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Shopping on just got even better!!! Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Furkids whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. We have already received $375 from this program! AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service, but now your purchases can help homeless animals at Furkids! 

Visit and search for Furkids as a charity OR visit this link directly and login. You can use your already existing Amazon account. Make sure to bookmark the page! 

Shopping never felt SO GOOD! 

Read the FAQ on Amazon Smile for more in depth information.



Victoria and Emilie need your help! This weekend has been rough for our Furkids family. Two of our own are suffering. They don’t have forever homes yet, so for now Furkids is their family. We house, protect, love and care for them when they are ill. Right now these girls are fighting hard to survive. Donations toward their care are GREATLY needed!



Victoria is a sweet beagle mom with babies we asked fans to help us rescue from a high kill shelter one week ago. She JUST escaped death only to have it knock on her door again. At 2 a.m. last night her foster mom called us. Her lips were puffing out and she would not lay down, propping herself up against the wall to help her breathe. She had been on some medications, but things had taken a turn for the worst. We rushed her to the ER where they did an x-ray and checked her blood, hoping to rule out pneumonia. Unfortunately, tests showed she is developing a nasty case of pneumonia. Luckily her puppies look good and vets said her babies could continue nursing during her treatment. She is one tough cookie and she loves those babies!! She is now on IV fluids, IV antibiotics and nebulizing treatments and we will continue to monitor her progress through the night.


Emilie has been with us for about six weeks now and has been thriving in foster care. This weekend everything came to a crashing halt. Vets are not exactly sure what is wrong with her, but her temperature has been as high as 105.6. She is vomiting and you can tell she is in pain. Her stomach is tender to the touch, but ultrasounds and X-rays have shown no issues. Right now they are treating it as a severe bacterial infection, but she is critical and needs help!!!

ER bills and tests for Victoria and Emilie will reach $2,000 by tomorrow and we have no idea what else is in store for these girls. We are BEGGING you! PLEASE help us care for two of our babies. We love and care for them as if they were our own. 

DONATE NOW and mention “Victoria and Emilie” in the comments. Donations from people like you help us save precious animals like Victoria and Emilie.  


Help these former “Starving Puppies” find their happy endings

 starvingpuppiesstarving puppiesA few months ago, we were contacted about a litter of eight starving and emaciated pit mix puppies living outside in filth. We knew placing them would be a challenge, but we accepted the challenge anyway! See the video of their arrival at the dog shelter below.

A few of our wonderful foster homes took care of the eight puppies during multiple mite treatments and nursed them back to health. These dogs are extremely loving and loyal. Most have learned to walk on a leash and sit and are working on other manners. You can see John Denver is a REAL lap dog! 

photo (21)

Now that they are healthy and ready for adoption, we need your help finding them the homes they deserve! Six of the eight puppies are still searching for their forever families and we fear they will grow up without families to spoil and love them during their puppyhood. Apply now to adopt one. E-mail or call 678-624-1009 with any questions.

Even if you can’t adopt, you CAN champion one of these babies and share their picture and stories with friends, family and colleagues. You never know who might be in the market for a new Furkid!

Fund the Furkids inFURmary – Room #2

ltdan3Patient: Lieutenant Dan
Room Number: 2
It’s LIEUTENANT DAN! And, yes, he ain’t got no laig!

You know that Lieutenant Dan lost his legs in a terrible battleground accident, but then his luck turned, and Dan got Titanium Prosthetics!

OUR Lieutenant Dan lost HIS leg when it was literally CRUSHED by a car…the despicable driver didn’t even stop to help him. But then, our Dan’s luck turned, too…a horrified witness got him to the safety of Furkids!

The leg could not be saved, and there are no titanium prosthetics in Dan’s future. But he GOT THE SURGERY HE NEEDED to remove the limb, and he is now pain-free, and recovering in foster care.

infurThe bill for Lieutenant Dan’s emergency surgery is over $800! And he is only ONE of SEVERAL homeless pets who need lifesaving medical treatment THIS WEEK! That is why we have set a lofty goal – to raise $2,300 with our “FUND the FURKIDS inFURmary” campaign; to cover surgery, care, and treatment for our patients in immediate need. We KNOW our request is BIG, and we KNOW that we can COUNT ON OUR FRIENDS to help us get our special babies well. Won’t you DONATE to the FURKIDS inFURmary FUND now?  


Want to read some other inFURmary tales? Check out Julie Barnes in Room One, and Hawk and Rob in Room Three. Stay tuned! More inFURmary profiles and updates are on the way!

Thank you for your continued support of Furkids, and our mission to SAVE LIVES EVERY DAY! YOU make it possible, and our gratitude is boundless. Please share Dan’s story with all of your friends and family; and “LIKE” our Furkids Facebook Page, so you can follow the FURKIDS inFURmary FUND, and the special patients we care for. Then, go get yourself some SHRIMP for dinner,…you can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it…you’ve earned it!


Fund the Furkids inFURmary – Room #3


Patients: Ethan Hawk and Rob Roy
Room Number: 3

Good News and No News for Ethan Hawk and Rob…


GOOD NEWS: Hawk, who came to Furkids with a terrible two -inch gash on his tiny leg, is healing well; and he is leaving today for a foster home! Hawk is VERY scared, and will need a lot of special attention before he is ready for adoption, but he doesn’t need any more medical treatment!

NO NEWS: Sweet, sweet ROB ROY, however, is not nearly so lucky. He has a SEVERE BONE INFECTION in two legs. It is almost certain that Rob will lose one leg. Furkids is doing everything possible to save the other leg and, frankly, to SAVE ROB’S LIFE. He has seen one specialist already, and is scheduled to see two more doctors before any plan is made for his care, beyond the strong antibiotics he is taking right now. We will update when we have news.


Rob’s situation is CRITICAL, yet HOPEFUL. Non-profit Furkids is unique in its commitment to SAVE the LIVES of animals left behind by other rescues, and Rob is a beneficiary of that commitment. But, we CAN’T HELP THEM WITHOUT YOUR HELP!

Our “FUND the FURKIDS inFURmary” GOAL is to raise $2,300 THIS WEEK – to cover surgery, treatment and aftercare for our critical patients. Sadly, we are far short of that goal. Please DONATE here to help the animals that NO ONE ELSE WILL







Fund the Furkids inFURmary – Room #1

infurPatient: Julie Barnes
Room Number: #1

Hello, Furkids Friends, Fans, Followers, and Family! You all KNOW that Furkids rescues and re-homes HUNDREDS of healthy, homeless pets each year. But are you aware of our COMMITMENT to SAVE ANIMALS with SEVERE MEDICAL ISSUES? We step in when no one else does, expecting that – somehow – we WILL MAKE THINGS BETTER for these precious souls.

And we ALWAYS DO. Because YOU ARE RIGHT THERE WITH US! We are SOOOOOOOO grateful for your support!

Today, the Furkids inFURmary is FULL. Full of sweet rescues in need of specialized, and often life-saving medical care. We’d like to give you a peek inside the inFURmary doors, and introduce you to some of our special patients!


Step into Room One, and meet JULIE BARNES! This gorgeous blonde is named after another blonde beauty, uber-cool Julie from The MOD SQUAD. Our Julie would have a tough time fighting crime right now, because she has a SERIOUS INJURY to her back foot. Julie is receiving laser treatments, six in total, which we hope will reverse some of the nerve damage she’s sustained; and allow her to use that paw again. Julie’s caregivers ADORE her. They say she is the PURRfect patient, and will be a fantastic companion for a lucky adopter when she is well!

Sadly, while our inFURmary is full, the coffers are not. We NEED YOUR HELP to HELP our PATIENTS…please, donate to FUND the FURKIDS inFURmary! Our goal this week is to raise $2,300 – GASP! – for the five special cats on our roster. Then they would all be WELL, and ADOPTABLE!

Please share this HUGE REQUEST for us…We promise lots of neat stories about past inFURmary patients all week on our Facebook page, and updates on the Furkids we’re helping now. YOUR GENEROSITY is the REASON WE CAN SAVE LIVES! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 



Use your phone to stay healthy and help animals

Most people these days have smartphones filled with Apps to make our lives easier or more interesting and entertaining. From mind-numbing Candy Crush, to Pandora for your favorite music. It seems like there is an App for everything! Did you know that some Apps can help save animals, while you get healthy? 

Here are two very cool Apps we want to share!

ResQwalkResQwalkResQwalk ResQwalk copyResQwalk (iPhone only)

ResQwalk enables you to raise money for animal rescues and shelters just by going for a walk! It’s free. It’s easy. And you can help save lives. They also have a online store called ResQthreads. Furkids receives part of the profits when you purchase any of their merchandise. 

1. Download the App.
2. Choose Furkids as your charity of choice.
3. Each time you go on a walk or run, start and stop the App. The more miles our fans log, the more of the weekly donation pool our shelter will receive.  It is THAT simple. 
Here is a simple tutorial if you need additional assistance using the App.

Wooftrax “Walk for a Dog” (Android or iPhone)

Use this free app every time you walk your dog! Every mile you walk, they donate to the animal shelter or rescue organization of your choice. The more you Take your Walk for a Dog, the more they can donate. 

1. Download the App.
2. Choose Furkids as your charity of choice.
3. Create profiles of your canine walking partners (optional).
4. Each time you go on a walk or run, start and stop the App. The more miles our fans log, the more donations our shelters will receive. It is THAT simple. 

So what are you waiting for? Get healthy and help animals in need! Share this with friends and family, and make sure they download these awesome Apps too! 

A Foster Quiz for You: True or False?

A Foster Quiz for You: True or False?
1.  Fostering is not for everyone. 
TRUE! It is only for people who love animals.

2.  Fostering is  hard work.
FALSE! Unless cuddling cute kittens is hard work for you. The truth is, fostering can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. A friendly mom cat with four babies in your spare bedroom or bathroom is easy-peasy….mom cat does all the heavy lifting; you just supervise! A litter of bouncy kittens takes some time, but they are so much fun for you and the kids! Maybe nurturing and nursing are second-nature to you…bottle-feeding kittens or puppies could be right up your alley. And perhaps you are a retired empty-nester, with medical skills languishing in the hip pocket of  your favorite “I’m RETIRED!“ jeans…a medical foster might be just what the doctor ordered! See? You decide on your own foster experience!

3.  You need a lot of room to foster.
FALSE! An extra bedroom, a spare bath, a corner of the basement, even a playpen in the dining room ALL provide the opportunity to save someone in animal control from certain death. 

4.  You have to buy all kinds of stuff for your fosters.
FALSE! Most rescue groups provide foster families with the basics for their fosters. Here at Furkids, for example, we supply pet carriers, crates, bedding, toys, food, leashes and/or a litter box to new fosters parents. Our foster families can come back to our shelters for more food, when necessary; or they can choose to provide their own, as a donation in-kind to the program. It’s all up to you!

5. You are stuck with all the medical expenses for your fosters.
FALSE! The rescue group generally covers medical expenses. At Furkids, we provide vetting, medical check-ups and alters at our shelters, at no expense to the foster families, and around their schedules. We have weekend appointments for medical visits, and late-afternoon drop-offs and pick-ups for spays and neuters.

6.  If you go on vacation, you have to find someone to take care of your charges.
FALSE! Rescue groups love their foster families. We will find someone to “spell” you while you are away.

7.  My resident dog/cat will never allow for a foster in the house.
Maybe TRUE, you are the expert on your current resident(s); but, surprisingly, often FALSE. Lots of foster families are pleasantly surprised to find that their current residents are curious, and even glad, to have fosters on board. While we would NEVER, EVER, ADVOCATE fosters in a home with an aggressive animal, we have great success in placing fosters IN SEPARATE QUARTERS with friendly household animals who are fully vaccinated. Once the fosters are vaccinated, it is beneficial for them to be exposed to friendly dogs and cats. And lots of people find that their residents “miss” the fosters when it is time for the to leave.

kids and animals8. I have little kids. It will be good for them to have foster babies.
TRUE! FALSE! It WILL be good for them, IF they are able to understand that the fosters aren’t “toys”; and they need to be handled gently. Well-behaved children are GREAT foster-team members. The fosters gain confidence and become more adoptable. And the children learn compassion. BONUS POINTS! Your kids will probably grow up to be fantastic fosters, too!

9.  I don’t want a houseful of bouncy kittens or puppies. We don’t have the energy for that, so we can’t foster.
FALSE! There are foster opportunities all across the energy spectrum. We are always looking for quiet homes for our medical fosters. They might need a little TLC, but lots of them just need peace and quiet. And we have senior animals requiring nothing more than a little love to be completely content.

10.  Something might go wrong while I am fostering, and I won’t know what to do.
FALSE! At Furkids, a current foster parent will do a home visit for you. S/he will answer all of your questions, give you emergency contact info, and share foster tips and insight. You will ALWAYS have the support you need. That is why our foster team is more than 120 households strong, and growing!

dirt11. HOME VISIT? I could never pass an inspection! What if they break out the white gloves?
FALSE! We are required by law to have a home study on every foster household, but we are not evaluating your housekeeping, or organizational skills. We ARE looking for a safe space for the fosters, indoors and climate-controlled. You need to have fresh water, clean litter, and adequate food for them. We want to meet you, and feel good about your ability to love your charges. We want to introduce ourselves, as well; so you know the faces behind the foster emails. Home visits are designed to be comforting, not intimidating. And the person conducting yours has been through one, too!

12. I know I will get attached to my fosters. I will never be able to let them go.
TRUE! FALSE! TRUE! FALSE! Oh, how rescue groups LOVE “Failed Foster”! Most of us have done that now and again…fallen in love with a foster; and thanked the gods of homeless animals for sending us such perfection! But fostering feels “different” from adopting. One foster mom describes it this way…”I see myself as the kindly Boarding School Matron. My job is to keep the children safe, nourish them, and teach them manners; then I send them off into the Big World.” Perfect!

13. OK, I’ll give it a try. But, just this once…..
HAHAHAHAHA! FALSE! You will love it so much, we know that you’ll be back for more!lend

Learn more about fostering for Furkids or email us at

Nancy Pihera, Co-Coordinator
Furkids Foster Team

“Another Chance” for Tammy Wynette

TammyTammy Wynette, known as the First Lady of Country Music, was raising children on her own, while she was telling the story of  everyday women — she was their voice of inspiration. Naming this precious pooch after the famous country singer seemed fitting. 
Our Tammy Wynette, a sweet older basset hound, needs ”Another Chance” at a happy ending.

Tammy Wynette and her two sons were living the county life for many years before they came to Furkids. Sadly, it wasn’t all sweet tea and relaxing summer nights for this country family. They spent many nights living outside “Crying in the Rain” – wishing and hoping for a better life. Years outside caused all three dogs to contract heartworm disease, a painful and easily preventable disease that is transmitted by mosquito bites. 

Tammy and her sons eventually made their way to the county animal control or “pound,” where every day could have been their last. County shelters are overcrowded; and, sadly, they have to euthanize animals due to lack of space. Their time was running out, but luckily Furkids was alerted to their story and rescued them in the nick of time. 

Furkids saved all three dogs, and transported them to our shelter. We soon realized Tammy had much more than heartworm disease. She had pneumonia, and a large mass hanging from her abdomen. Her road to recovery would be long and difficult. First we treated her pneumonia.  After a few weeks Tammy began to roll around and enjoy life again as you can see in her video.


Then it was time to address her large hanging mass. Originally we thought it was a tumor, but veterinarians say it is a massive hernia. Her intestines have migrated to a pouch outside of her belly. Her body has been able to survive and adjust;  but she needs surgery to correct this issue SOON. This is far from a simple surgery. 

Medical bills for Tammy and her sons will total more than $2,500. This county family has been through a lot and needs your help to get back on the road to a happy ending. 

Tammy wants to tell everyone out there, “I Still Believe in Fairy Tales,” and she knows that with your help she and her boys will get better and have “Another Chance.” 

Donate now to Tammy and her family;  help them heal,  and find the forever family they deserve.   






Good Day Atlanta visits the Furkids Thrift Store


In case you missed it, be sure to check out the exciting airing of the  Furkids Thrift Store on Good Day Atlanta this week with Paul Milliken. (Doesn’t he look hip?) Watch the exciting interview now!

The Furkids Thrift Store provides an important source of revenue to our no-kill shelters in Doraville and Alpharetta. Customers can browse more than 9,000 square feet of clothing, shoes, home decor, kitchenware, furniture, jewelry, books, pet products and more! This is one place where spending cash at checkout will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Do something for yourself and them!

Many people want to give back to animals, but might not have the cash to do so. We offer a unique way for you to give. “Not everyone can give a cash donation, but all of us have things we can purge from our homes to donate,” says Furkids Founder Samantha Shelton. “We are asking the community to gather those unused items, donate them to the Furkids Thrift Store and allow us to sell them at a great price to help more of Georgia’s homeless animals!” 

The store not only helps animals, but people, too! We sell pet products, clothing and household goods at hugely reduced rates. Many times items are brand new! At checkout we constantly hear, “I don’t know what I would do if your store wasn’t here.” Our well-priced business clothes allow those searching for jobs to look good on interviews. The store has donated to victims of apartment fires, homelessness, foster care children and women’s shelters over the years and continue to give back whenever possible. We work hard to be good stewards of the gifts we receive.


Furkids Thrift Store even has a box truck to pick up large donations like the leftovers from a garage sale, a business liquidation or that kitchen set you just HAVE to replace. Call 770-817-1405 or e-mail to arrange for a pick up today! 

Come in this week with your donations and meet our cheerful staff (including the two resident cats Samson and Dodger), browse our amazing selection of items and give in a fun and rewarding way! 

Thrift store

4015 Holcomb Bridge Rd. 
Norcross, GA 30092
Open Weekdays 10-6; Saturdays 10-5

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