All pets deserve a home for the holidays!

Maddie’s Fund and Furkids are inviting you to save a life (or two!) by adopting a pet in December.

Can you help Furkids get more deserving cats and dogs home for the holidays this year? And perhaps win funds to help us save more lives? The Maddie’s Fund Get ‘Em Home Challenge is hosting a contest to get very adoptable dogs and cats who have been waiting longer than they should for their new loving home. Maddie’s Fund will be awarding more than $50,000 in grants to shelters across the United States! The contest goes through December 31, 2018. 

Special adoption pricing for some of our favorite pups. All of these sweet doggies have $100 knocked off of their adoption fee! Click on the links below to learn more about these pups and see which one could be the one for you. Then come by our dog shelter to meet them!

$100 off adoptions on these select dogs:
Glacier Bay


Military 15% off
Seniors 15% off
First responders 15% off
Return adopter 10% off
Discounts given for 2 dogs depending on the dogs.


Military - 50% off kittens, $0 adoption fee for adults 6 mos and older
Seniors - 15% off
Cats 5 years and older, FIV+ and FeLV+ - $0 adoption fee

Return adopters get the special pricing if adopt within 6 mos, e.g. if they adopt one kitten and adopt a second one within 6 months, they only pay $75 vs the full $125

Adults cats are adopt one get one free