Volunteer Positions Available, You Can Help from Home

friday_volunteer8Running two shelters, an FIV house for our kitties, a full-time thrift store, hundreds of foster homes and 13 adoption centers takes A LOT of hard work! We continue to grow and save more animals with the help of over 500 active volunteers around Georgia. Volunteering for Furkids does not mean you need to commit every weekend to helping. In fact, we don’t have ANY requirements on your time. We just want you to give back as much as your schedule and abilities allow. Below are just a few of the volunteer positions we are looking to fill right now: 
1.  Biography writers (can be done at home): Show off your creative talents by writing a captivating biography for an animal. These bios are critical to helping them find their forever homes on various websites. More than 75% of our applications come from websites. You can write 5 a week or 50 a week. The choice is yours! Apply now!
2. Video editing (can be done from home): At both our cat and dog shelters we have volunteers willing to take cute videos of our animals. We need creative people to put those clips together into videos for our website and YouTube Channel. You can come take the video yourself or have other volunteers send you the content.  Have a look at our YouTube page for samples. Apply now!
3.  Ambassadors at both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter: This position is great for people who may not be able to do a lot of physical work. Both shelters are wheel chair capable. It requires communication skills and the ability to work with the public to take phone calls, answer our door and/or greet guests. Depending on what you want to do we have clerical work as well. These positions are available everyday of the week, as many hours as you can give, and you can even bring a book or laptop with you if you like. Apply now!photo (21)
4.  Medical Team at our Doraville Cat Shelter (am and pm): If you have a background in a medical field or have experience giving cats fluids and medications we want you! Our shelter houses more than 300 cats, many of which have daily medications. Our medical team comes in twice a day to medicate all of the cats at the shelter. This is a great way to give back and make the cats feel better! You really get to know them very well. Even if you can give one day a week that would be very helpful! We have to fill 14 shifts weekly. Apply now!
5.  Laundry Helpers: Are you one of those people that loves laundry? If so, we have a room made just for you! Our Doraville Cat Shelter is in need of laundry helpers Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. You can come in your sweats, bring your iPod and knock out laundry for a few hours in our two washers and two dryers. This is extremely helpful to the shelter staff and volunteers! Apply now!
6.  Shelter Greeters for Saturdays: Do you LOVE talking to people? Do you LOVE the idea of finding animals homes? Then we need you! Both of our shelters are looking for volunteers to help give tours to the public during our open business hours Saturdays. We will provide you with the training and knowledge to be able to answer questions. We just need your enthusiasm and help! One Saturday a month would be a wonderful way to give back! Imagine your delight when the person you give a tour to brings an animal home! Apply now!
7. Silent Auction Helpers (can be done at home): Furkids holds multiple auctions every year to raise much needed funds for our programs. If you are a sales person at heart and are interested in calling or visiting businesses to ask for in-kind donations please e-mail now. Our next big event, Paws for Cocktails, is coming up Nov. 6 and we are looking for auction items now! 
If you are interested in any of these positions or would like to explore other opportunities please e-mail or apply to become a volunteer now! 

Erin needs YOUR help. Become her Superhero TODAY!

erin2Erin Nance has been searching for a forever home or foster home for nearly 18 months. She has been patiently and calmly waiting for her time to shine in the spotlight. We feel that time is now. Erin needs our help. She needs YOUR help. She wants a cozy place to rest her head for the upcoming holiday season. Will you help her?

Life at our shelter is filled with tasty meals, time outside in the fresh air, long walks, playtime with tennis balls and lots of love, but it doesn’t include a family to snuggle up with at night. Erin has lived in shelters 90% of her 18 months with us. Each night we tuck her into her kennel and say good night. We tell her, “Maybe tomorrow, Erin. Your family WILL find you someday.” So far that day has not come…erin

We knew when rescuing Erin she would be a challenge to place. To many people, she looks “scary,” and they often mistakenly label her a pit bull. While we love the pit bull breed and have many of them in our program, Erin in fact is not a pit bull. She is an American Bulldog and Boxer mix – we had her DNA tested!

Erin is loving, affectionate, sweet and mild-mannered. She loves to play fetch with toys – especially tennis balls. She knows the “sit” command and is working on “drop” when playing. This is not all the wonderful news we have about Erin, though. She has terrific house manners, LOVES kids and is potty trained, too! Erin’s ideal home would have a fenced yard for her to romp around with a few kids when they come home from school or with her new parents when they come home from work. She will likely rest and relax all day on the couch while her people are away.

So why, you might ask, has Erin had such trouble finding a home? Unfortunately, Erin does not get along well with other animals. We have had Erin work with trainers, and they feel she would do best as an only dog. To those who love dogs, it is unimaginable to have only one. There lies our problem. Everyone who loves her and wants to take her home has dogs or cats at home already. She needs to be the only dog in the home, but we guarantee she will be the dog of a lifetime. The one you just can’t imagine life without!

ErinDo you know anyone that might fit the bill? This is where we need YOUR help! We have multiple offers to sponsor her adoption fee from volunteers and donors and offers to include training classes in her adoption package too. We just need to find the home where she belongs. Visit our website to apply now!

We need you to help spread the word about Erin. There is a person out there for every animal. We just have to find it. So PLEASE help us find her people.

- Print this post out and plaster it everywhere
- Forward this post to friends, family and colleagues
- Post her story on social media
- Contact local and national animal loving celebrities and ask them to share her story

GET CREATIVE! Erin’s happiness is counting on it. Hopefully when we tuck her in tonight we will tell her there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people out there trying desperately to find her family. 

To meet Erin or ask additional questions e-mail or call 678-624-1003. Erin is located in Alpharetta, GA, but she will travel across state lines for the right family.

131 Homeless Animals are Members of the Family

Furkids placed 131 cats and dogs in loving homes during September 2014. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! During September, our cat program offered $0 adoption fees for kitties over 6 months old for one week. Many kitties found forever homes, but there are still so many more waiting. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open EVERY SATURDAY for visitors!

During September we also saved the lives of 173 cats and dogs totaling 1,866 animals rescued in 2014 by Sept. 30. To put that in perspective, during the entire year of 2013 we rescued 1,597 animals. As we save more lives, our expenses continue to grow. Please donate what you can, when you can. How about $10 right now to pay for life-saving vaccines for one animal? You can help RIGHT NOW by donating $10

See more adoption pictures on our September Adoptions Facebook Album

bob hope

Cats (85): 6015 Felicia, 11148 Dottie, 12221 Lila Bubba, 13345 Mika #1, 14139 Inga, 14229 WallE, 14246 Davis, 14266 Pug, 14276 Ansley, 14287 Mera, 14293 Kroger, 14296 Patrick, 14320 Hollywood, 14329 Piper, 14371 Rosie Blue, 14379 Jay, 14382 Lark, 14400 Osiris, 14401 Inara, 14419 Pepper, 14526 Joe, 14588 Puddle, 14590 Ophelia, 14597 Gabbana, 14603 Trucks, 14680 Melina, 14698 Squeeky, 14699 Santana, 14702 Billie Jo, 14703 Frankie, 14731 Haiku, 14732 Storm, 14802 Chutney, 14803 Mango, 14806 Leah, 14810 Maci, 14814 Zeke, 14834 Mats, 14835 Monroe, 14841 Kiska, 14842 Kashmir, 14846 DaringDo, 14852 Jorge, 14857 Kara, 14911 Lissa, 14912 Terra 14913 Cheri, 14923 Yoyo, 14930 Stinker, 14947 Karista, 14948 Artisa, 14949 Fizz, 14951 Mel (was Melody), 14953 Canter, 14958 McKenzie, 14960 Gillian, 14961 Bob Hope (pictured left), 14966 Glinda, 14974 Marley, 14987 Amy, 131061 BlackJack, 131075 ChunkyMonkey, 141016 Vichy, 141017 Lyon, 141032 Koko, 141033 Scrapper, 141035 Henree, 141051 Nana, 141067 Francesca, 141068 Eve, 141071 Lanie, 141088 AltonBrown, 141090 Banx, 141091 Chex, 141154 Amelia, 141155 Colleen, 141186 Curry, 141242 LLBean, 141263 Clemons, 141285 Heidi, 141355 Leslie, 13541 Maxtor, 13751 Anya, 14057 Colt, 141370 Aria

dog adoption

Dogs (46): Mersey, Walton, Dovie, Bash (pictured right), Ellie, Clara, Yes, Billy Boston, Woody, Sierra Nevada, Abita, Tecate, Coco Dogfish Head, Funky Buddah, Ginger McKenna, Boo Bones, Amanda Rollins, Calleigh, Casey Novak, Cupcake, Johnny Bonds, Olivia Benson, Hetty Lang, Kensi Blye, Marty Deeks, Molly, Flower, Hildy Mulligan, Rick Castle, Mercedes, Kallie, Jojo, Gales Ale, LaRossa; Natalie Teeter, Sharona Fleming, Mr. Monk, Leland Stottlemeyer, Terrapin, Odafin Tutuola, Kegger, Elliot Stabler, Carta Blanca, Andy Flynn, Brewsky, Harp


Hoarded Herd Arrives at Furkids

photo-23We had a serious 911 call on Sept. 11, 2014. While other rescues STEPPED ASIDE, Furkids STEPPED UP (yet again!), to save animals in IMMINENT DANGER…

A dozen cats and kittens came to us from a DANGEROUS HOARDING SITUATION. The tenant, and all the animals, had just been EVICTED. 

hoarded heard

When the call came in, the Furkids folks mobilized a makeshift EMERGENCY ROOM to triage and stabilize all the new intakes. This was the scene, as our staff and volunteers performed their evaluations. The cats were DEHYDRATED, INJURED, INFESTED with FLEAS, and DANGEROUSLY OVERHEATED because they were TRANSPORTED IN THE BACK OF A PICK-UP TRUCK! One is extremely PREGNANT. Several are KITTENS as young as five weeks old; two are MISSING EYES, or have serious eye infections. 

Now that the cats have been evaluated more closely. This will be a huge undertaking. We *DESPERATELY* NEED DONATIONS for VETERINARY CARE, MEDICATION, and FOOD for the CATS THAT NO ONE ELSE WOULD HELP. Please, support these poor babies however you can by DONATING. Mention “Hoarded Herd” so your generosity benefits this sick, scared, and hungry crowd.





We also NEED MORE FOSTER HOMES! If you have a little space, a little time, and a lot of love, YOU CAN HELP. We provide EVERYTHING ELSE, and our supportive foster team will be with you every step of the way. Apply now! Just email us at for more information.

Mersey’s Adoption: 8 Years in the Making

MerseyMeet Mersey, our beloved blue heeler mix rescued in 2006 from a high-kill shelter. As an adorable little baby, she had no trouble finding an adopter to love her, but less than a year later she was back to square one and homeless. The blue heeler bred can require a special owner, and it was apparent she needed that special someone. For the next seven years Mersey was in and out of homes, never resulting in a forever home with a bed to rest her head. Her quest for a home was promoted nationally in publications and she even had her own Facebook page. 


In 2013, Mersey found herself in a new and exciting foster home with Cathy Lockard. She bonded with a new kitty friend and had all the activity she needed. These two became fast friends, and in September of this year, Cathy officially made Mersey a member of the Lockard family! Finally, Mersey has found the person who will love her for the rest of her life. Congratulations, Mersey and Cathy! We wish you two a wonderful new start in Maryland. Furkids believes EVERY animal has a home, they just need help finding it!

Exciting Announcement for our Cat Shelter

sheltercatsFurkids is very excited to announce that we are doubling the size of our cat shelter!  

Good news, furkids! Furkids’ dogs have had their day and now it is time for the cats to play. We expanded our dog shelter and now thanks to an anonymous $50,000 grant, we are about to double the size of the cat shelter! Ten years of exponential growth has caused us to outgrow our current facilities. This wonderful new addition will feature a specialty suite for our Purrkids cats, suites for our FIV+ cats, a surgical suite that will be quadrupled in size, medical and admin offices, and much needed storage.

options 3We are excited to bring our FIV+ cats back over to our main shelter where they can experience exposure to adoption applicants. We have achieved amazing adoptions this year and we can’t wait to celebrate more! Furkids is the only shelter in the Southeast that specializes in the care and promotion of FIV+ cats and we work hard to educate the public about their adoptability. With zero adoption fee and free vetting for a year, what do you have to lose? Just your heart to some of the greatest felines in our program! Browse FIV+ cats now.

The new space will also accommodate our Purrkids cats in a layout designed to better socialize them for adoption. We created this program a year ago for specially trained volunteers to help shy, traumatized and under-socialized cats become trusting of people. Our Purrkids volunteers change these animals’ lives in profound and lasting ways. We have already realized great progress and we look forward to growing the program for increased adoptions and intakes. Learn more about Purrkids and consider volunteering with this program.

photo (22)

Of course the long-term plan is to build a stand alone shelter carved out of nature, that will allow for outdoor enclosed spaces where our cats can experience fresh air and sunlight, walking trails for guests, a memorial garden, a haven for feral cats, increased space for our visiting pet therapy, youth and civic groups that come to serve, and a retail veterinary clinic open to the community. While that is our long-term 5-10 year goal, we are so excited to have the opportunity to expand our operations right now. We look forward to welcoming you to the grand opening of our new space before year-end. Stay tuned for more details!

Captain Furkid Needs New “Legs”!

captainMan-o-man, it’s storming out there! We need a leader…a strong and brave Captain to guide us through…and LOOK! Here he comes now!!!

Captain Furkid! – you can call him Captain, or even Cap, he’s down with that – came to Furkids from animal control. He is a big lover boy, with a big problem. Both of his hind legs are severely deformed. Captain has been walking on his back “knees”, for his whole life. They are now breaking down; and he is at serious risk for deadly skin and bone infections.

captainlegsCaptain has waited patiently, and not-so-patiently, for his medical team to develop a care plan for him. Unfortunately, he is becoming extremely frustrated with the incessant bandage changes; and he is developing bloody ulcers on both legs. He is also very anxious to have the freedom to roam. He has made it abundantly clear, he cannot wait any longer for treatment. 

His vets have considered two options for Captain. One is the surgical removal of the lower parts of his deformed legs, so he could wear lightweight, custom prosthetics. This sounds like sensible option on the surface, but Captain would need two major amputations, he would have a long recovery and adjustment, and the prosthetics would be expensive. The second option is far simpler – braces that would fit over his legs as they are, providing cushioning for the damaged knees, and reducing back strain by making all his “legs” the same length. His transition and adjustment time would be much shorter. Also, the casting and prosthetics together for this procedure would total $1500, a fraction of the cost of option 1 ($5000). On the down side, Captain might need skin grafts on his bleeding knees before he tries the braces; and there is a distinct possibility that he will still be in severe pain, unable to walk comfortably.

captaindrawingFurkids hopes to move forward with option two for Captain immediately, but we are waiting for the all clear from his veterinary team. It is possible he will not qualify for this surgery and need option #1. We know that underneath all the discomfort lies the heart of a true champion…a champion who wants to go places and do things, instead of waiting around to get those bum legs fixed.

Your kind thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated, as we try to get the Big Guy on his feet.

If you would like to donate toward Captain’s “new legs”, please do so now. 


You will be hearing more about the Captain’s March to Mobility in the weeks to come – he is a Furkids staff and volunteer favorite; and we will see to it that, one way or another, Captain finds his path. Then, look out world, Captain Furkid is free at last!

Thank you, we love our supporters! You make all the difference in the world to us and our animals, and a special thank you to his devoted foster mom Nancy. We know Captain loves and appreciates you and we do too!!!

July and August Adoptions Break EVEN MORE Records!

July and August marked some of best months in Furkids history for adoptions for both our cat and dog shelters. During July and August, the cat shelter offered cats and kittens two for one, adopting out 145 cats in July and 144 cats in August! The dog shelter team worked hard to adopt out 60 dogs in July and 71 dogs in August. Each month the dog shelter continues to break their previous record for adoptions! Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families!  

During July and August, we also RESCUED 375 cats and 141 dogs! Savings this many animals comes at a great cost. A donation of ANY amount would be greatly appreciated and is always put to great use! 

JULY 2014
See more pictures on our July Adoptions Facebook Album
duakCat Adoptions (145): 12108 Lennox, 12337 Carmella, 12567 Caitlin, 12684 Jellybean, 12696 Kettle, 13122 Illora, 13139 Orange Julius, 13466 Tootles, 13467 Nibs, 13473 Dusk (pictured left), 13554 Sydney, #513556 Oslo, 13859 Mogwai, 13892 Brady, 13930 Quentin  Connors, 13976 JB, 14014 Nassau, 14098 Kimball, 14103 Ciara, 14104 Butterscotch, 14137 Naranjo, 14141 Moonbeam, 14142 Star, 14151 Simone, 14158 Lawrence, 14159 Curly, 14211 Adrian, 14225 Remy, 14226 Sully, 14230 Danielle, 14239 Erin, 14247 Duncan, 14255 Simon, 14255 Simon, 14265 Pretzel, 14269 Peanut Butter, 14270 Mucca, 14271 Stella Mae, 14284 Sprout, 14285 Lily, 14288 Butters, 14291 Mitt, 14317 Cemal  (miracle), 14326 Tabby, 14328 Pookie, 14346 Conan, 14347 Marshmellow, 14348 Peeps, 14359 Catlin,  #214361 Magic, 14367 Finnegan, 14372 Andre, 14374 Plumlee, 14375 Haley, 14381 Hawk, 14391 Tic Toc, 14392 Marcus, 14394 Saige, 14421 Josie, 14425 Mica, 14448 Tache, 14450 Brooklyn, 14459 Samoa, 14462 Max, 14463 Heidi, 14476 Berlin, 14477 Sebastian, 14478 Nora, 14489 Penny, 14505 Rhett, 14506 Beau, 14508 Scarlette, 14510 Midori, 14511 Shandy, 14513 Rob Roy, 14529 Whiskas, 14532 Purrz, 14538 Kiawah, 14540 Pawley, 14545 Colby, 14546 Brie, 14547 Popcorn, 14548 Brock, 14549 Michael, 14550 Landon, 14562 Aphrodite, 14565 Jupiter #2, 14574 Galaxy (Jordan), 14576 Nelson, 14579 Rosie  #2, 14581 Devi, 14582 Sarafina, 14584 Amour, 14585 Ananda, 14587 Kitty Boy Floyd, 14602 Dickey, 14604 Derek, 14605 Angelo, 14606 Jessica, 14623 Downton, 14627 Lukie, 14628 Peggy Sue, 14638 Leslie, 14640 Cracker Jacks, 14657 Toots, 14661 Serenity, 14663 Peyton, 14664 Twinkle, 14665 Freedom, 14666 Finn,  14667 Faun, 14676 Jimi, 14692 Andre, 14694 Vino, 14726 Teeger, 14737 Daisy, 14743 Hannah, 14747 Karen, 14749 Haley, 14756 Bocchi, 14757 Sarah Ann, 14758 Bruce, 14759 Beatrice, 14776 Sly, 14811 Cherry, 14815 Kennie, 14836 Graham, 14836 Graham, 14837 Rhonda, 14838 Sammy, 14854 Sadie, 14858 Faith, 14859 Hope, 14874 Komodo, 14909 Roo Too, 14910 Merlin, 14957 Adelle, 14965 Dashiell, 131080 Flynn, 131089 Raul, 131160 Peter,  131167 Miley, 131185 Toddie, 131228 Arendelle
crystalDog Adoptions (60): Job Jolly Rancher, Paul, Bandon, Sugar Westport, Arora, Liam Conner, Boo Boo, Jack Black, Cocoa, Gizmo, Cool Cucumber, Clear Crystal (pictured right), Flanagan, Radiant Rose, Fit Fiddle, Proud Peacock, Sweet Honey, Clean Whistle, Delicate Flower, Diva, Quick Wink, Tiny Tuxedo, Morgan, Rush, Cody, Peetah, Heart, KC, Joni Mitchell, Kiss, Levi Eagles, Aretha Franklin, Lucy America Dog, Daisy Duke, Abba, Dusty Springfield, Jazzy Jasper, Sparkles Santata, Three Dog Night, Chimay Blue, Oreo, Ozzy Osborne, Stella Artois, Stevie Nicks, Kirin, Millie Michelob, Shaggy Shocktop, Yuengling Dolly Parton, Rock, Honey Brown, Coopers, Amber Bock, Matilda Bay, Oskar Blues, Samuel Adams, Patrick Patches, Victory, Elton John, Starr Hill
AUGUST 2014 
See more pictures on our August Adoptions Facebook Album

kobenuggetCat Adoptions (144): 14867 Aaron, 12193 Addie, 14885 Agent Orange,  14868 Alastair, 14065 Aldora, 14864 Alyssa, 5073 Amelia #1, 141022 Andy, 14888 Aragorn, 14866 Aria, 14775 Arnold, 14886 Arwen, 14711 Arya, 14742 Aubrey, 14302 August, 14865 Avery, 14176 Banshee, 14843 Beluga, 14988 Beth, 14818 Bill, 14772 Bryner, 12102 Butler, 12168 Cadbury, 14349 Cadbury, 14660 Camden, 14712 Catelyn, 10353 Cecily, 14254 Cheddar O’Flynn, 14918 Chelsea, 141047 Cinabar, 14612 Clampett, 14593 Clancy, 14520 Clayton, 14894 Dallas, 14355 Dexter, 14687 Dixie, 14241 DJ (Dudley Jr.), 14245 Dodie, 14187 Dori, 14613 Drysdale, 141048 Elliot, 9070 Eloise, 14839 Faina, 14733 Falcon, 14380 Fawkes, 14813 Franzy, 14017 Freeport. 14887 Galadriel, 14469 Gandalf, 14921 Georganna, 14905 Gidget, 14774 Grace Slick, 14383 Granita, 14354 Heath, 14490 Howard, 14862 Hushpuppy, 14685 Jade, 14745 Jaden, 14610 Jed, 14817 Jenna, 14609 Jethro, 14880 Jezebel, 14989 Jo, 14301 June, 14771 Katarova, 14630 Kelvin, 14244 Kimberly, 14684 Kimmy, 14770 Kitty Katherine, 14457 Kobe (pictured left), 14500 Koop, 14691 Korbel, 14696 Lacey, 14871 Lago,  14889 Legolas, 14488 Len, 141211 Lindsey, 14577 Lola, 141082 Louisa, 9206 Lydia, 14779 Lysander, 14432 Madeline, 14592 Maggie, 14399 Malakbel, 141065 Mandarin, 14300 March, 14778 Marie, 14644 Mater, 14470 Maurice, 14210 Mickey, 14906 Midget, 14203 Mila, 14902 Milk, 14908 Miss Yoda, 11711 Molasses, 141036 Moseley, 14863 Mouse, 14204 Moya, 14828 Myrtle, 14782 Nina, 14458 Nugget (pictured), 14468 Onyx, 14134 Pancho, 14904 Patches, 14209 Paulie, 11506 Peaches #2, 14570 Persimmon, 14736 Petunia, 14931 Pi, 14695 Pinot, 14673 Piper, 14329 Piper (was Parker), 141077 Yuri, 14242 Wade, 14840 Tula, 14783 Trapp, 14777 Toulouse, 14608 Tommie Lee, 14920 Toffie, 14571 Titan, 14677 Tina, 14738 Tiger, 14804 Sunflower, 14262 Stryker, 14575 Stella, 141114 Statham, 12703 Stash #1, 14903 Spot, 14725 Skyy, 14350 Skittles, 14656 Sinclair, 14939 Sierra, 14812 Shane, 14710 Sansa, 14991 Sam, 14978 Ruby, 14643 Royce, 14765 Roswell, 8443 Roseanna, 14589 River, 14769 Rio, 14773 Ramona, 14531 Pit R Pat, 14629 Pipette, 

Dog Adoptions (71): Marv Ellis, Octavia, Suki, Nicholas, Lilly Mae, Humphrey Bogart, Rochester, Han Solo, Sligo, Nenagh, Fluffy Snow White, Peanut, Light Feather, Koda, Pierre, Preacher, Prissy, Sharp Tack, Lotus, Carly Simon, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Percy Sledge, Spankey, Blondie, Heineken, Haromolsonld, Lillie Belle, Corona, Budweiser, Max Miller Lite, Molson (pictured right), Carmen, Smithwick, Sol, Carlsberg, Moretti, Peroni, Swan, Tsing Tao, Red Hare, Pacifico, Ernie, Ginger Icehouse, Gunn, Pebbles, Harry Coors, Hot Dog, Goose Island, Innis, Sunshine Sapporo, Woodchuck, Buddy Tubs, Ginger McKenna, Ducky Mallard, Kate Beckett, Muffin, Timothy McGee, Marko, Inches, Alex Cabot, John Munch, Willow, Pat Benatar, O’Douls, Asahi, Lagunitas, Fosters, Bass, Chevy

Shop on Amazon and Save Animals


Shopping on just got even better!!! Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Furkids whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. We have already received $375 from this program! AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service, but now your purchases can help homeless animals at Furkids! 

Visit and search for Furkids as a charity OR visit this link directly and login. You can use your already existing Amazon account. Make sure to bookmark the page! 

Shopping never felt SO GOOD! 

Read the FAQ on Amazon Smile for more in depth information.



Victoria and Emilie need your help! This weekend has been rough for our Furkids family. Two of our own are suffering. They don’t have forever homes yet, so for now Furkids is their family. We house, protect, love and care for them when they are ill. Right now these girls are fighting hard to survive. Donations toward their care are GREATLY needed! $  


Victoria is a sweet beagle mom with babies we asked fans to help us rescue from a high kill shelter one week ago. She JUST escaped death only to have it knock on her door again. At 2 a.m. last night her foster mom called us. Her lips were puffing out and she would not lay down, propping herself up against the wall to help her breathe. She had been on some medications, but things had taken a turn for the worst. We rushed her to the ER where they did an x-ray and checked her blood, hoping to rule out pneumonia. Unfortunately, tests showed she is developing a nasty case of pneumonia. Luckily her puppies look good and vets said her babies could continue nursing during her treatment. She is one tough cookie and she loves those babies!! She is now on IV fluids, IV antibiotics and nebulizing treatments and we will continue to monitor her progress through the night.


Emilie has been with us for about six weeks now and has been thriving in foster care. This weekend everything came to a crashing halt. Vets are not exactly sure what is wrong with her, but her temperature has been as high as 105.6. She is vomiting and you can tell she is in pain. Her stomach is tender to the touch, but ultrasounds and X-rays have shown no issues. Right now they are treating it as a severe bacterial infection, but she is critical and needs help!!!

ER bills and tests for Victoria and Emilie will reach $2,000 by tomorrow and we have no idea what else is in store for these girls. We are BEGGING you! PLEASE help us care for two of our babies. We love and care for them as if they were our own. 

DONATE NOW and mention “Victoria and Emilie” in the comments. Donations from people like you help us save precious animals like Victoria and Emilie.  


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