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Blogs from August 2016

September Petco National Adoption Weekend

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 25th

Once a month, the Petco Foundation hosts a National Adoption Weekend across the United States in order to find homes for thousands of homeless animals. It is a huge initiative that gets major results in clearing the shelters. In July, Furkids adopted out 115 animals for Petco National Adoption Weekend, which contributed to our BEST MONTH OF ADOPTIONS EVER!

Petco's National Adoption Weekends are a great opportunity to add a Furkid to your family! When you adopt one of our dogs or cats, you will receive over $650 in savings from Petco! The next National Adoption Weekend is coming up on September 9 & 10, and Furkids will have adoptable animals at several Metro Atlanta Petco locations. We will also have discounted adoption fees on our feline friends: $50 per kitten and $9 per cat 6 months and older. So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a Furkid at Petco National Adoption Weekend!

We encourage you to visit our website at FURKIDS.ORG to search for your perfect pet and fill out an adoption...


The Diaper Kitties

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 25th

Lanier, Carter Rabbit and Rain all have a dirty little secret… it’s their diapers. They each have their own reason for being incontinent. For Lanier, it is because someone used such force on his tail that it was dislocated from the end of his spine, (the vets say he was likely picked up by his tail and spun). Because of this, Lanier has urinary nerve damage and has no control. He is currently on medication that relaxes the bladder muscle and he gets expressed on a regular basis.

Carter Rabbit is named so because 1) he was found outside of Carter Studios, which does photography for Carter's kids' clothes, and 2) his back legs are deformed, so he hops around like a little rabbit.Carter Rabbit's X-ray

FACT: Manx cats have 1 less vertebrae in their lower spine, which can cause nerve issues and stool incontinence. Carter is a Manx, but he is missing 1.5 vertebrae and he has no sacroiliac joint, so he cannot use the litter box properly and tends to soil himself.

Rain is also a Manx and was brought to...


It’s Re-enrollment Time for Kroger Community Rewards

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 25th

Are you a Kroger Plus customer? If so, you can help Furkids by enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards. Kroger gives money back to your preferred charity when you use your Kroger Plus card. It’s so easy!

For those who already use their card to benefit Furkids: It’s re-enrollment time! Follow the instructions below on how to help Furkids with Kroger Community Rewards!

STEP 1: Visit KROGER.COM in your preferred web browser.

STEP 2: Create an account or log-in with your Kroger username and password.

STEP 3: Go to the COMMUNITY tab and select COMMUNITY REWARDS.

STEP 4: Click ENROLL or RE-ENROLL at the bottom of the page.

STEP 5: Search for FURKIDS and select us as your charity.

STEP 6: Shop at Kroger to save money and lives!

We thank you for choosing Furkids as your preferred charity. So many lives will be saved because of this awesome program!


Hammer, the 11 Year Resident

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 25th

After 11 years in the Furkids Cat Shelter, Hammer was adopted on Monday, August 22. He is a loving kitty who wants attention from everyone in the room. You could say he’s a bit of a Ham…mer.  Furkids founder and CEO, Samantha Shelton, said that she can remember the day Hammer was rescued from a hoarding situation. She also said Hammer was the last one out of the house, and now, the last one out of the shelter.

“I never imagined it would take him 11 years to be adopted. We are so thrilled to see him go home with his people,” said Shelton. “It’s Hammer’s time.”

While Furkids boasts two shelters, one for dogs and one for cats, there is something unique that sets those shelters apart from other rescue organizations and shelters in the Southeast. Furkids believes that all lives matter, even the not-so-adoptable lives. Our shelters are a sanctuary for many long-term residents like Hammer… a place where they can live life with lots of food and socialization. Most of the...

Best Friends Forever

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 25th

Owner surrenders are already a sad situation, but Furkids has recently taken several older bonded pairs as owner surrenders into the program. These cats have grown up with each other and with their owners, and have lived many years knowing what it is to have a home. Imagine their confusion when they are suddenly dropped off at a shelter, away from their people after so many years. Unfortunately, some older cats begin to shut down completely when they are torn away from their normal lives. 

Our current bonded pairs are:
Milley & Quinn, 11 years old
Little Jerry & Peanut, 11 & 12 years old (Pictured)
Sophie & Oscar, 1 & 12 years old

It’s no secret that older cats are harder to adopt. Add in the fact that these cats need to stay together for some sense of normalcy and their chances of getting adopted are slim. It will take special families to adopt older bonded pairs, but Furkids will not give up hope for these cats. We will be providing them the best life possible until they find...

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