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Blogs from August 2013

Shamus almost lost everything

Posted by Furkids | Friday, August 30th

 Shamus lost his new home and almost lost his life...

Shamus was adopted to a family with two young boys a few weeks ago, sadly the family decided to return Shamus. After going back to his original foster mom it was evident something was wrong. His foster mom brought him to the vet for observation after a very difficult night.

Shamus has been at the vet for three days now. After x-rays, blood work, IV fluids and medication he was not getting any better, so we opted for exploratory surgery to see what was causing his illness.

The vet found a knot from a rope toy lodged in his small intestine. Without this surgery Shamus could have died. We are so happy he is doing better and currently recovering from surgery, but his emergency bills will cost over $1,000.

Please donate now toward his care!

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UPDATE ON SHAMUS: On the left you will see the rope that Shamus had lodged in his small intestine causing him to need surgery. On...


Help Jinxi's Heart

Posted by Furkids | Saturday, August 24th

Hi, my name is Jinxi. I am a 2-year-old Shih Tzu and the nice people at Furkids have taken me in. They found me a foster home to live with until a forever family can be found. I am so lucky!

I was surrendered by my family, because they didn't feel they could care for me anymore. I didn't do anything wrong - I am a very good girl!
The people at Furkids and Small Dog Rescue haven taken great care of me and realized I have a heart murmur which will require a special surgery. I am a little scared, but my foster mom and these nice people say it will make me feel a lot better. Sometimes when I go on car rides and get excited it can be hard to breathe and this will help!
The surgery can only be done at a place that has a heart specialist for dogs like me, which I hear is expensive. I have my first appointment with the doctors in September and if everything looks good I should have my surgery soon.
Furkids has promised to get me all better, but I know they could really use help...

Walton - Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Saturday, August 24th

What's behind the mask, you ask? It's me, Walton, A.K.A. Wally! Actually, I'll answer to almost anything - I'm that eager to please. I'm 15 pounds of pure, charming terrier love - I love people, toys, food and dogs (don't know about cats just yet). And I love to play, my favorite games being tug-of-war and chase. I'm always up for a nice cuddle (I make an awesome foot warmer, if I do say so myself). My black-and-white markings look as if I was going to a formal party. Dress up or dress casually, you won't find a more faithful companion than me.

E-mail to arrange to meet Walton or apply today!


Tybee - Featured Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Saturday, August 24th

Tybee is my name and being adventurous is my game. I am known to run around the room, jumping and climbing on anything in sight. Even though I am quite courageous, I am also a sweetheart. I am a lover boy who will come over to you for lots of love and affection.

I am listed as special needs, but it is small in the grand scheme of things. I require a special food diet to keep my tummy happy due to a food allergy. See, it is not a big deal! Lots of people have food allergies, too. I don't let anything get me down. As my name suggests, I am the color of a very important aspect of the beach- the sun! And I'd love to be your 'golden' boy, spreading sunshine throughout your home and into your life. So let's make arrangements to meet so I can stop the world and melt with you!

Apply to adopt me today or e-mail with additional questions.

Tybee is only a little over a year old and would do great in most any household!


125 July 2013 Adoptions

Posted by Furkids | Thursday, August 8th

In July 2013 we adopted out 99 cats and 26 dogs totaling 125 adoptions! 

Cats (99)
13436 Kona, 13434 Wiki, 12806 Marbles, 12145 Bello, 13284 Elena, 13423 Gatsby,
13424 Daisy, 7270 Drew, 4444 Pizazz, 10518 Emmett, 7632 Clancey, 7736 Foxy, 8014
Layla, 13557 Maya, 13170 Jo, 13320 Sunrise, 13504 Orbitz, 13501 Kayak, 13592 Aster,
13110 Hattie, 13228 Trefoil, 13283 Henrietta, 13485 Honeydew, 12218 Zoey, 13226
Juliet Gordon Lowe, 13649 Cody, 10340 Socks, 13670 Willow, 13671 Sage, 9224
Theodore, 13194 Whatchamacallit, 13241 Phoebe Buffy, 13311 Leoben, 13312 Athena,
12638 Elusive, 12636 Apple Jack, 12496 Lolo Jones, 12307 Beeker, 13146 Freckles,
13144 Puffin, 13269 Bosco, 11630 Jack, 12037 Buford, 12229 Kaira, 13229 Thin Mint,
13231 Savannah Smiles, 13227 Samoas, 13032 Shasta, 13280 Ollie, 13281 Barney,
12771 Bobby, 12773 Marley, 12674 Dora, 13425 Jordan, 13427 Nick, 13472 Malcolm,
13313 Adama, 13506 Hagrid, 13507 Dobby, 13195 M&M, 13388 Nyssa, 13389 Brenna,
13192 Snickers, 13428 Myrtle, 13023 Oscar,...


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