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Cat Shelter:
2650 Pleasantdale Rd. Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30340
Mondays 12-5 p.m.
Wednesdays 12-8 p.m. 
Saturdays 12-5 p.m. 
Dog Shelter:
1520 Union Hill Rd. 
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Wednesdays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Thursday 12-7 p.m.
Saturdays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 


Our Adoption Fees for Cats:

 Cats and kittens are ALWAYS adopt one, adopt a buddy for free!!!

  • $85 for one or two adult cats (6 months of age and older) 
  • $125 for one or two kittens (under 6 months of age), $200 for three, $250 for four 
  • $175 for one adult cat and one kitten
  • No adoption fee for senior cats (8 years and older) or FIV+ cats
  • Individuals over 62 years of age and military (with valid ID) may adopt a cat or kitten for 50% off the traditional adoption rate

Our Adoption Fees for Dogs:

  • $295 for puppies 6 months and under
  • $275 for adult dogs 
  • No adoption fee for senior dogs (8 years and older)
  • Individuals over 62 years of age and military (with valid ID) may adopt a dog for 25% off the traditional adoption rate

We surpassed our 2014 goals

Our adoption goal for 2014 was 2,000 homes for our cats and dogs and we beat it! We saved 2,375 animals and found homes for 2,069! An adoption increase of 35% over last year and a 50% increase in lives saved! We are incredibly proud of our wonderful team that made these milestones possible. We are so grateful to you, our friends for supporting our efforts. We tried new things last year and it worked. 

We will continue to remove the roadblocks in our way so we can save more precious lives. Congratulations to the Furkids family for a job very well done in 2014! Donate now to our 2015 efforts and help us reach 2,500 adoptions this year through our newest program, Operation: HOME! 

NEW Furkids Thrift Store is Coming to Marietta

FurKids transformation begins front
We are excited to start the new year with a second thrift store opening in Marietta. Volunteers are working now preparing this fantastic new space! 
We need your donations to fill the 9,800 sq. ft. store! We will be receiving donations beginning January 15. Please email us at or call us at 770-817-1405, for additional information on dropping off donations or arranging for a pick up of furniture, appliances, and other large donations. We will also be open for sales beginning January 22. 
New London Square
1487 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA  30062
(shopping center of Marietta Antique Mall and Life Grocery)

FurKids transformation begins

Volunteers are needed now to help receive donations, sort, clean and stage merchandise. Please email us at if you would like to be a part of this exciting new team in Marietta!
FurKids Transformation progressWe look forward to welcoming you to our new store where you can find amazing treasures while supporting the lifesaving work of Furkids! 

Where are they now? A look back at special 2014 rescues.

lookback1 lookback2

Oh What a Year!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2014 was the Year of the Horse. If you ask Furkids’ cat shelter staff and volunteers, however, we will tell you it was the Year of the Leg! Furkids is known for its willingness to take on cases that other rescues just can’t, or won’t accept. The past year found us taking in many seriously injured cats and kittens, several of whom required major surgeries.

Melina, Malkabel, Sierra, Lieutenant Dan, Rob Roy, Julie Barnes, Tin Tin, and Grayson came to us with a variety of injuries; resulting from hit-and-runs, trap accidents, and landscaping equipment. In some cases, we will never know what happened to our Wounded Warriors. But, we DO know that Furkids is blessed with a legion of supporters…so we did not hesitate. We said “Yes!” to every single case…and then we held our first ever “Leg-A-Thon!” to raise donations for all the surgeries!

After our patients healed, the Furkids Adoption Team shifted into high gear. And EVERY SINGLE ONE of our “Leg-Babies” has now been adopted into a FOREVER HOME!

EmileeOur dog shelter has seen its share of sensational stories this year, too. Take Emilee, for example…she was at a high-kill rural shelter; we first saw her in the background of a pic promoting another dog. Furkids Facebook followers clamored for her rescue, and we were able to get her to safety!. Emilee’s good fortune was short-lived, though; she began to experience intense joint pain and stiffness. A series of treatments were unsuccessful; but Furkids kept digging to find the source of her discomfort. Finally, a test revealed that she was positive for polyarthritis! Now Emilee takes steroids, which control her symptoms; and she is loving life in her new forever home!

CherThe BIG dog story for 2014, of course, is the story of Cher. She was found injured on I-285. It was rush hour when a volunteer noticed her; and stopped traffic, with the help of police. Cher was loaded into the volunteer’s car, and rushed into emergency care. Her pelvis was fractured on both sides, and she had several other breaks; not to mention massive soft-tissue injury. Again, our Guardian Angels stepped in, and Cher got her surgery, which took over seven hours! Cher had months of physical therapy, and she is now ready for a forever home! Thanks to our Operation: HOME Campaign, Cher is also fully sponsored – her adoption fee is ZERO! Read more about Cher’s story here.

Furkids is proud of our many lifesaving rescues for 2014, more than 2,000, and we are so grateful to all of our friends, family and Facebook followers who generously supported our mission. Check out our Facebook page, where you can read more amazing 2014 stories! Thank you, we LOVE our RESCUE PARTNERS!

- Nancy Pihera

250 cats and dogs ADOPTED in December 2014!!!

Furkids placed 250 cats and dogs in loving homes during December 2014. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open three days a week for visitors. BOTH ARE OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS! Check out our hours and locations.

See more December adoption pictures in this album. 

cat adoptionCats (173): 4415 Confetti #1, 6010 Bad Boy, 12078 Irish, 12091 Fritz, 13720 Boney James, 13917 Hooper, 14153 Shadowy, 14188 Lonnie, 14224 Lightning McQueen, 14272 Ziva, 14486 M.K., 14617 Alice, 14653 Graycie, 14654 Fuzzer, 14655 Fred Fred, 14689 Dixson, 14721 Virginia Woolf, 14722 Harper Lee, 14728 Sunkist 14760 Sassafras, 14761 Aimee, 14762 Dodge, 14769 Rio, 14784 Dolly, 14790 Miss Prissy, 14798 Snickers, 14799 Puddin’, 14800 Possum, 14822 Amelia, 14848 Junior, 14851 Bandit, 14916 Stefanie, 14917 Damon, 14935 Klondike, 14937 Pepperoni, 14955 Callisto, 14971 Ruby Tuesday, 14978 Ruby, 14979 Langford, 14994 Jaye, 131113, Harry 131218. Laura 141004, Jesse Hubbard 141005, Lincoln Tyler 141007, Benny Sago (aka Waylon), 141008 Erica Kane, 141043 Champagne, 141055 Tamsin, 141064 Julie Barnes, 141065 Mandarin, 141080 Rob Roy, 141085 Ms. Beasley, 141093 Theo, 141094 Tucker, 141123 Schroeder, 141128 Blackwell, 141129 Booker, 141137 Kennedy, 141153 Spiro, 141159 Niles, 141162 Daphne, 141171 Mark, 141174 Mo, 141177 Converse, 141179 Fila, 141181 Vans, 141182 Keds, 141194 Babar, 141195 Bijou, 141196 Augustus, 141197 Justice, 141200 Chippy, 141204 Sugar, 141205 Catriona, 141206 Caro, 141207 Creston, 141208 Ashwin, 141209 Erika, 141210 Mara, 141211 Lindsey, 141212 Reece, 141219 Marlowe, 141220 Shelley, 141221 Radar, 141222 Austin, 141225 Goose, 141226 Sundown, 141227 Viper, 141232 Lotus, 141234 Katmandu, 141235 Makalu, 141237 Roddy, 141243 Nascar, 141245 Crash, 141263 Clemons, 141265 Peppermint Patty, 141266 Charlie Brown, 141269 Shorty, 141273 Zhu Zhu, 141278 Olivia, 141282 Juniper, 141283 Magnolia, 141284 Sugar Ray (aka Zion), 141289 Rum Tum Tigger, 141292 Jellylorum, 141294 Jenny Murray, 141295 Ian Murray, 141296 Jamie Fraser, 141297 Claire Fraser, 141299 Oscar, 141316 Sage, 141317 Skye, 141320 Robin, 141324 Norah, 141325 Lane, 141332 Nicole (was Rainbow), 141334 Coco Junior, 141343 Calypso, 141344 Wade, 141345 Julianna, 141348 Frankie, 141354 Margaret, 141356 Jordan, 141360 Blizzard, 141370 Ari,  141374 Archer, 141375 Drew, 141380 Moonbeam, 141383 HR Puffnstuff, 141384 Ludicrous Lion, 141385 William (was Wilhemina), 141392 Collier, 141394 Cade, 141423 Navi, 141424 Nahtiri, 141425 Tsutey, 141426 Eytukan, 141435 Tang, 141439 Darnay, 141441 Lucie, 141446 Frankie (was Greg), 141448 Nikko (Bobby), 141449 Gus (was Peter), 141452 Jude, 141453 Weston, 141460 Ivan, 141464 Candy Apple 141467, Caramel Apple, 141473 Belle, 141474 Bridget, 141487 Rhiannon, 141502 Blu 141511, Mist, 141520 Jim, 141522 Tin Tin, 141523 Zion, 141524 Buffalo Bill, 141545 Barbara Jean, 141546 Barrett, 141551 Binx, 141552 Grimmy, 141559 Sapporo, 141567 Bamboo, 141568 Ducky, 141577 Tyrion, 141587 Grady (was Brunson), 141589 Rawlings, 141592 Estle (was Conkle), 141598 Copper, 141653 Sherlock, 141670 Antonio, 141693 Danny, 141694 Sun Yoon
Dec adoption

Dogs (77): Linus, Olivia, Finley, Rocky Ritz Carlton, Neo, Jameson, Lucky Lunn, Pebble, Lynard Skynard, Rod Stewart, Emilee, Dylan, Rolling Rock, Bohemia, Buddy Crocket,  Louie Provenza, Murphy, Starr Simpson, LeRoy Jethro Gibbs, Miss Annie, Damon Dart, Tucker, Lexus, Lily Legacy, Studebaker, Camry, Jake, Cora Crawley, Henry Lang, Isobel Crawley, Ivy Stuart, Lady Edith, Shaden, Little Randi, Remy, George Murray, Lord Merton, Patrick Gordon, Jasper, Marigold, Snickers, Bixbite, Cornelian, Jade, Marble, Tanzanite, Spot, Christmas, Apple Jacks, Morganite, Ruby, Segovia, Fruity Pebbles, Kashi, Captain Crunch, Bernard, Lucky Charms, Diamond, Toby Texas; Lollipop, Trix, Khloe, Kim, Zircon, Turquoise, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Osidian, Hematite, Black Pearl, Moonstone, Kunzite, Emerald, Aquamarine, Charlie Parks, Pee Wee


A message from our creative cats and dogs…

As a thank you for this amazing year the cats and dogs have gotten very creative. We know you will bust out grinning when you see this video, so grab a paintbrush, put on your beret and enjoy this playful, artsy and fun thank you from our four-legged Furkids. (Betcha had no idea how creative dogs and cats can be!)

As the song says, you got the best of our love.

From all of us at Furkids, best wishes for a New Year filled with good health and prosperity for you and your families.

Don’t let the clock run out on dogs and cats



Tick tock. The clock is running down for cats and dogs in animal control shelters.  Tomorrow, some of them will be killed.  But you can help Furkids stop the clock.

Furkids saved six dogs on Christmas Eve.  The week before, it was 10 cats.  Time almost ran out for all of these helpless animals until Furkids stepped in, just in time, to give them life and hope. 

The before and after pictures tell our story best.  Just look at the faces of these animals before we rescued them.  And look at them today.  What a difference one day has made for these animals, the day Furkids rescued them! You helped save their lives, and you can help us save more innocent animals before the year ends. 

But time is running out!  Donate today, while there’s still time to save another life in 2014.  You can save a lonely dog yearning for a home, or an adult cat desperate for safety and security.  Remember, the animals don’t care how much you donate, only that you donate – any amount you can – now. 



Another way to help is by donating your used clothing, books and household items to the Furkids Thrift Store. In addition to our original Thrift Store at 4015 Holcomb Bridge Road in Peachtree Corners, we just signed the lease for a second location at 1487 Roswell Road in Marietta.  Soon, you’ll have two great thrift store locations to shop for used treasures.

The clock is ticking to donate items to the thrift stores and claim a deduction on your 2014 tax return.  Time will be on your side if you act now! 

Thank you for standing up with Furkids for helpless homeless cats and dogs.

You can help a kitten reach her first birthday

Mel Gordon

After Pee Wee’s matching gift, another amazing donor stepped up to the challenge to help us save a special kitten – Mel. 

Donations made for little Mel will be matched up to $3,000!

This week, our friends at animal control rescued a tiny, three-month old kitten who was lying on the shoulder of a busy highway. The tabby, so small and dirty, was barely visible against the grey asphalt, but it was her struggling movements that caught the sight of an alert Animal Control officer. The little cat was trying to walk, but she could only manage to crawl by pulling with her front paws and dragging her rear legs.  She may have been hit by a car or thrown from the window of a moving car, but in any case, she was injured, in trouble, and in pain.  Someone had left her to die, and she wouldn’t survive long in the cruel environment of the highway.  Still, the tiny creature showed a lot of spirit with her desperate attempts to crawl, and she caught the heart of her rescuer.

Animal control picked her up, named her Mel, and called Furkids to help save her life. Furkids rushed the kitten to the an animal hospital, where they have been keeping her stable and helping her recover while they develop a plan of action for her injuries.



Today, the little kitten is eating and able to stand up, but she can not walk due to her injuries. Right now she is too weak to receive the surgery needed to help her walk on all fours.  Our focus right now is getting her comfortable and strong enough to endure surgery. 

The great news is we have a donor who will match your donations, up to $3,000, if you donate before year end.  It doesn’t matter what amount you donate. It matters only that you donate something.  When you do, your donation will be doubled.  But that’s only if you donate during the next several days.

Know that your action this holiday season will start Mel on her journey to grow up to be a happy, healthy adult cat. Thank you for helping Furkids.

P.S. Pee Wee, our emergency dog last week, is doing well thanks to generous donors and support. He is on the mend and actually heading to foster care today for recovery.


You Can Help Pee Wee Live to See 2015 with a Matching Gift

Meet little Pee Wee, named because he weighs just five pounds. 

Pee Wee is a brave soul who was abandoned by his owner and left alone in Dekalb.  The small dog struggled to find his way home — lost, hungry, cold and confused – when a car hit him and broke his back.  He was thrown to the side of the road, unable to move, until a concerned passerby called Animal Control to pick him up and end his suffering by putting him to death.  But the team at the county wasn’t ready to give up on this little dog who couldn’t walk but showed a huge heart and loving spirit.  They called Furkids last week, hoping we would save his life, and we took him in immediately. We couldn’t resist Pee Wee’s beautiful face and determined eyes, and we had to give him a chance at life. 

Furkids will help Pee Wee live to see 2015.  However, it will take us more than $2,000 in veterinary care to help this brave little poodle mix to walk again. 

The good news is that we have a wonderful donor who will match every dollar you donate to help Pee Wee, if we raise $2,000. Please join us in helping this little dog live to see the New Year and beyond.  He will never find his original home, but Furkids will make sure he is healthy, safe and happy until he finds a forever Furkids home. 


$10 = $20
$25 = $50
$50 = $100 
$100 = $200

Please help us earn the matching grant so we can go on to save another helpless cat or dog from death. And hurry — we only have a until Monday Dec. 15 to earn the matching grant!

Thank you for your heart and compassion for helpless, homeless animals. Together we have saved over 2,000 animals this year!

154 Cats and Dogs Received a Treat this October

Furkids placed 154 cats and dogs in loving homes during October 2014. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open EVERY SATURDAY for visitors!

As of Oct. 31 we have rescued 2,059 animals in 2014. To put that in perspective, during the entire year of 2013 we rescued 1,597 animals. As we save more lives, our expenses continue to grow. Please donate what you can, when you can. How about $10 right now to pay for life-saving vaccines for one animal? You can help RIGHT NOW by donating $10

See more adoption pictures on our October Adoptions Facebook Album
  Cat and Kitten Adoptions (103): 14074 Trini, 14092 Homeward Bound, 14117 Bentley, 14118 Beemer, 14180 Dewey, 14181 Zoinks, 14211 Adrian, 14251 Aiden, 14318 Cricket, 14322 Sprinkles, 14336 Mary Kay, 14423 Peppy, 14487 Sheldon, 14491 Tony, 14524 Mazie, 14527 Kitty Kisses, 14534 Betty Davis, 14610 Jed, 14611 Ellie Mae, 14620 Megan, 14651 Marti, 14674 Winnie, 14705 Baby Hope Treasure, 14734 Ivanna, 14754 Breen, 14763 Munro, 14764 Arturo, 14767 REEMIS, 14793 Tweety, 14801 Venus, 14809 Diana, 14822 Amelia, 14825 Keira, 14826 Orin, 14844 Keeper, 14892 Lila, 14893 Korbin, 14932 Robinson, 14933 Crusoe, 14944 Orlando, 14945 Kissimmee, 14980 Quinn, 14981 Rizo, 14994 Jaye, 141001 Adam Chandler, 141002 Nick Davis, 141012 Feisty, 141013 Effie, 141023 Sandra Dee, 141024 Danny Zuko, 141026 Flapjack, 141027 Waffle 141028 Strudel, 141029 Poptart, 141030 French Toast, 141049 Capitol, 141050 Monument, 141069 Lawson, 141070 Tenley, 141079 Ethan Hawk, 141116 Baby Ruth, 141118 Milky Way, 141131 Clara, 141141 Karry (Mom), 141145 Tangerine, 141158 Bo, 141165 Dusty, 141191 Babe, 141223 Aja, 141230 Chynna, 141246 Blue Moon, 141300 Nike, 141304 Florencio, 141315 Sundance aka Shane, 141319 Happy Feet, 141328 Clover, 141331 Avery, 141352 Sullivan, 141402 Harrison, 141414 Lancaster, 141419 Tortilla, 141427 Diver, 141521 Honey Bear, 141563 Alston

Dog Adoptions (51): Corey, Estee Lauder, Handsome Dan, Lexi, Stabler, Cute Bug’s Ear, Hope, John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, Blue Moon,  Joan Baez, Lenox Park, Willie Nelson, Anderson Valley, Chloe LienenKugel, Deebo Schlitz, Lime-A-Rita, Abby Scinto, Tammy Wynette, Isles (pictured left), Tish Van Der Wahl, Rizzoli, Sam Hanna, Peggy Sue, Penelope Garcia, Rocko, Maura Muffin, Christine Cagney, Jennifer Jareau, Wally, Comet, Ginger Guilia, Mary Beth Lacey, Maverick, Thunderbird, Foxy Fiero, Edsel, Rocko (#2), Escalade, Kia, Nash, Tater Tacoma, Lamborghini, Tesla, Matthew Crawley, Becket; Brenda Lee Johnson, Tommy Saturn, Sonata, Porsche, Impala


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