Garnet, Pyrite, Amethyst, Bean, Pee Wee, Froot Loops, Honeycombs, Roo Roo, Rocky Road, Boo Berry, Cheerios, Corn Pops, Crispix, Life, Mini Wheats, Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Puffs, Kerry Washington, Frosted Flakes, Kix, Krave, Total, Wheaties, Mello Yello, Teddy Tabasco, Aunt Fannie, Boudin, Charlie Cornbread, Maggie Moonshine, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Jambalaya, Praline, Alpha Bits, Pugsley, Casey Novak, Happie Honda, Bj, Mustang, Okra, Scrappy Sweet Potato; Sweet Tea, Dr. Pepper, Joey Jets, Sapphire, Danburite

2014 Grand Finale

Yes, those are HORNS you hear! We are BLOWING OUR OWN HORNS, loud and clear!

2014 was a BIG year for Furkids. We set a goal to rescue TWO THOUSAND HOMELESS PETS, and managed to take in 2,375! We found FOREVER HOMES for 2,069 animals, an adoption rate 35% higher than the year before.

And we ended 2014 appropriately, with a FLURRY of FREEDOM RIDES and an AVALANCHE of ADOPTIONS. In December alone, 250 pets left Furkids for their own digs…almost DOUBLE our previous average numbers. Thanks to our new initiative, Operation: HOME!, donors can sponsor specific animals by paying all or part of their adoption fees. Sponsorships give these critters a “leg-up” on the adoption ladder; and they have been wildly popular with adopters. Donors love them too – sponsorships are a GREAT way for folks who can’t adopt more pets to send some Furkids HOME! We have Operation: HOME! Gift Certificates, as well…

What better way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”?

As we dive HEADLONG into 2015, we are so grateful for your CONTINUED SUPPORT, and GENEROSITY; they make it possible for us to exceed our goals, and expand our LIFESAVING MISSION. We look forward to sharing more HORN-BLOWING NEWS with you in 2015!

Written By: Nancy Pihera

Unique Jewelry idea for Valentine’s


Ann Finley Jewelry features one of a kind hand crafted pieces that are certain to create a conversation. As part of her commitment to animals, 20% off your purchase will be donated to Furkids if you mention us at checkout.

Support Furkids and purchase a unique gift.

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Peaches the Yorkie – Rescued dog with Neurological Disorder

Sweet little PEACHES came to Furkids after being dumped at animal control, weak and unable to stand. We thought that she had been hit by a car. In fact, PEACHES has a neurological issue. She needs assistance to eat, stand, and potty; but she is happy, and has a good appetite!

PEACHES had an appointment with her neurologist last week. While we don’t have a diagnosis yet, she has been placed on medication which seems to be helping. You can see the improvement in her second video clip – look at her GO!! It is likely that PEACHES will need an MRI in the near future, for a definitive diagnosis; and to plan her long-term treatment. Your donation to her medical care will help us dramatically improve her quality of life. Please make a donation now to Peaches care! 



Thank you, we LOVE our RESCUE PARTNERS! And we can’t WAIT to share PEACHES’ updates with you!

By: Nancy Pihera 

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