Furkids is one of only a few animal rescue organizations in Georgia that has a dedicated location to house FIV+ cats. Through public awareness and education, our goal is to place our FIV+ cats into loving, permanent homes where they can flourish. The first thing to realize is that FIV is not a death sentence! Adopting an FIV+ cat is virtually the same as adopting any other cat — they are affectionate, beautiful, funny, playful, and special in their own unique ways.

The adoption fee for FIV+ cats is $0. That’s right! It's $0 for a full-vetted, healthy, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped kitty friend that happens to have FIV.

Adopt an FIV+ cat and receive one year of free vetting at our Cumming Cat Shelter. We want to show you that FIV+ cats are just like every other cat. Let us prove it to you – adopt an FIV+ cat today!

The following two links contain more information about FIV+ cats: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and Pet Education (.com).