Georgia’s Largest Animal Rescue and No-Kill Shelters.



Amy DeLettera
Thrift Store Manager
Leah Stanley
Volunteer Coordinator (onsite)
Belinda Kach
Volunteer Coordinator (virtual)
Terri Brunson
Cat Shelter Project Manager
Nicole Neill
Cat Adoption Manager & Store Liaison
Vivian Aaron
Community Outreach Coordinator
Jeanni Davis
Cat Adoption Team Counselor
Brooke Waller
Feline Records Administrator
Leslie Crawley
Feline Medical Records and Surgery Manager
Brittany Kish
Marketing Communications Manager
Renee Cardona
Cat Shelter Medical Care Manager
J.P. Dennis
Cat Shelter Kennel Technician
Monique Plouffe
Cat Shelter Kennel Technician / Medical Care Assistant
Gabby Burke
Cat Shelter Veterinary Assistant
Peggy Burke
Cat Shelter Medical Team Assistant
Cindy Papantonis
Marietta Thrift Store Manager
Susan Crayton
Norcross/Lawrenceville Thrift Store Assistant Manager
Amanda Francelino
Marietta Thrift Store Assistant Manager
Kathy Longmore
Marietta Thrift Store Cashier
Geri Miller
Lawrenceville Thrift Store Cashier
Laura Leitch
Dog Adoption Team Manager
Julia Galotti
Dog Shelter Veterinary Technician

Advisory Board & Leadership

Samantha Shelton
Furkids President & CEO

Read Samantha Shelton's story HERE.

Jeannine Addams
J. Addams & Partners
David Andes
Lynn Bring
Kelly Bring, Inc.
Rebecca Eldridge
Marketing Strategist
Kaedy Kiely
Cox Communications
Lisa Loewenstein
Stratford Publishing, Board Member
Darren Margolias
Carpe DM, Board Member
Kevin Meaders
Magellan Planning Group
Brad Miller, DVM
Georgia Veterinary Associates
Robert Schwartz
Raymond James
Anne Stockton
Former ED and SDR Board Member
Chris Swainson
Swainson Consulting
Judy Taylor
Kristin Wohlleben
J. Addams & Partners
Karen Staub
Nurse Anesthetist
Joe Harber
Jersey Jack Pinball, CEO
Diane Wisebram
Retired M.D., Gastroentrerologist
Cindy Papantonis


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