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Help these former "Starving Puppies" find their happy endings

Posted by Furkids | Monday, March 31st

UPDATE: Pat Benatar has been adopted, the other 5 are still waiting. starvingpuppiesstarving puppiesA few months ago, we were contacted about a litter of eight starving and emaciated pit mix puppies living outside in filth. We knew placing them would be a challenge, but we accepted the challenge anyway! See the video of their arrival at the dog shelter below.

A few of our wonderful foster homes took care of the eight puppies during multiple mite treatments and nursed them back to health. These dogs are extremely loving and loyal. Most have learned to walk on a leash and sit and are working on other manners. You can see John Denver is a REAL lap dog! 

photo (21)

Now that they are healthy and ready for adoption, we need your help finding them the homes they deserve! Six of the eight puppies are still searching for their forever families and we fear they will grow up without families to spoil and love them during their puppyhood. Apply now to adopt one. E-mail or call 678-624-1009 with any questions.


Fund the Furkids inFURmary - Room #2

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, March 30th

ltdan3Patient: Lieutenant Dan
Room Number: 2
It's LIEUTENANT DAN! And, yes, he ain't got no laig!

You know that Lieutenant Dan lost his legs in a terrible battleground accident, but then his luck turned, and Dan got Titanium Prosthetics!

OUR Lieutenant Dan lost HIS leg when it was literally CRUSHED by a car...the despicable driver didn't even stop to help him. But then, our Dan's luck turned, too...a horrified witness got him to the safety of Furkids!

The leg could not be saved, and there are no titanium prosthetics in Dan's future. But he GOT THE SURGERY HE NEEDED to remove the limb, and he is now pain-free, and recovering in foster care.

infurThe bill for Lieutenant Dan's emergency surgery is over $800! And he is only ONE of SEVERAL homeless pets who need lifesaving medical treatment THIS WEEK! That is why we have set a lofty goal - to raise $2,300 with our "FUND the FURKIDS inFURmary" campaign; to cover surgery, care, and treatment for our patients in immediate need. We KNOW our request...


Fund the Furkids inFURmary - Room #3

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, March 30th


Patients: Ethan Hawk and Rob Roy
Room Number: 3

Good News and No News for Ethan Hawk and Rob...


GOOD NEWS: Hawk, who came to Furkids with a terrible two -inch gash on his tiny leg, is healing well; and he is leaving today for a foster home! Hawk is VERY scared, and will need a lot of special attention before he is ready for adoption, but he doesn't need any more medical treatment!

NO NEWS: Sweet, sweet ROB ROY, however, is not nearly so lucky. He has a SEVERE BONE INFECTION in two legs. It is almost certain that Rob will lose one leg. Furkids is doing everything possible to save the other leg and, frankly, to SAVE ROB'S LIFE. He has seen one specialist already, and is scheduled to see two more doctors before any plan is made for his care, beyond the strong antibiotics he is taking right now. We will update when we have news.


Rob's situation is CRITICAL, yet HOPEFUL. Non-profit Furkids is unique in its commitment to SAVE the LIVES of animals left behind by other rescues, and Rob...


Fund the Furkids inFURmary - Room #1

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, March 30th

infurPatient: Julie Barnes
Room Number: #1

Hello, Furkids Friends, Fans, Followers, and Family! You all KNOW that Furkids rescues and re-homes HUNDREDS of healthy, homeless pets each year. But are you aware of our COMMITMENT to SAVE ANIMALS with SEVERE MEDICAL ISSUES? We step in when no one else does, expecting that - somehow - we WILL MAKE THINGS BETTER for these precious souls.

And we ALWAYS DO. Because YOU ARE RIGHT THERE WITH US! We are SOOOOOOOO grateful for your support!

Today, the Furkids inFURmary is FULL. Full of sweet rescues in need of specialized, and often life-saving medical care. We'd like to give you a peek inside the inFURmary doors, and introduce you to some of our special patients!


Step into Room One, and meet JULIE BARNES! This gorgeous blonde is named after another blonde beauty, uber-cool Julie from The MOD SQUAD. Our Julie would have a tough time fighting crime right now, because she has a SERIOUS INJURY to her back foot. Julie is receiving laser treatments, six...


Use your phone to stay healthy and help animals

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, March 30th

Most people these days have smartphones filled with Apps to make our lives easier or more interesting and entertaining. From mind-numbing Candy Crush, to Pandora for your favorite music. It seems like there is an App for everything! Did you know that some Apps can help save animals, while you get healthy? 

Here are two very cool Apps we want to share!

ResQwalkResQwalkResQwalk ResQwalk copyResQwalk (iPhone only)

ResQwalk enables you to raise money for animal rescues and shelters just by going for a walk! It’s free. It’s easy. And you can help save lives. They also have a online store called ResQthreads. Furkids receives part of the profits when you purchase any of their merchandise. 

1. Download the App.
2. Choose Furkids as your charity of choice.
3. Each time you go on a walk or run, start and stop the App. The more miles our fans log, the more of the weekly donation pool our shelter will receive.  It is THAT simple. 
Here is a simple tutorial if you need additional assistance using the App.


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