Baby Kittens with Special Needs Fight to Survive


The phone rang. Animal Control was calling about four more bottle babies found abandoned. We already had more than 20 bottle kittens in foster homes already, but how could we say no? They know we are suckers for those tiny little things! These were only two weeks old and needed our help at a fighting chance to survive, but there was more. They didn’t just need our help to be fed round the clock, these were extra special babies. 


Meet Osiris, Inara, Persephone and Malakbel (pictured left)

Persephone and Malakbel were each missing a half of one of their rear legs when they were bought into animal control. It was obvious that it was an injury that had begun to heal, but at 2-weeks-old without a mother and out alone for who knows how long their chances at survival were slim. 

We have honestly never seen anything like this before. We will never know how these injuries happened. 


leg 1

All four kittens are now safe and sound in a great foster home that is bottle feeding them every 2 hours. Injuries like these are at risk of bone infections and have to be monitored closely. After a few days in foster care they were brought to the vet and given antibiotics since one of their legs is infected, but it is getting better! 

We hope and pray they will survive and they will eventually have amputation surgeries when they are big and strong, until then we just have to keep them alive!

Make a donation NOW toward their care: 



Aspen and Telluride Go Home!


Aspen (left) and Telluride (right) came to us terrified from animal control. We have no idea where they came from, but it was obvious they were not well cared for before arriving at Furkids and Small Dog Rescue. They both had heartworm disease and had to go through treatment before going up for adoption.

During those months we realized how dependent Aspen was on Telluride. Aspen would only go outside in the yard, play and interact with people when Telluride did. They acted like brothers, always happy to see each other. We even kept them in the same kennel space.  

So we began looking for a home for them together. We realized this was a huge challenge and was going to be hard to find, but we had to try! 


Amy volunteers at our thrift store on Saturdays. She travels many miles from Dallas, GA to our store in Norcross, GA to help our thrift store raise money. One day she was speaking to our cashier, Geri, and they began discussing dogs in the program available for adoption. Amy and her husband sat down that night to look at the dogs in need and came across Aspen and Telluride’s story. Amy just knew she could help these 2 boys enjoy a long and happy life together. So she applied to adopt the pair and the rest is history! Amy took the boys home last week and so far they are doing great! They are enjoying their new backyard and the weather and warming up to Amy and her husband. 

Stories like this just warm our hearts. These boys had a slim chance at survival and health and with help from the community these boys are now happy and healthy! 



Featured Dog – Humphrey Bogart

HumphreyBogart2In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Humphrey Bogart as the greatest male star in the history of American cinema. Fifteen years later, Furkids/SmallDog Rescue ranked this little 14-lb. terrier as the greatest male dog rescue …. Actually, our Humphrey Bogart is pretty great – just like all of our rescues.
Please consider giving our Humphrey Bogart a forever home so you can be his greatest hero! Apply today! Humphrey Bogart is great with other dogs, potty and crate trained. E-mail with any questions or to set up a meet and greet. 

Featured Cat – Eloise

Eloise4Eloise is 14 lbs of pure love! Eloise was recently returned due to her owner’s medical issues. She came to Furkids originally as a kitten back in 2008m and she has grown into a healthy, plump black and white beauty with soft fur and lots of love and purrs to give. Eloise also has a great party trick to show you: scratch her lower back-end and she will start licking whatever is around… and when the scratching stops, so does she…pretty hilarious! 



Eloise knows that sometimes people get sick, so she is willing to find a new human who she can take care of and who will take care of her. Is it you? Apply to adopt Eloise now!

E-mail with questions or meet her this Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our cat shelter. Learn more at:

Take a Virtual Tour

Karen and DJ adopted two precious kittens from Furkids earlier this year and fell in love with the organization. They wanted to give back, but they weren’t sure how they could help. Then they realized, by donating their services they could show the world Furkids on a grand scale. Their company Sphereographic provides Google Business Photos and Virtual Tours in the Atlanta area. So thanks to Karen and DJ we now have these AMAZING virtual tours to share with you. Have a look inside our shelters…

Doraville Cat Shelter
2650 Pleasantdale Rd. Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30340

Home to 250+ cats and our main hub for our 13 adoption centers. The shelter is open the first and third Saturday of ever month from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for visitors and other days by appointments. 

Interested in volunteering: E-mail
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Alpharetta Dog Shelter
1520 Union Hill Rd. 
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Our dog shelter is home to 40 dogs on any given day. We welcome visitors Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursdays from 12 to 7 p.m. to take tours, meet dogs and learn about volunteer opportunities. 
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32 Cats Adopted in ONE Weekend!

For the first time ever, we waived adoption fees at our cat shelter during our open house on March 22-23! Fully vetted, healthy adoptable cats that had been waiting far too long were available to approved adopters for $0! We are pleased to announce it was a HUGE success resulting in 32 cat adoptions!

Thank you to the wonderful adopters who opened their homes to our shelter cats. Below are just a few of the happy families.

Beginning this weekend we will be open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 11:30-4 p.m. at our Doraville Cat Shelter for visitors. We will be open the following dates, so please mark your calendar if you want to come visit and tour. The shelter address is 2650 Pleasantdale Rd. Suite 8 Atlanta, GA 30340

April 19
April 5
May 3
May 17

adoptionadoption4 adoption5adoption8 adoption11adoption10adopttion9




































141 Cats and Dogs Adopted in March 2014!

March was a great month for our animals! Not only did we adopt out 141 cats and dogs, but we RESCUED 240 animals! If you can donate even $5 toward the care of these new rescues please donate now! We could use your help!



Cats Adopted (94)

adoption136087 Daisy Mae, 6137 Brownie, 11040 Layla #3, 11057 Hudlow, 11223 Angela, 11713 Calinda, 12068 Patches, 12156 Quigley, 12282 Clover, 12576 Marci, 12578 Sally, 12614 Capiz, 12670 Domino #2, 13041 Clarice, 13085 Sydney #3, 13096 Kasey, 13098 Gordon, 13111 Kisa, 13119, Helena, 13160 Happy, 13197 Reese’s, 13306 Wisteria, 13339 Orange Crush, 13444 Dee Dee, 13605 Penelope #2, 13624 Daniel, 13633 Bonnie, 13665 Stella #2, 13699 Lazarus, 13882 Wednesday, 13939 Rocky, 13940 Adrienne, 13950 Killian, 13962 Zeus, 13963 Oliver, 13970 Lil, 13982 Smokerise, 13983 Moonshadow, 13986 Sadie, 13997 Salem, 13999 Bruce, 14006 Ginny, 14009 Polly, 14011 Heath, 14015 Kingston, 14019 Jonah, 14031 Bridge, 14032 Barry, 14041 Baby Girl, 14047 Millie, 14048 Mr. Whiskers. 14052 Melanie, 14058 Amelia #2, 14061 Winslow, 14068 Dara, 14069 Edison, 14070 Geneva, 14071 Mr. Brooks, 14073 Padma, 14077 Maui, 14080 Stormette, 14082 Denver, 14085 Camilla, 14090 Woodstock, 14097 Miss Pebbles, 14124 Millicent, 14179 Monk, 14183 Jazzlyn, 14185 Bailey, 14213 Splash, 14214 Denali, 14249 Foxy, 131019 Bijou, 131019 Sassy, 131054 Iny, 131124 Nick, 131125 Rudolf, 131126 Claus, 131131 Sy, 131138 Sandji, 131141 Ringo, 131154 Northstar, 131158 Wynter, 131199 San Diego, 131209 Clayton (was Claudia), 13120 Daphne, 131210 Elizabetta, 131213 Enrique, 131214 Gilly, 131215 Biscuit, 131219 Gordy, 131221 Ocean


Dogs Adopted (47)

Dog_adoption_photoButton, Betsy Bit O’Honey, Heath Bar, Phil, Miles, Tiffy, Keystone, Yagoo Valley, Juliet Jiminy Peak. Eldora, Maybelle Stowe, Mac Wolf Creek, Alyeska, Duncan Paos, Killington, Samson, Joe DiMaggio, Gretta Garbo, Williamette Pass, Marilyn Monroe, Kissing Bridge, Captain Von Trapp, Lola, Romeo, Carole Lombard, Sachi, Lauren Bacall, Prince William, Shamo, Lilly, Leo, Cashel, Dublin, Edenberry, Limerick, Shannon, Ballina, Peanut Monaghan, Amaya, Wicklow, Flo, Big Skyke, Lara, Katie Middleton, River, Maria Von Trapp, Jannie

Jason needs a home, help him

jasoncat2 Hi, my name is Jason and I was transferred to Furkids by another rescue group. They didn’t have the reach and resources to care for a cat like me. I am very thankful they took such great care of me.

The other rescue helped me receive eye surgery to correct a rare eye issue. You see I have been diagnosed with Distichia, which is a disorder where the eyelashes grow inside the eyelid, causing irritation to the eyes. I am told this condition is very rare in cats, but more common in humans and some dog breeds. I have had two surgeries to help with my condition, but it is possible that I will need another surgery in the jasoncat3future since the lashes keep growing back. Luckily my adoption comes with a special deal! If I ever need corrective surgery for my eye issue again we have a vet willing to cover the expense of his surgery. So why NOT adopt me?

Enough about that, let’s talk about something wonderful. That would be the new home that I am going to find with a very special human family. I want to show you all my playful tricks and entertain you. I am a sweet and handsome buff tabby boy who deserves a home where I will be spoiled. Would you consider adopting me so that I can know what it is like to have my own place to live forever with unconditional love?

E-mail with questions or how you can meet Jason. Apply now or call 770-613-0009 and leave a message.

FeLV Cats Now Living a Dog’s Life

 photo 2As a no-kill shelter we are committed to every animal that enters our program, no matter what disease, illness or injury they might have. While we don’t actively seek intakes of cats with FeLV, we do have a few in our program.

FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (feline aids) are often confused in the public. FeLV is highly contagious to other cats and often deadly. About 17% of cats that test positive are carriers and can live longphoto 5 healthy happy lives without illness. We currently have six FeLV positive cats we believe to be carriers. We have been searching for a place for these cats to live. Since they are consider contagious to other cats, they cannot live at our cat shelter.
photo 1We decided to make a special room at our dog shelter for these cats to get love, attention, sunlight and exposure to potential homes. They look pretty happy to us! The dog shelter is open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursdays 12-7 p.m. You are welcome to come visit! (1520 Union Hill Rd. Alpharetta, GA 30005)

If you are interested in adopting or fostering and FeLV cat please e-mail
felv1To learn more about FeLV in cats click here:


Help Save Nostradamus


Nostradamus was brought to our front door earlier this week, wrapped in a bath mat and in deep shock, after a woman found him by the side of the road. He’d clearly been hit by a car – the whole right side of his face was a mess! We rushed him to our emergency vet, who examined him and found he had: a torn lip/jaw, brain swelling, short-term/long-term nerve damage, and broken teeth. He is also blind in one eye, unneutered, and has a heart enlargement with possible heartworm.

The vet worked her magic, and he’s all stitched up and doing well now. He’s on pain medicine and fluids, and may or may not need follow-up surgery.

We need to raise $1,000 to cover his emergency surgery and follow up care with our emergency vets. YOU CAN HELP! PLEASE give what you can now! These situations arise EVERY day at Furkids and we need your help to continue to be able to rescue these animals. Mention ‘Nostradamus’ in the notes at check out. PLEASE share this on Facebook for us and for him…




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