Stay of Execution for Nine Animals

CaraOn March 19 Furkids fans granted a stay of execution for nine animals at a struggling rural shelter in South Georgia. Dogs Cara, Robin Hood, Sponge Bob, Tucker, Willow, Cregg and three kitties named Vera, Reva and Lola were saved thanks to donations from fans for their initial vetting, boarding and transportation costs.


Canine Intake Manager, Tina Ghering, and volunteer, Lindsey R.,  drove more than two hours to meet three dogs with hopes of bringing them into the program. This shelter had a nearly impossible deadline to place more than 200 dogs due to shelter overcrowding or the animals would be killed. We wanted to do our part, even if we only could take a few. The three dogs would have to be boarded since our shelter was 110% FULL! We drove there knowing it would cost $1,000 to rescue three of the larger dogs and hoping we could save more lives.


While we were driving we asked our Facebook fans for help to rescue additional animals. With their help were were able to save at total of SIX dogs and THREE cats from near certain deaths. Already two of the cats and one of the dogs have been adopted. Two other pups are healthy and ready for adoption. Check out Cregg (pictured right) and Willow on the website and consider making them part of your family.


Robin HoodThe remaining three dogs: Robin Hood (pictured left), Tucker and Sponge Bob are heartworm positive and require more than $500 in medical care each and at least two months of medical observation. If you would like to consider fostering one of these dogs during their recovery please email
We still desperately need donations for their medical care, food and continued care. Please donate now if this rescue story inspires you, touches you or moves you in any way. Our animals rely on YOU to help keep them healthy and happy. Thank you for your support!



Make sure to follow us on Facebook to be part of the next rescue ride-a-long!


Written by: Lauren Frost


‘Tis the Season, and Not One We Rejoice In!

Bottle BabiesIt’s KITTEN SEASON, as you know; and Furkids is full to the rafters. This time of year, we make a special effort to take in the difficult and time-consuming “Bottle Babies” that animal controls and other rescues can’t help.

Bottle babies present many challenges. The tiniest have to be fed every few hours, even through the night. They MUST be kept warm. They are often sick from exposure to the elements, because their little immune systems aren’t functioning yet. They take a LOT of work, patience, and persistence.

Although we occasionally know that babies were orphaned because their mother suffered some sort of trauma, we often have no idea why they are on their own. Could the mother have abandoned them because they have health problems we don’t see? Were they simply exposed because Mom was hunting, and assumed “abandoned”, by a well-meaning soul? Did a thoughtless human take them from their mother because they were “too much trouble”? And now the mom will have another litter in a few months?

Furkids has a strict policy. If we take in babies who HAVE a mom, via our Info Line, the mom MUST come with them. She nurses the littles until they are weaned, and we make sure she is spayed. But, if we are helping animal controls, or other rescues, or in situations where kittens are “dumped”, we can’t follow that policy. WE JUST HAVE TO HELP.bottle baby

Furkids relies on our FRIENDS, FAMILY, and FOLLOWERS to provide for our most vulnerable intakes, and YOU can SAVE THESE LIVES. Here are our specific, and IMMEDIATE, needs:

1. VOLUNTEERS, who are experienced BOTTLE FEEDERS or have a medical background. Please, if you can take a couple of hungry babies for a few weeks, volunteer here WE WILL PROVIDE FOOD AND SETUP! You add a safe place for the kits to stay, and a bunch of love! Join our BBB – Bottle Baby Brigade today!

2. DONATIONS! They are CRITICAL NOW! We especially need BOTTLES, FORMULA, and HEATING PADS! Please donate here and mention “Bottle Babies.”



3. SHARES! Please share our needs with ANYONE who can help either physically or financially! Anyone can follow us on Facebook  or Twitter, too.

Dana, our Foster Coordinator, demonstrates her two-fer feeding technique in the picture above. That is how Kitten Season feels all across Furkids. YOU can give our hardworking staff and volunteers the luxury of taking a DEEP BREATH, with your support…we are SO GRATEFUL for all of our RESCUE PARTNERS!


Written by: Nancy Pihera

High School Students Share Kindness

Milton4In 2014 Anna Mahr, senior class president at Milton High School, organized a Kindness Week to encourage kindness and school spirit in a school environment reeling from several tragic deaths. The community undoubtedly felt the need for such an event and Kindness Week delivered! The week was a huge success and in 2015 the school decided to hold Kindness Week again, this year with additional opportunities including a visit from Furkids dogs, dance parties, teacher appreciation events and letter writing to the troops.

Milton3Five adoptable dogs visited Milton High School on March 31 to play with students and encourage mental health and stress relief in a fast paced school environment. In addition, the students were encouraged to use social media to help find these animals forever families. A Twitter and Instagram storm of pictures exploded. Use #miltonkindness #startawave and #miltonkindnessweek to see more photos on Twitter and @miltonkindnessweek on Instagram.

Over 400 students met our five rescue ambassadors this day and hopefully made a big impact on the students and their families. The school is already in talks to host a volunteer day at the shelter. Kindness really is key and we are so grateful to the students at Milton High School for including us in their special week.

Watch a video from 2014’s Kindness Week.

If you participate in a club, school or group that might be interested in working with us please email us at School supply drives are a great way to give back!





227 Lucky Animals Find Forever Homes in March 2015

Furkids placed 227 cats and dogs in loving homes during March 2015. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open three days a week for visitors. BOTH ARE OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS! Check out our hours and locations.

See more March adoption pictures in this album.

March 2015

Cat Adoptions: 160

littlebit141647 Alaska, 14864 Alyssa, 150054 Andy, 10144 Angelica, 111676 Anna, 141538 Ariel, 150282 Ashton, 141092 Ava,  14865 Avery, 150052 Bandit, 150345 Banta, 141164 Beanie, 14861 Bear, 141497 Beli, 141190 Bella diva, 131155 Bethlehem, 14066 Bishop, 14876 Blue Streak, 150103 Bo Derek, 7421 Bravo, 150263 Callie, 150130 Carl (pictured right), 141485 Caroline, 141495 Cary, 150009 Cayenne, 11044 Chaco, 150072 Checkers, 150002 Cherokee, 141146 Citrus, 14136 Cokolada, 7118 Cotton Tail, 150102 Datsun, 14959 Dempsey, 14884 Desiree, 10018 Dexter, 150206 Dobie Gillis, 141089 Dorian, 150164 Dos, 150150 Dunkin, 150006 Durango, 12635 Dusk Shine, 14217 Edisto, 141397 Edmund, 141483 Emmett, 150007 Equinox, 150254 Erica, 150207 Evangeline, 150220 CarlEvelyn, 141426 Eytukan, 13854 Fairbanks, 14877 Fierce Tiger, 150177 Flurry, 8582 Franklin, 11629 Freddie,  2131229 Gerhart, 14472 Ginger Spice, 141450 Ginny, 141444 Grace (mom), 141685 Hang Ten, 9228 Henry,  1141686 High Five, 141187 Holly, 14875 Hootenanny, 150061 Hope, 150154 Humberto, 150169 Ice, 150178 Icicle, 131054 Inky, 141550 Janiel  Ernest, 150152 Javier, 141586 Jenee, 13430 Jenny, 150068 Jim, 141683 Jingles, 150059 Jonathan, 141488 Jude, 141161 Judith, 150004 Juke, 13853 Juneau, 141499 Junior, 150087 Keaton, 150137 Kris, 150136 Kristien, 150138 Kristof, 141588 LaSalle, 150034 Legend, 12665 Lenny, 141711 Lisette, 13373 Little Bit (pictured above),  2150143 Lunar, 14785 Mama Winnie, 141583 Mango, 14564 Mars, 150083 Martie McFly, 141229 Maverick, 150015 Max, 12711 Medley, 150133 Mel Staples, 14860 Michelle, 13379 Midnight, 2150067 Mike, 14233 Miller, 150071 Millicent, 150014 Mini, 150221 Miss Kitty, 150070 Mittens, 150084 Molly Golightly, 150161 Mr. Tigger, 150162 Ms. Gabby, 150076 Ms. Kitty, 141424 Nahtiri, 150112 Napoleon, 141347 Natalie, 150184 Octavia, 150108 Oklahoma, 141585 Papaya, 141696 Paris, 150165 Patch, 12068 Patches, 14736 Petunia, 150166 Pitch, 14256 Polly, 2141509 Priti, 14532 Purrz, 141684 Rajah, 141321 Raymond, 13197 Reese’s, 14706 Robb, 150046 Roxanna, 150185 Ruby Nell, 141507 Ryleigh, 13919 Saffron, 141531 Sailor, 13997 Salem, 150065 Salem, 141554 Sawyer, 141713 Shanghai Tiger, 13372 Sleepy (pictured above), 141274 Slinky, 150323 Smoochie, 150179 Snowday, 141618 Snowy, 150005 Sorrento, 150105 South Dakota, 141620 Stormy Jill, 141143 Sunkist, 150343 Swahili, 7418 Symphony, 150003 Tahoe, 150151 Tatum, 141718 Thucy, 150058 Tiger, 14738 Tiger (Blackie), 150057 Tigress, 150163 Uno, 141041 Virgil, 141286 Walter, 141398 Waynette, 141625 Zelda

Dog Adoptions: 67

BroganBrogan (pictured left), Segovia, Hershey Hippo, Van Morrison, Opal, Sachi Spearmint, Sundrop, Cheetah, Norris Norwhal, Rocky, Finn, Annalee, Maggie Manatee, Panda Puffs, Vienna Sausage, Granola, Lincoln, Frito Pie, Mareen, Hushpuppy, Abigail, Po’ Boy, Chipmunk, Tiny Tortoise, Panda, Squirrel, Carrie Cassidy, Lilly Leopard, Paradise Pony, Rosie Rabbit, Timmy Tolka, Raisin Bran, Barkley, Beau, Chachi, Mint Julep, Maggie, Veronica Mars, Misty, Corolla, Ellie Emu, The Who, Lebaron, Shady, Abbert, Clare, Zeus Zebra, Monkey, Olive, Minnie Mouse, Sweet Pea, Jackel Jake, Grizzly Bear, Wallaby, Heidi Hog, Delilah, Skipper, Liz Sweeny; Little Lamb, Badger, Pickles, Blackwater, Bruin, Peach Cobbler, Peanut Butter, Butter Biscuit, Bobcat



Lemond the Missing Ear Kitty *UPDATE*

lemondWe introduced you to Lemond in our last newsletter. One of the most pitiful cats we’ve seen, Lemond came to us from animal control with a horrible skin infection, ear mite infestation, just one ear and only one viable eye. He was also covered in some sort of unidentified grease. Not a pretty boy, by any stretch; and not a cat that most rescues would promote, or even consent to take. But, Furkids – as you would expect – said, “YES! We will help him!”

Thanks to an army of generous donors, we were able to get Lemond the surgery and care he needed to begin a new and healthy life. In the process, Lemond was “discovered” by the folks at Headline News (HLN) here in Atlanta, and he was asked to star in a video about his story!

On Tuesday, our now-dapper friend – complete with a red silk bow-tie – WOWED the camera with his performance. Lemond loves everyone, and made that very clear while filming! We’ve created a collage of the event, so that you can sneak a peek into his exciting day! The video, once produced, will be available at the HLN website, and we will update Lemond’s story with a link when it is ready. We are SO proud of this brave guy!

With Lemond’s new status as a SpokesCat for the animals other rescues leave behind, he has just two simple messages:

LEMOND wants YOU to know that your generosity is the REASON he is thriving. AND, that your continued support will make it possible for Furkids to say “YES!” to MORE HOMELESS ANIMALS in dire straits.

Please consider supporting LEMOND’S cause, and donate now. Mention “We Love Lemond” so he knows you care! We can’t WAIT to share his TV debut. Thank you!



Written by: Nancy Pihera

Record Breaking Open House Weekend – 42 Cats Adopted!

Face PaintingRECORDS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN, AND WE SHATTERED OURS, AT THE CAT SHELTER OPEN HOUSE! We also had One Heck of a GOOD TIME!What a GREAT weekend for the Furkids Cat Shelter! Our Annual Open House, March 21st and 22nd, was a joyous occasion; as we showed off our new, expanded space to throngs of Furkids supporters! Saturday was a beautiful day, and families took advantage of the gorgeous weather to take a tour, bop to some retro tunes, jump in a bouncy house, eat fantastic BBQ, browse our beautiful new gift shop, and buy baked goods (both home-made and from the coolest bakeries in town) at our famous Bark & Bite Bake Sale. The highlight, of course, was visiting with the cutest cats in town!

Not a CatThanks to our amazing new space, we now have our FIV+ cats on-site and easily accessible to potential adopters. Our special-needs Purrkids, cats who need to polish up their “social skills”, have their own area; so specially-trained volunteers can work with them more easily. We finally have the room we need for more cats, offices, meetings, conferences and classes; and a quadrupled, state-of-the-art surgical suite.

Exciting times!

First adopttion of the dayBut the BIG NEWS is this: FORTY-TWO ADOPTIONS at the shelter during the open house! Our record from last year was 32…nearly a 33% increase! Our ZERO ADOPTION FEE Promotion was so popular, in fact, that we are continuing it until March 29th. Everyone is invited to come on out again this Saturday, March 28th to our CATURDAY event, noon to 5 PM. Adoption counselors will be available, and SHELTER DWELLERS of every age, color, size, and temperament will be up for adoption with absolutely no fees! (Our shelter address is 2650 Plesantdale Rd. Suite 8 Atlanta, GA 30340)

Delights Thanks to so many folks for making our Open House a smashing success – our bakeries: Gigi’s Cupcakes, Corner Bakery of Norcross, Highland Bakery, Loving Hut, Flour Girlz, Publix of Norcross, Taj Mahound and our 30 volunteer bakers. And thanks to these wonderful groups for helping with the on-site prep and activities: St. Mark United Methodist Church, Honda Finance, Montclair Elementary, Roswell High School, and GA Tech! And lastly, kudos to all our wonderful Furkids volunteers (nearly 200 of them helped during the weekend!); and our dedicated staff, who successfully kept the wheels on the tracks and the balls in the air!

Kids PlayingWe can’t WAIT for our next Open House…YOU can be a part of the fun…email!Written by: Nancy Pihera

Lemond – Missing Ear Kitty becomes a Furkid

lemond3Four-year-old Lemond came to the attention of Furkids this past week. He was in animal control, covered with fleas and filth. He was breathing through his mouth, likely because of a severe respiratory infection. Lemond is also missing an ear; and has just one functional eye. Not a pretty kitty by most standards, and not a likely candidate for rescue.

But, Furkids said, “Yes! We will take him!” The call for donations went out on Facebook, and brand-new Lemond fans stepped up to insure he would receive initial vetting, and an ER evaluation! He went straight to the hospital, and had his exam yesterday.

Here is what we know so far about this sweet soul. Lemond LOVES people. He purred all the way from AC to emergency, and is the King of the Head Butt. He wants to be friends with everybody! In a double surgery, Lemond was neutered, and his non-functioning eye was removed. He is undergoing additional evaluation for what appears to be an old jaw injury. We are not certain yet how that will be treated, but Lemond will probably need additional surgery in the very near future.

This boy has quickly captured the hearts of everyone who meets him. Our goal for Lemond is simple: get him healthy, spoil him silly in foster care, and then find him the best Forever Home we can. Lemond has clearly suffered in his four years on earth…Furkids vows to make the rest of his years fantastic! You can help by donating now.


Follow Lemond‘s progress on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for caring about this one-eared, one-eyed, scruffy, flea-infested feline…we will bring you HAPPY updates!

Written by: Nancy Pihera

Abandoned on the side of the road – left for dead


Chloe’s rescue story is unimaginable. It is something you read about in a newspaper and drop your jaw in amazement. Chloe was found abandoned in a cat carrier on the side of a busy road in Chamblee. She was left for dead. Actually, she was left for worse than dead. Had someone not found her she would have continued to suffer cruely from dehydration, starvation and eventually die an agonizing death.

LUCKILY someone with a keen attention to detail noticed the carrier and pulled over to find this precious baby! Chloe was rescued weighing a mere 3.5 lbs. The vets think she needs to at least double her body weight to be at her proper size. Aside from being emaciated, Chloe has injuries to her legs. X-rays so far have been inconclusive, but it is a challenge for her to walk right now. She can not have surgery until she is stronger and healthy so right now we are just nursing her back to health. She may eventually need a leg amputated.

When she first came to us she slept for days. Her poor little body went through so much trauma she needed the rest. Now she has gained an entire pound is starting to trust us more each day. She loves to curl up in a blanket and often underneath it. Chloe doesn’t have to worry anymore because she is a Furkid now. She is safe and will be safe until we find her forever family.

Please help us provide all she needs by giving a donation to “Chloe’s Care.” Her bills, surgeries and expenses will reach more than



stevehallThe past week has been a CRAZY ROLLER COASTER RIDE for the staff and volunteers at the Furkids Cat Shelter. We DOUBLED the size of the shelter, literally overnight, thanks to a very special donor. Cats were moved from our FIV+ house into their new FIV+ suite; and our Purrkids cats, who work with our socializing team, transitioned from their original shelter rooms to their new digs.

And what’s a major move without an Open House in the middle of it? Our Annual Open House precipitated all of the excitement, and the middle-of-the-night activity. Friends, family and fans were so excited to see our new space this past Saturday and Sunday! It was a great weekend!

Now that we have the new space finished, we are working hard to get it furnished. Here is how you can help us fulfill our wish list for our new cat rooms:

12 GIFTS OF $25 provide one pair of shelving units (24 pairs needed)linuswheel

5 GIFTS of $50 purchase a Furwood Forrest cat tree (18 trees needed)

10 GIFTS of $100 buy one fantastic CAT wheel for fitness and to alleviate boredom. We need a total of 14 wheels to outfit the new space, and replace the old units in our original rooms.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA- 5 Crijo units ($5,000 each) These are fabulous cat perches and units built specifically for shelters (pictured left).

We were hoping to purchase a couple of these items, but they aren’t in the budget.

We also need cat “comfort items” for the new space; things like scratchers, litter boxes, bowls, bedding, and toys.

If you would like to help us outfit our exciting expansion, you can do so NOW!

Price: $0.00

And stop by any Saturday, from 12-5 p.m., to see our beautiful new addition! The cats will be happy to show you around.

Thank you so much for your support. We can’t save lives without it.

Nancy Pihera


New Life can be Deadly for Unwanted Pets

Parson Jack Russell Terrier puppy with two little kittens

Springs means new life and growth. While beautiful flowers bloom and baby rabbits frolic, “new life” can also create a serious community issue—hundreds of unwanted, homeless puppies and kittens. And, the cycle of life continues.

Being cute, young and sweet does not guarantee survival on the street or adoption from a county shelter. Imagine cardboard boxes of puppies and kittens showing up at community shelters with limited space. The adoption line is short, and soon animals are out of time. Room must be made for the next truck load. It is a sad reality most shelters face.

As a no-kill shelter, this puts Furkids rescue team into overdrive. Despite the many loving Furkids foster homes and convenient adoption centers, there are too many animals born and not enough homes. We need your help now!

Five simple ways you can help

1. Spay and neuter, even if the animal isn’t yours. Stop the cycle of puppies and kittens born without a safe home! It’s healthy for the animals, your neighborhood and your community shelters. There are dozens of low-cost vet clinics now. It can cost less than $60 to spay or neuter that stray cat in your neighborhood. Visit our Resources page for a listing of low-cost options.

2. Make a donation. Your donations help us keep the lights on, the water running, the food coming and the animals healthy. Without your donations we could not have saved more than 2,500 cats and dogs this year. This is what your donation can buy.

$10 – vaccinates a puppy or kitten
$25 – provides a canister of milk replacer
$50 – enables spay/neuter surgery
$100 – covers an emergency room visit for a sick animal




3. ADOPT don’t buy from a store or breeder, and share this message with everyone you know. Be a voice for the perfectly wonderful pets who are homeless. Purebred dogs and cats become shelter dogs and cats too. Increase the demand for homeless puppies and kittens and lessen the demand for breeding more.

For every homeless animal in America to find a loving home, each person would need to own seven cats and dogs.

4. Visit our Amazon Wish List and donate an item that one of our shelters has requested. Puppy and kitten season means orphaned babies will need milk replacer, heating pads and bottles among other items. Providing supplies helps keep costs down and saves more lives. 

pupyp bars

5. Celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23. Go to our adoptable dogs page and share a puppy’s picture and bio with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. You could become a puppy matchmaker without knowing someone was thinking about adopting a new companion. 


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