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PAWS for Cocktails Benefit - Atlanta - Nov 7th, 2013

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, March 31st

A benefit for the Furkids. Georgia's largest No Kill, Cage Free shelter! Nov 7th, 2013 at the Park Tavern - Atlanta

Music by Yacht Rock Schooner playing "smooth hits of the 70's" and several WSB-TV on-air personalities including Chuck Dowdle, John Bachman, Mark Arum and 97.1 River on-air personalities including Kaedy Kiely and the River van promoting and appearing.

On behalf of the many homeless dogs and cats taken in by this loving shelter each year whose lives are saved and who are adopted into loving homes as a result of your support, thank you from the tips of their noses to end of their tails.

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Freckles! Kitten on the Go!

Posted by Furkids | Sunday, March 31st

Hi, I'm Freckles! A kitten on the move! A very kind woman named Bonnie heard my cries, and she looked until she found me under some bushes. She could not find any of my siblings or my mother, so she took me inside and put me in a box with warm blankets. She bought me a bottle, formula, a beautiful pink blanket and a teddy bear for me to snuggle with. I am a beautiful little calico girl with and adorable bobtail.

I am considered a special needs kitten. My little back legs are twisted as the result of a birth defect, and it has been very hard to walk. I desperately need your prayers and donations to get the special care I will need to help repair my legs. I have a long road ahead of me. Originally I was rescued by the team at Angels Among Us who raised funds for my care, but Furkids had a foster home with experience dealing with kittens in my situation.

My first leg braces were put on within a few days! After many difficult hours adjusting, I am finally settling into my new "legs." The...

Meet cat number 1,001!

Posted by Furkids | Friday, March 29th

Furkids has saved more than 1,000 cats this year!Can you believe it? Meet number 1001! This is Dusty. He is a very tiny little baby that is currently being bottle fed by a volunteer after being dumped at the local pet store.

Donate now so we can save even more!
We have also rescued 330 dogs with our Small Dog Rescue division!
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It's National Cat Day

Posted by Furkids | Friday, March 29th

Enjoy a clip from the Big Bang Theory of one of our favorite songs around the shelter... "Soft Kitty."


Halloween Tips from Furkids

Posted by Furkids | Friday, March 29th

Halloween is only a few days away. It’s important to remember the safety of your pets during this time of year. Things can get hectic and noisy with the kids trick-or-treating. Here are 6 very important safety tips for your and your pets on Halloween night:
1.  Chocolate Is Poisonous to Pets. Most people already know this to be true. However, it’s easy to accidentally leave candies and chocolate within reach of pets. Make sure to keep the candy bowl and trick-or-treat baskets away from pets, especially if you have pets who are mischievous and like to get into trouble. (Late night emergency vet visits are no fun!)
2.  Keep Pets Indoors. Hopefully your pets are already indoor pets, however, some pets may be let outside to partake in the fun festivities. Just be aware that on Halloween night your pet could run into danger and become the victim of bullies and pranksters. [Unfortunately, this is especially true for black cats.] Prevent ANY opportunity for your pets to...
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