Phoenix – A Story Too Terrible for Words

phoenixUPDATE 5/9/14: At this time, no suspect has been charged with this attack. It is still an open investigation. The staff at Russell Ridge are making him as comfortable as they can during this difficult healing process. More than 50% of his body is covered in burns that need laser therapy often. Phoenix now has what is likely his first “home,” a little house made from cardboard. He loves to rest inside and come out occasionally for visitors. We can’t wait for the day this cat has a real place to call home. A place safe from the monsters that did this to him. 




In our twelve years of rescuing animals in Georgia, Furkids has saved more than 10,000 lives.  We have seen abuse, on countless occasions. And we were certain we had seen the very worst of human behavior… but, sadly, we were wrong. Very wrong.


On Thursday, April 24, we received a phone call from a fellow rescuer;  she had noticed a cat in  severe distress, wandering around an apartment complex.  We promised to help, and asked her to bring the suffering creature to our vet for evaluation. 

His arrival was a terrible shock, even for our veteran rescuers and medical professionals.  An Oh-my-God-I’m-Going-to-Lose-It shock. The poor kitty was covered in maggots. They were everywhere, and they were disgusting. What had caused this terrible infestation? And how had he survived this long?

The pieces began to fall into place as the vet cleaned and debrided the wound. This pitiful baby, now christened Phoenix, was the victim of a terrible crime. He had been doused, apparently intentionally, with boiling water or some chemical agent. The maggots, as disgusting as they were, had probably saved his life, by cleaning what was left of his skin of debris and infection. Mother Nature provided lifesaving emergency treatment, even in the face of an act by a monster! Click here to see his condition before medical care. This picture is extremely graphic. 



Sadly, evaluating veterinarians estimated that Phoenix had been living in this unspeakable condition for nearly two weeks. Friends, this guy’s will to live is off the charts. 

Look at the pictures, if you are able. You will understand why this story is too horrible for words…there are none.

 The picture to your right looks bloody. In fact, it depicts an area of Phoenix’s skin, that has been “scrubbed” with an antibacterial soap.

Unfortunately, Phoenix was dealt a challenging hand, and that is not all the bad news. His bloodwork indicates that he is also light positive for FIV. Phoenix is receiving an arsenal of medications and fighting health battles on numerous fronts simultaneously.  The picture below shows burn cream, employed to soothe Phoenix’s tender wounds. His recovery will be long and difficult; and he will likely look worse before he starts to look better. 

macdaddy2Remember, this is a kitty with an Iron Will to Live! He is now doing remarkably well, under the care of Dr. Brad Miller, owner of Russell Ridge Animal Hospital.  Phoenix is on pain medication, IV fluids and laser therapy treatment. He is a bit anemic, but that is to be expected with a slow-healing burn. He will stay under Dr. Miller’s wonderful care for at least two more weeks, for debridements, laser treatments, and wound cleaning under anesthesia. Having experienced the worst of human behavior, Phoenix is finally receiving the loving care and attention he deserves.vets

Gwinnett County Animal Welfare & Enforcement is conducting a thorough investigation and searching for the perpetrators of this vicious attack on helpless Phoenix. They are working to press charges.

Here at Furkids, we have our own ideas about punishment for this monster, but our focus right now is to heal the victim. Please, show Phoenix human goodness, by donating generously to his recovery. And join us in fighting for the strongest possible punishment for abusers.  We never again want to encounter a Story too Horrible for Words. 



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