Memorials & Tributes

SUPERSIZE YOUR ADOPTION! ALL cats and kittens are  two for one  during August! 

- FIV+ cats (all ages) = $0 adoption fee (year-round)
- Two kittens (under 1 year) = $125 
- Two adults cats (1+ year) = $85
- Two senior kitties (8+ years) = $45 

Memorials & Tributes

Honor a beloved pet or person by donating in their honor or memory  




In memory of our friends

Sally Louise Apsey

May 14, 1931 – January 04, 2014

Phil Madden
1956 – 2013

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George LaDon Brooks
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Kevin Messer
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Liza Van Welf-Vaz
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Bill Littlefield
1948 – 2012
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Nick Littlefield 
1943 – 2012
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The loss of a special pet is one of life’s most difficult experiences. More than just animals, our pets are trusted confidantes, children, and faithful pals. Sharing thoughts of a special pet is important in coming to terms with the loss of an animal companion and helps others going through similar experiences.

Donations through this page are set aside for the Phoenix Care Fund – a fund that offsets the cost of life-saving medical treatments and special surgeries for our rescued animals.

You can also send your message along with your kind donation to, or you can mail your memorial and donation.


In Honor and Remembrance
of These Loving Friends and Pets:

In Memory of Jorgen and Jytte Larsen

In Memory of Jorgen and Jytte Larsen



August 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In memory of my beloved Molly and all the other ferals who are lucky enough to find loving homes. – Anita Lynn

In memory of Anita Lynn’s rescue kitty, Molly. – Daniel Wesner

In Honor of Jamie Gabriel. – Sophie and JJ

In honor of a very special little girl – Allie Cochran – who has a very big heart. Have a Happy Birthday!! – Sharon Hurley

Happy Birthday Allie Cochran. Love, Sophie, Smokie and Susan Robinson

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Granddaughter – Allie Cochran  - hugs & kisses Grammy & Papa John

A very happy birthday to Allie Cochran. – Shona Comerford

Happy birthday Allie Cochran! You are so sweet to donate your birthday to the animals! Love ya! XOXO – Jennifer Hanson

In honor of the very kind Allie Cochran’s birthday. Luna sends you lots of kitty hugs and purrs! Vera Pantalone

Happy Birthday Allie!!! - Kelley Hix

Happy Birthday sweet Allie Cochran – you’re making a difference one animal at a time sweetheart!  - Hannah

Happy Birthday Allie! Love, Mimi and Papa

Happy Birthday Allie Cochran!!! Such a sweet girl for having everyone donate instead of presents! – Dena Wilkins

In honor of Leigh Ann Raynor. Love, Donna and James Carswell

In honor of Tucker and his parents, Andrew and Laura Wright. – Janet Coleman

On behalf of Lauren Bedell. Way to go! – David Hirst

A birthday wish for Cason K. – Rhonda Cowart

For my Kayla, puppy mill survivor, gone to the rainbow bridge way too soon. We will never forget this sweet little Cairn Terrier.- Lynne Somers

A very happy birthday to Allie Cochran from Ethan The Cat! – Stanley Sieger

For Paul and Karen Fincannon. Love and sympathy in Memory of Gnat, your precious cat. - Faye & Paul Comer

For the very special Allie Cochran’s birthday! - Dawna Kopecky

In memory of my good friend Jackie Mazza = a loving friend to all animals. – Lorna Chapman.

In honor of a very special little girl. Happy Birthday, Allie! - Beate Katrin Ystenes

Very Happy Birthday Allie Cochran – Susan Bezuidenhout

In Honor of Allie Cochran’s Birthday - Faith Nelson

Happy Birthday Allie! - Kristian Kamph

Happy Birthday to Allie Cochran. – Marla Peele

In honor of Allie Cochran’s birthday. – Douglas Forehand

In honor of Cason Klarman’s 9th Birthday! – Amy Trujillo

In honor of the Birthday Girl, Allie Cochran. – Kathleen Quinn

In honor of Sandy Hovis Kadrie for all of the happiness she brings to others. Happy Birthday! – Patrick Weikle

In honor of Cason Klarman’s B-day – Love – Alex Hayes

For Lisa & David Doss in memory of their beloved Alex. – Cheryl Hagedorn

In honor of Darren Margolias’ birthday. – Joshua Stuart

In honor of Darren Margolias’ birthday. – Craig and Karen Scruton

In honor of Cheryl Kelly – who has helped countless animals! – Lisa Nicholas

In honor of Cason Klarman’s 9th birthday. – Ted Cason

For Timothy McGee in loving memory of Buster Bay. – Ron and Valerie Burch.

July 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In honor of Emily Saliers. – Peter Collins

In loving memory of Gracie. – Jennifer Taylor

In memory of Sunny, a beloved member of the Sauza family. – Susan Choate 

In honor of Cason Klarman’s 9th birthday! – Juli Owens

In Memory of Cattle Kate (Katie) Dunbar. You were with us such a short time but we loved you and miss you so much. Love Scott and Cheryl  

In honor of Maggie (aka Princess) Dunbar. You are so sweet and have brought the joy back to our home. Love Scott and Cheryl

In honor of Maddie Wiggins birthday. – Kara Bjurmark

In memory of Gracie Cobb, a sweet baby gray. – Margaret Watkins

In memory of my beloved dog Renard. – Debra Saturday 

In memory of Forrest Majors, companion to Kristan and Claire Majors. – Stanis Kodman

In memory of Nell Thurman. From Angela & Mort Sherzer. – Angela Sherzer

In honor of Elliott and Lionel Brock. – Susan Brock

In memory of my son Shane’s first cat CiCi we lost after 16 years. He will be missed. – Dana Starr

June 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In memory of Zen, the beloved Doberman of Charlene Owen. – Barbara Orloff

In honor of Niles and Elizabeth Bosserman Gray. – Mary Wilswo

In honor of the Waddilove family and the love and support they give to Feffer. – Kate Wilkinson

Congrats on your wedding – Beth Gray!  Much love, Regan and Laura Jones

In honor of Marcia & Deb and in memory of their beloved Reese. – Caroline Joe

In loving memory of Nell Thurman from Betty and John Crowe

In honor of Rosie Falconi’s birthday. – Shari Beth Rose

In honor of Paula K. Caray’s 21st Birthday, for Guinness. – Patricia Caray

In honor of Patti Giuliano’s birthday, for Popeye. – Tom and Anna Giuliano

In honor of Oliver Price, his spirit lives on. Natalie Anderson

In honor of the wedding of Beth and Niles Gray. – Rebecca Hall

In honor of Beth and Niles Gray’s marriage – Congratulations! – Laura Rodenberg

In loving memory of Janet Wood from her former neighbor – Teresa

For sweet old man Jordan.  Run freely on the Rainbow bridge. – Cindy Towne

May 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In honor of Micah and Honey’s 3 year adoption anniversary – May 14. – The Watzman Family

Avondale Woman’s Club, in memory of Janet Wood, a longtime member of the Club.

Josephine Geiger in memory of Janet Wood.

Ellen Neidle, Shelter Sponsor May 19, in honor of Susie Franz, in memory of her beloved cat, Olive.

Drs. Gail Trapnell and Barbara Wilkie, in honor of Sharon Blumer.

In Memory of Wesley Stroup by Charlotte and Al Phillips

In loving memory of Reebok and Nike.  What a blessing you both were to me.  Thank you for bringing Toby and Catcher to the next chapter of my life.  I love you both. – Beth Hawkins

In loving memory of Janet Wood from her niece Carolyn Grune.

In honor of Sarah Keene Ashley Hoffman would like to sponsor Smoke. 

In Memory of my black dog, Bear. – From Kim Wilson

In loving memory of sweet Grady. The world is a better place because of you. You will be greatly missed. – Megan O’Toole

Donation in honor of Dr. Gorlin – He is a treasure to both the children he teaches and the animals he aids – Robin Hawkland

In memory of Ann Rodgers, my sister. – Daphne Wiley

In memory of Mrs Janet Wood – Reyner and Beth von Kalben

In memory of France Ling, Laura Sinn. 

In Honor of Hundley Elliotte’s 12th Birthday! – Holly Stevens

In memory of Janet Doris Bell Wood. – Love, Pam, Gary & McKay Swords and Stephen, Ashley, & Greyson Wilson

In memory of Mason Lackey beloved pet of Anne and Mark Lackey – Susan Cook

For Junie – the kindest kitty in the Berkshires – Rachel Rodriguez

In honor of my dog Wexley’s birthday and in memory of my senior Maltese that have gone over the rainbow bridge. – Iris Pressley

Celebrating Jessi Santacruz Birthday – Marshall Baker

In loving memory of our big boy – Neko. – Nicole Yarab

In honor of my friend, Laura Melson – Wendy Ryan 

In loving memory of Janet Doris Bell Wood – Jayne Gilbert

In loving memory of Shu Shu Walraven. – Anne and Chip Stockton

In honor of the Cassie Wedding. What a glorious weekend! Thank you for such a fun celebration! – Jennifer and John

April 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In my sweet Blackie’s memory. He was only 1 year and 9 months old when he died in February. – Jennifer Prowell

For Gatto, in memory of Khan “The Buddha”, the best orange kitty who ever lived♥ - Laura Liles Montgomery

In honor of Cali and Princess. I will always wonder if I could have done a little more. Love, Cynthia Mohr Barnett 

In honor of Betty Parker and memory of Mary Katherine Parker and Mildred Martindale - Michael Parker

In loving memory of Marlene Edwards  - with love, Kristen, Owen and Dave Smith

Happy 10th birthday – Melissa! We’re very proud of you! – Love you, mom, dad and sis – The Valencia Family 

In honor of the Cassie wedding: So happy for you! Thanks for the wonderful weekend. – Elizabeth Bankhead  

In honor of the Cassie Wedding: Thank you for remembering our furry friends! Congratulations to you both! – Margie and Bart

In Memory of Kelsey Seston – Lisa Howard 

For the FIV cats in honor of my beloved Saffy. - Lesley Warrin

A donation for Melissa, in memory of Buster Bay Burch – Ronald Burch

In honor of Pepsi and Sydney – Jennifer Williamson

In honor of the Cassie wedding: Congratulations Fontaine and Cassie! We are so happy for you! It was a beautiful wedding! We were so happy to be there. Love, Irene, Leonardo & Emilia

In memory of my buddy Grayson. I’m not ready to adopt another puppy yet – but I can help out as much as I can to give other puppies a forever home. – Todd Fleeman

To honor Elaine D’Aubert on her birthday – Diane Ewing

In honor of Alisha Deatherage’s birthday 4/26 – Krista Shields

To celebrate the birthday of Melissa Valencia – Autumn Vavoso

In memory of Millie – beloved Dalmatian of one of our Book Ladies – Love from Thrift Store staff

Anita Lynn, in memory of the beloved Spike Wesner. (April 2014)

In memory of Riley Collins from Sheri Boyd.

In memory of all of my pets. – Adriana Vazquez

In memory of Krystal Kramer – much loved and very missed. – Susan Haynes 

In Honor and Loving Memory of Elmer Huszar with love from The Gulugian Family.

In loving memory of Zerbie – your cousins Fred and Larry.

In honor of Jessica D. Felfoldi, my my dear daughter in love - Ana Felfoldi 

March 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In Loving Memory of Rosco Syvarth – Angela Martello.

In honor of Mark Anthony Gibson  February 11, 1970 – March 2, 2014 – Richard O’Neal

For our beloved Josie who we adopted from FurKids. RIP my lovely girl. – Ellen Rackley

This is in honor of Hali Larson’s cat, Molly, who passed away last fall. – Heather Tamburo

In memory of Carol Pepper. – Marita Lambert

In honor of Dana and all the amazing work she does for the foster program!! – Lisa McGregor

Happy 10th Birthday Hannah  – Robin Titterington

Happy Birthday Eleanor, the Sphynx – Cheryl Parrish

Theresa Lombino, in memory of Helen Pellegrini, a precious friend. (March 2014)

Nancy Setzer, in memory of Nestle, the beloved canine companion of Kris, Bryan and Nic Poole.

Mary Houghton, in remembrance of Freckles.

Nancy Surbaugh, in honor of my special friend, Tina Harlin, a true animal lover.

Shelly Cotliar, in honor of Miki Samoylenko
Joan Chase, in memory of Katie Borenstein. 

Lisa Loewenstein, in memory of Richard D. Hughes, beloved father of Cathy Griffin.

In loving memory of Elmar Huszar – father of Chris Lynch. – Mary Jo Cox

In honor of Cassie’s wedding – Jessica Kruczek

In honor of Cassie’s wedding – Betty Martin

To honor our cousin Joan McCumber. With love – The Shaw and Arnett families

In Loving memory of Wanda Madeyski. A wonderful woman with a giant heart. Animals knew they could count on her to help them when they needed it the most. Please accept this gift so that her legacy lives on through the animals that you rescue everyday. The Goggin and Templeton Family

February 2014 Memorials and Tributes

In honor of Richard Parker’s Mommy and Daddy getting married – Brenda Rothschild

RoseMarie Mason, in memory of Fulana, beloved canine companion of Clair Miller.

In memory of Cinnamon Brogdon - Maria Ragland (Feb. 2014)

In memory of my friend Ozzy who recently passed. Oz, I miss you so much. – Kevin Sharpe (Feb. 2014)

In memory of my beautiful Lucy (grey/white cat) – Lisa Kuklinski (Feb. 2014)

In loving memory of Gillie O’Neil, 11/25/2001-2/14/2014, a beautiful, gentle, loving yellow lab. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. – Barbara Orloff (Feb. 2014)

In memory of our beloved Maggie, Scooter, Gabby and Lady. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. – Sara Joiner Eubanks (Feb. 2014)

Daisy & Sam Reid’s birthdays - Judy Hays (Feb. 2014)

In loving memory of Sheldon better known as Shellybelly it was an honor to have known you! Will miss your happy greetings. – Teresa Taylor (Feb. 2014)

In memory of Shortie Bishop, for Cher the dog. – Rodney Hall (Feb. 2014)

In loving memory of Herb Stogsdill. – Dana Murphy (Feb. 2014)

This donation is on behalf of Jenny K’s 11th birthday party! From Zach Leach (Feb. 2014)

On behalf of Katie Nama, who asked to give to her favorite charity in lieu of birthday gifts!  Happy 9th Birthday Katie!  Love – Lily (Feb. 2014)

In memory of Maggie Klarman. – Dori Perling

In honor of Lyndsay Bottichio’s birthday – Amanda Donis-Smith

January 2014 Memorials and Tributes 

In honor of Jenny’s birthday – James Mackler (Jan. 2014)

In memory of Sydney, beloved dog of Amy and Rob, from the Thrift Store Book Ladies (Jan. 2014)

Patricia Stephenson, in memory of Schoshi – beloved black cat. (Jan. 2014)

Rhonda and Bob Levan, in memory of Sally Apsey. (Jan. 2014)

Al and Beverly Hombroek, in memory of Sally Apsey. (Jan. 2014)

In memory of Pete, one lucky dog. – The Flor Family (Jan. 2014)

To our special friend, Judy Taylor, who loves animals as much as we do! - Patsy Dobson (Jan. 2014)

In honor of Katie Nama’s 9th Birthday! - Lori Lott (Jan. 2014)

In honor of Jenna LeBeau’s 13th birthday! Love, The Bogerts (Jan. 2014)

In memory of my sweet Jaspur. Love, Brenda Orrell (Jan. 2014)

In honor of Esther Gordon Paulen’s 80th birthday. With love from Danny & Diana Miller, Gillian Miller, and Adrienne Miller (Jan. 2014)

In Memory of Sawyer – Ronda Ingwersen (Jan. 2014)

In honor of Bella Christman - Charles Douglas (Jan. 2014)

In Memory of Sally L. Apsey.  - Lynne Stockman (Jan. 2014)

In loving memory of Sally Apsey - Lori Crans (Jan. 2014)

In Memory of John F. Granger, Jr. – Beth Sexton (Jan. 2014)

In memory of John F. Granger, Jr. – Melissa Calzada (Jan. 2014)

In loving memory of Sally Apsey. Carol Purdy (Jan. 2014)

Judy Bulfin, in memory of Sally Apsey. (Jan. 2014)

Elizabeth and Bill Jordan, in memory of Sally Apsey. (Jan. 2014)

To honor my brother, Rick Rogers, on his 70th birthday – with love, Marsha. (Jan. 2014)

In memory of Sweet Emma Wallis. We lost Emma on Dec. 7, 2013. She will be missed by all! Special thoughts to Anne and Barry Wallis from Aunt Joyce. (Jan. 2014)

In memory of Sally Apsey from Timothy Goodwin (Jan. 2014)

In honor of the amazing volunteers! From, Lisa McGregor (Jan. 2014)

Thank you to the Kitah Gan/Alef class at CBS Gilner Religious School for raising funds for our animals! (Jan. 2014)

In honor of Bella C’s 11th birthday! Happy birthday Bella! Love, Amelia (Jan. 2014)

Donated for Grace Packer. Happy birthday! Tessa (Jan. 2014)

To Oreo my awesome dog! - Srinivasan Ramaswamy (Jan. 2014)

In honor of Grace Packer’s 16th birthday !!!!  Karen Bitzer (Jan. 2014)

2013 Memorials and Tributes 

Bonnie Peterson, in honor of Beth Erwin. (Dec. 2013)

Lynn Mowinckel, in honor of Ted. (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Ashley Bearden, Tina Bearden. (Dec. 2013)

Honoring my forever dogs, Shelby, Bitsy, Lita Ford and Morticia, who love me everyday. Catharine Bourne (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Nutty and Murphy Crider, Small Dog Rescue family who passed. Lisa and Chuck Crider (Dec. 2013)

Richard Bernal, in honor of Todd at the cat shelter. (Dec. 2013)

Robin Titterington, in memory of sweet Taco and in honor of Hannah and Cajeta. (Dec. 2013)

Leslie Gates, in honor of Smokey. (Dec. 2013)

Karen Fripps, in honor of Moshie, who I adopted at Small Dog in 2004! He is now 12 years old! (Dec. 2013)

Milli Robinson, in honor of three legged cat, Elroy Jetson (aka Holyfield) adopted from Furkids in 2013. He is fast as lightning and loves to cuddle! (Dec. 2013)

Debra Robinson, in memory of Beacher and Miriam Leathers. (Dec. 2013)

Karen King in honor of Cadwell and Savannah Rose, adopted from SDR. (Dec. 2013)

Donna Howells, in memory of Debi Simmons. (Dec. 2013)

The Cote Family, in honor of Maddie Cote, adopted from Furkids in July 2007. (Dec. 2013)

The Swilleys, in honor of Bill Jordan. (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Clarence. – Cecil Clontz (Dec. 2013)

In honor of my adopted Furkid rescue – Schroeder. – Kevin Waits (Dec. 2013)

In Honor of Macie – elsa (little ‘e’) and Nola — our rescue kitties. – Joseph Wooddy (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Fred Astaire – Muse & Pause. – Nelia Rivers (Dec. 2013)

In Honor of Shea – Spanky and Autumn Laughter and in Memory of Mr. Hankey Laughter. – Vickie Laughter (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Elliott and Lionel Brock – my wonderful kitties. – Susan Brock (Dec. 2013)

In loving memory of Becker (Dec. 16 2013) – Carolyn Fisher (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Misa, the chickabisa. – Alan Dowell (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Madeline’s best friend Hillary. – Karen Parsons (Dec. 2013)

In memory of our sweet Shelby and charming Charlie. You will always be in our hearts. – Michelle Thomas (Dec. 2013)

To honor our furchild – Mephisto (Furkids name – Harrison Ford). – Laurie Ledford (Dec. 2013)

In honor of my Furkitty, Chucho who was saved by Furkids! – Dale Alexander (Dec. 2013)

In honor of the Seston and Harris families. - Heather Steiner (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Garland Carmichael and her beloved 4-legged children. - Linda Blazer (Dec. 2013)

In memory of my cousin Pat Keene, who loved her kitties. - Wynette Higdon (Dec. 2013)

A Christmas gift in the name of Alyssa Tirrell- Sue Schroeder (Dec. 2013)

For Joe & Trudy and their dedication to kitties. – Anna-Ellen Lenart (Dec. 2013)

In memory of our dog friend Vivian. – Polly D Wills (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Aunt Pat and her well-loved kitties. May these kitties find loving homes like hers!- Abbey Culverhouse (Dec. 2013)

In honor of June and Lucille “Lulu” Lands. - LeeAnn Lands (Dec. 2013)

Thank you for all you do! This donation is being made on behalf of my sister, Elizabeth, the biggest animal lover I know. - Kate Jones (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Laura Frisbie. - Thomas Frisbie (Dec. 2013)

Merry Christmas to volunteer Joyce Reynolds! - Carol Stark (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Barb Orloff and her volunteer work at Furkids. – Kenneth Kraft (Dec. 2013)

Donated in the name of Rob Dillard. - Catherine Dillard Scowby (Dec. 2013)

Donated in honor of Andrew & Jacqueline Urda Reusche, Christmas 2013. - Anne Reusche (Dec. 2013)

In the name of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hicks. Merry Christmas, from Colleen and Jason – Colleen Hicks (Dec. 2013)

Donation on behalf of Keri Lubell and Murry. - Laura Pechta (Dec. 2013)

Merry Christmas Suzie. In memory of Harrison.- Denette Davis (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Sally Brown. - Catherine Bunk (Dec. 2013)

This is to thank Dana and Barbara Koop for all their help with Ari.- Sandy Dalton (Dec. 2013)

In Loving Memory of Gomez, Kiko and Woody, who graced my life and who wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.- Donna Overall (Dec. 2013)

In honor of animal lovers Bill and Shirley Shellem. Merry Christmas!- Janet Gagnon

A donation in honor of Cindee, Chuck, and sweet little poodle, CeeCee Aycock. Merry Christmas! – Janet Gagnon (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Hershel Race (aka Kermit) – Jane Race (Dec. 2013)

In loving Memory of Colleen Eason Stewart, my Mom, who was born on December 18th. She loved and cared for so many animals and gave them the best home they could have. My Aunt said it best, “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as a cat and drop smack in the middle of your Mother’s back yard!”- Colleen Stewart (Dec. 2013)

In memory of Frank Betar – who loved life, his fiancée Debbie dearly, his family & friends, and his animals.  Frank’s love for animals was incredible, forever saying “there is always room for one more.” Judy Taylor (Dec. 2013)

In honor of my sweet Holly. She’ll be a year old this month!- Donna Jordan (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Sally Detter. - MJ Phillips (Dec. 2013)

Happy Birthday to Joyce Reynolds! - Carol Stark (Dec. 2013)

Donated in honor of Nancy Runion who had her carpet cleaned by Clene Start, the dog lovin’ Carpet Cleaning Co. - Johnny Loggins (Dec. 2013)

In loving memory of Arizona. - Angela Martello (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Cliff, Kyra, Stevie and Reid Bramble - Frieda Parks (Dec. 2013)

In honor of our wonderful Wesleyan school faculty & staff! – Love JD & Thomas Chipman (Dec. 2013)

We are donating in honor of Judy Taylor who contributes so much to Furkids.  - Cammie Rice (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Michael Stone with love from his kids and grandkids. - Deborah Stone (Dec. 2013)

In loving memory of and to honor B.K. – the most wonderful gift Marsha has ever received. – Gail Tirrell (Dec. 2013)

Patti Giuliano and Cathy Griffin, in memory of Samson (Our Favorite Airdale from Coral Gables) Mahoney-Medina. (Dec. 2013)

In honor of Einstein, I hope this gift helps other cats who need a helping hand.- Mary Henderson (Nov. 2013)

In Loving Memory of Mary Grace Harri – Mona Patel (Nov. 2013)

In honor of Barbara Garwood – Shara Sanders (Nov. 2013)

In loving memory of our sweet baby Hobbs, the best kitty a couple could ask for.- Annette Mowad (Nov. 2013)

Happy Birthday Aidan! Your friend, Sean (Nov. 3, 2013)

To honor of all those rescued on the euthanasia lists at high kill shelters. – Betty Parker (November 2013)

In memory of our Mariah, taken from us before your first birthday! I had the joy of caring for you when you stayed with us at our Furkids Buckhead Location. You were an amazing sweet and loving cat. I will always remember you in my heart, forever and ever! Please G-d, may her soul rest in peace with you!!! (October 2013) Alan (Shai) Gorlin

In honor of the beautiful Berry Hornsby. – Heather Kodman (October 2013)

In celebration of the 50th birthday of TJ Norman! (October 2013) - Gregory Heathcock

In honor of Laura and Cody – Congratulations! (October 2013) – Martha McLeod

In celebration of Brunie and Caleb’s wedding. October 19, 2013 – Janie and Roger Johnston

In honor of Fair Sutherlin’s dedication to the small dog rescue. Ellen Frauenthal. (October 2013)

In memory of Kathy Crystal - Richard Metzger (October 2013)

In honor of Bryan Brooks, the world’s greatest uncle and animal lover! Love, John, David, and Mary (October 2013)

In honor of our great friend Paula Smith: Happy Belated Birthday! Love, Carson & Sandy (October 2013)

In memory of Bristol, who was loved dearly by Molly and Hunter Steen (October 2013)

In memory of Furkids’ beloved, Kelly, one of our hall cats, who went to join Chops in cat heaven. Barbara Orloff (October 2013)

Two kitty cubbies donated to the shelter, in loving memory of Daisy, beloved cat of Roberta Lynn and Gary Wechsler. Anita Lynn (October 2013)

In loving memory of my friend, Terri Sentell and her little Angel. Robin Russell. (October 2013)

In honor of Maddie Scher’s Bat Mitzvah. – Shelly Rose (October 2013)

In loving memory of B.K. (Monkey) – Love David – Linda & Jason Timms. (October 2013)

Michael Clemens – Thank you, Nicole! (October 2013)

In memory of Beth Goldman, Mom of Amy Walker and Lynnie Thieme. Karen Naide. (October 2013)

In memory of Gracie, Alison O’Neil’s heavenly yellow lab, who went to dog heaven 10/07/2013. Barbara Orloff (October 2013)

In memory of B.K. Kerestes. Margaret & Paul Shealy. (October 2013)

To honor my beloved B.K.  You had me with the first purr and I will forever miss you. – Marsha Kerestes (October 2013)

In honor of all of the rescued and my fosters. Betty Parker (October 2013)

In Memory of B.K., Marsha’s little soul mate. You will be missed! Blandine (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Rita, a loving woman who passed on Aug. 23. Rochelle Peterson. (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Mike Adams. Mr. & Mrs. Todd Hall (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Yardley, beloved dog of Marlene Butteri. Deborah & Fred Akers (Sept. 2013)

In memory of BK, Marsha’s lovable black kitty. Richard Rogers (Sept. 2013)

In loving memory of Marsha’s best furry friend – BK. Thanks for keeping her lap warm and giving her so much love – BK! Andrea Lentz (Sept. 2013)

In memory of B.K. Kerestes. Elizabeth Jordan. (Sept. 2013) 

In Memory of Mary Theresa Harrison 1933-2013. Amber Meade (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Jeffrey Michael Colby (1978-2013) who loved his cats. Doug Dement (Sept. 2013)

In tribute to Lynn Wade in celebration of her birthday. Marcia Wade (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Gracie who was loved by The Menendez Family. Jill Toth (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Gus who was loved by Kathy and Emma Weiss. Jill Toth (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Ridley who was loved by The Gordon Family. Jill Toth (Sept. 2013) 

Praying for sweet Jinxi to have a successful heart surgery and full recovery! Janice Stensland (Sept. 2013)

In memory of Lucy Woods. Anita Lynn. (Sept. 2013)

In honor of my friend’s father, Don Brooks, friend to needy animals. — Carol (August 2013)
In Loving Memory Of Dimples Kovitch. A sweet, adorable Shih Tzu with a big heart and a spirit that will forever live on. Thanks to Furkids staff and volunteers for all you do to save and enhance the lives of so many deserving animals. – Frank & Terrie Pantusco (August 2013)

In honor of Camille Becker’s 12th birthday – Elaine Miller(August 2013)

In honor of Wenona Clark Belton, dog-lover extraordinaire, upon her appointment as an Associate Judge to the Fulton County Juvenile Court – Susan Shaver (August 2013)
In honor of Bob Bittinger’s 80th birthday! – Bonnie & Edward Davidson

In honor of Bob Bittinger’s birthday! Benay Gunby (August 2013)

Donation on behalf of Rubye Reid’s Birthday! – Edmund Jurgelewicz. (August 2013)

In August 2013 Furkids lost a great friend to the animals and a long time volunteer, Phil Madden. Phil’s legacy continues and donations were made in his memory. 

 - In Loving Memory of Phil Madden. – Pat East
 - In memory of Phil Madden, a lovely, kind soul that will be deeply missed. Love, Mark and Mercedes Angle
 - In support of Daleen Madden through her loss of her husband, Phil. Both Daleen and Phil have been volunteers of Furkids at the FIV house for many years. Phil was a great guy and he will be very missed. All of our love to Daleen, Cassandra Bannecke
- In memory of Phil Madden. – Debra Bost
- In memory of a wonderful guy. – Arthur Riddle     
- In Honor of Phil Madden, the best brother ever. – Mary Madden
- In memory of Phil Madden, a super great guy.- Linda Wilkins
- In memory of our cousin, Phil Madden who was always larger than life. You will be sorely missed. ~The Virga Family
- In loving memory of Phillip Thomas Madden – The Rigels – Lebwohls – DelRossos – Cockerells & Ceilleys

In memory of Alice Sibley-Silvan. From, Tod Sibley (August 2013)

In honor of Kitty Woo to celebrate 2 years since I adopted her from Furkids. – Karmelle White (July 2013)

In loving memory of CHOPS, Furkids FIV hall cat, who journeyed to Cat Heaven on July 24th. He was Mr. Personality Plus and will be sorely missed by all of us. – Barbara Orloff (July 2013)

In honor of Katie Miller’s 12th birthday! From, Julie Shockley (July 2013)

In Memory of Leigh Ann Conn, from Larry Murphy (July 2013)

In honor of Katie Kaylor, Katie Miller and Carmen Morgan from David Ratway (July 2013)

In memory of sweet Spike, beloved pet of Scott and Michele Foust, devoted volunteers of Small Animal Rescue From Lucy Lee (July 2013)

In memory of Sasha Richard From Elizabeth Spratlin (July 2013)

In memory of Cindy Abbott and her love for all animals and her generous spirit!- Love Darrell, Carrie, Devin and Inez. (July 2013)

In memory of Buster, a much loved dog. – The Burch Family (June 2013)

In celebration of the marriage of Hilary Jean Stevens from, Laura Sinn (June 2013)

Happy Father’s Day Bill! Love, Max, Vera, and Oliver (June 2013)

For Pippa, in honor of my late cat Rhett. He died of the same condition as Pippa’s and I couldn’t afford the expensive treatment. – Jill Ellington (June 2013)

In memory of our friend Marisa’s beloved cat, Pinky, who passed away 6/10/13. – Rozanne Sullivan 

Janet McDonald for Pippa, in loving memory of my angel kitty Tuxedo, who also had thyroid trouble. (June 2013) 

Brenda Labbee for the Choate Challenge, in memory of Tinker. (June 2013)

In honor of Ligan Ansari’s first birthday from Julie Dornbush. (June 2013)

In honor of Julie Caplan on her birthday from Barbara Koll. (June 2013)

Barbara Orloff, In memory of Cougar a beloved Furkids kitty who passed away May 29. And kudos to Jessi Card whose love and devotion gave Cougar an extra year of life. (May 2013)

Paula Caray, in honor of Rick Camp. (May 2013)

Mary Beth Coker, in honor of Joey Coker. (May 2013)

Lynne Wurzburg, in honor of Jacob Young’s 12th birthday! (May 2013)

Donation made on behalf of Rosie Falconi from Shari Beth Rose (May 2013)

Julia Marchais, in honor of Jacob Young’s birthday. (May 2013)

Happy birthday to Furkids volunteer Jacob Young from the LeBeaus! (May 2013)

D.B. – you were a great friend and a sweet son, 21 years was not long enough. Renee Palmer (May 2013)

In honor of Diane Barron. Thanks for loving and caring for us during Spring Break 2013 – Love, Tigress, Alaska, Alan and Paula GorlinIn memory of Lucien Oscar Dhooge, father of Dr. Lucien Dhooge and father-in-law of Julia Worrell From Barbara Orloff (May 2013)

In Honor of Anne Stockon. Congratulations on being honored by FurKids/SmallDog Rescue for your years of service and dedication to the organization. This recognition is so well deserved! From, Lisa, Sam, Lauren and Jonathan Olens. (May 2013)

Chris Ledoux, in honor of my good friends: Beth & Jerry Reeves, Curt Gorman, Mary Ellen Warting. (May 2013)

In Honor of Amy Delettera for all of her help with 3 little kittens. – Debra Berger (May 2013)

The spirit of our good-friend, colleague, and mentor is all around. In honor of Larry Logue, Professor Emeritus MET @ SPSU. – Vickie Moody (May 2013)

In memory of Chase, beloved pet of Geri and Ron, deepest sympathy, Ellen Lenart (April 2013)

Sue Hatfield-Green, in memory of Deborah Martin. (April 2013)

In loving memory of Pixel from Natalia Pszenny (April 2013)

Anne Tremage, Keep up the good work, everyone! (April 2013)

This is in honor of Pat Hopper (and for her feral family rescued by FurKids), who helps so many kitties find new homes. – Joan Flores (April 2013)

Celebrating the marriage of Marjorie & Dave on March 23, 2013. From, Janice Shimokubo.

Ellen D’Orsi, In memory of Andrew Coch. (March 2013)

Allison Addalia, Happy Birthday, Monica! (March 2013)

L. Alexandra Gillis, a gift on behalf of Gage Roberts. (March 2013) 

Peter Cole, In honor of Monica Schwarz’s birthday – she requested donations in lieu of gifts. (March 2013)

Abby Helton, in loving memory of Larry C. Williams. (March 2013)

Jaqueline Martin, with love from Cole and Ella, Furkids 2006 alum! (March 2013)

Teresa Minder, in memory of Betty. I had the pleasure of being her pet sitter. She will be missed. (March 2013)

Svetlana Titova, for Roarke, Erin and Patty. (March 2013)

Suzanne Laurita, In loving memory of Dexter and Percy. (March 2013)

Penelope Plambeck, in loving memory of my daddy George LaDon “Don” Brooks, who rescued countless strays during his lifetime. (March 2013)

Debbie Ruth, in honor of Jenny Krakowski’s birthday! (February 2013)

Lisa Hatch, in honor of Jenny Krakowski’s birthday! (February 2013)

In memory of Larry Logue, Josie and Tom Fuller. (February 2013) 

In honor of Jenna LeBeau’s 12th birthday! The Kidd and Chernow families. (January 2013)  

In memory of Boodle Wagner. Eleanor Lacoss (January 2013)

Webb Bridge Middle School, Sunshine Committee, in honor of Susan Opferman. (January 2013)

Colleen Grogan, in memory of Lily Marsh-Bickley. (January 2013)

Nancy & Charlie Runion, in memory of Suzan Sams, an avid animal lover. (January 2013)

Diane Ewing, in honor of Virginia Philip. (January 2013)

For Princess from Annie Voight. (January 2013)

Mary Messer, in honor and loving memory of James Kevin Messer – Maggie & Chubby.  We love and miss you more that you could ever imagine. (2012) In October 2012, Kevin’s family held a benefit car show in remembrance and celebration of his life. Over $3,000 was raised and donated to Furkids. Kevin had many interests and one was animals. Furkids thanks Kevin’s family for allowing us to honor his life through our important work in the community. 

Ellen Neidle, in memory of Zoe. (December 2012)

Steven Shapiro, in memory of Citrus. (December 2012) 

Thomas Frisbie, in honor of Laura Frisbie. (December 2012) 

Kris Cone, in honor of Linda Yandle & Nicky Zoots. (December 2012) 

Cecil Clontz, in memory of Kurbis. (December 2012) 

Bob & Gloria Skinner, in honor of our sweet lovable, little clown, Cody. (December 2012)

Suzanne Williams, in memory of my beloved baby girl, Yum Yum. I will love you forever. (December 2012)

Valerie Ernst, in memory of Catherine Hubbard. (December 2012)

Karen King, in honor of Cadwell and Savannah Rose – both adopted from Small Dog Rescue! (December 2012)

Happy New Year to all the staff and pets from Alexandre Ardito G de Andrade (December 2012)

Leslie Mottern, in memory of Jenny the Beagle, Small Dog Rescue. (December 2012)

Brenda Rothschild, in honor of our Boy Oliver (aka Weiler), adopted Memorial Day 2012. (December 2012)

Becky Muse, in honor of her family at Christmas. (December 2012)

Elizabeth Spratlin, in honor of Flory and Danny White, The Buckhead Chapter of National Charity League, Dorothy, Liza and Kate Spratlin and Max (aka Kyle 2010, our Small Dog rescue!) (December 2012)

LeeAnn Lands, in honor of Lucille (Lulu) – who is enjoying her Florida retirement with her pal June Lands. (December 2012)

Merry Christmas to all the kitty cats and Furkids Staff from Trudy Houk. (December 2012)

Karen Ettensberger, in honor of my cat Jade – who I adopted from Furkids in Oct. 2011. (December 2012)

Sue Schroeder, in the name of Alyssa Tirrell. (December 2012)

Joanna Capo, Merry Christmas to Ken & Apollo! (December 2012)

Steven Cook, in honor of The Cat Doctor. (December 2012)

Nancy Field, in loving memory of a compassionate and beautiful soul – Meredith Phia Cooper Bernhardt. (December 2012)

In honor of Jordan’s Birthday. From Laura and Jordan Tenenbaum. (December 2012)

Leslie Joseph, Merry Christmas to all the staff and pets! (December 2012)

Adrienne Miller, Happy Holidays to the dogs, in honor of my dear friend Anne Barnes!  Merry Christmas, Anne! (December 2012)

Mark Minor, in memory of M. W. Buck” Minor and Zorro”. (December 2012)

Carolyn & Bill Branch, in memory of Tigger and Charlotte. (December 2012)

Sidney, in honor of Barbara Orloff. Happy Holidays! (December 2012)

Gail T. & Barbara W., in honor of Dr. Marcia Parker. (December 2012)

Jim & Kathy Pullen, in honor of Gayle England. (December 2012)

Dottie Irwin, in memory of Vallie Mell. (December 2012)

Shahed Brown, in honor of Scooter, adopted this year. We love him soooo much! (December 2012)

Donna Highberger, in memory of Rosie. (December 2012)

Matt & Emily Simmons, in honor of their much loved adoptee, Charlie! (December 2012)

Dianna Bolick, in memory of Bonnie Ford. (December 2012)

Albalis Smith, in memory of Guzy. (December 2012)

Jodi Jones, Merry Christmas from Emma (Havana) and Jadzia! (December 2012)

In Honor of my Daughter, Michelle Manno, from her mother Janice. (December 2012)

Philomena Moss, In memory of my precious, Jack. (December 2012)

Donna Overall, In memory of Gomez X, the Most Beautiful Little Dog in The World. 8-11-1996 to 10-2-2012. (December 2012)

Jonathan LaCrosse, in Honor of Alfie Lanham – A faithful companion to Mr. & Mrs. W. Lanham of Atlanta – Georgia. (December 2012)

Caroline Nelson, in the name of Friday Burlingame. (December 2012)

This Merry Christmas donation is given in honor of dedicated volunteer  - Joyce Reynolds by Carol Stark. (December 2012)

Wendy Lenhard, Happy Chanukah to the Best Dog Parents – Jeffrey Lenhard and Lisa Perlstein! xoox (December 2012)

Beth Hawkins, Wishing all my Fur Friends a very merry Christmas and a New Year filled with abundant Joy – Love – and Forever Homes. (December 2012)

In loving memory of Lisa Vaz.  A wonderful mother – wife and cousin!  Our hearts go out to Mon – Alexander and Eric.  Lisa will always live on in our hearts!  Love Lisa – Sean – Alexa and Nicolas Martinez. (December 2012)

This donation is in celebration of Joyce Reynolds’ birthday. (December 2012)

Justine McCrory, Christmas gift for Courtney and Wayne! (December 2012)

Rustom Maneksha, for Dianna – in honor of g-kitty.  meowy xmas! (December 2012)

Tracie Hollis, in memory of Josie and Indigo. (December 2012)

Jeri Jackson, in honor of Amber Leigh –  Sweetest and most beautiful feline ever! (December 2012)

Dana Starr, in honor of Sy because of Furkids. (December 2012)

Pumpkin, in memory of Bill Littlefield & Puddy. (December 2012)

Donna Gapen, in honor of Finnigan and Wolfie. (December 2012)

Piper Burnette, dedicated to Daria, my Fur Angel. (December 2012)

Richard Bernal, dedicated to Furkids’ Linus & Victor and Cats in the Cradle, Joey. (December 2012)

Nancy Carter, for Ike – you are always in my heart. (December 2012)

Pickett Stein, for my precious Dylan kitty adopted from Furkids! Thank you for him and all you do! (December 2012)

Anita Lynn, in honor of Samantha Shelton, for all the animals she has saved in so many different ways! (December 2012)

Mary Morder, dedicated to Chino, Biscuit and Lucy. (December 2012)

Debra Hamrick, dedicated to Jeremy and Flavia Fuller. In honor of the other furry kid lovers in the family!. (December 2012)

In honor of William Roach.  We are so proud of your love and caring for animals – big and small. Love, Stephanie Roach (December 2012)

Mary McCauley Stiff, dedicated to Gypsy. Thank you for sixteen years of love and purrs! (December 2012)

Patty Sledge, dedicated to all the Small Dog Rescue Volunteers. Thank you for all you do! (December 2012)

Pat Hicks, for all the loving animals. Praying for your furrever home. (December 2012)

Julie Neville, dedicated to Lyn M. for our love of cats. (December 2012)

Valerie Burch, for Buster, Our SmallDog rescue…he was so special. (December 2012)

Willard Lee, for Parker Lee. You added so much joy and happiness to our lives. 10 years just wasn’t long enough! (December 2012)

Sibet Freides, dedicated to Virginia Burch. In honor of my mom who I lost this year. (December 2012)

Diane Ludington, dedicated to Fancy. (December 2012)

Lauren Adami, in memory of Cosmo. (December 2012)

Ellen Lenart, in memory of Bruiser, Furkids’ Thrift Store Feline Ambassador. (December 2012)

Sherry Baker, dedicated to Fuzzy, my dearest companion. (December 2012)

Mary Anne Brown, dedicated to Thomas and Handsome, my sweet cat-boys. (December 2012)

Lopa Patel, in honor of Craig S. For all you did to take care of my babies…thank you. (December 2012)

Natalie Olmi, for Nana Banana.  I saved you & you saved me…lets save another dog! (December 2012)

Cindy Bagley, dedicated to Spunky. (December 2012)

Amanda Hand, dedicated to all the shelter animals we weren’t able to save. (December 2012)

Grant Knox, I adopted Madison from FurKids 12 yrs ago and we are still going strong! (December 2012)

Krystyne Reed, in memory of Sweet Sophie. (December 2012)

Beth Hawkins, for the Furkids’ Staff. Thank you for consistently being there for all the furkids! (December 2012)

Alan Gorlin, in honor of Yoni Gorlin. Thanks for bringing Alaska into my life! Good Luck in Grad School . Love Abba (December 2012)

Angie Rogero, dedicated to everyone who loves & cares for the furry babies! (December 2012)

Donald Muenz, in honor of Tara Muenz. Merry Christmas! (December 2012)

Elaine Stephens, in honor of Pat Locher. (December 2012)

Jay Rosenheck, in honor of Rabbi Shai Gorlin - Thank for everything you do for the animal shelter. (December 2012)

From Trawin and Melissa Malone in honor of precious – loving Trixie – who was our inspiration for finding our Mercedes at Furkids! (December 2012)

Merry Christmas, Furkids! Tricia Webster (December 2012)

Tracie Hollis, in memory of Josie and Indigo. (December 2012)

Amanda Cunningham, in honor of my little, Catlyn, a Siamese mix, who recently passed after almost 21 years of love. Best of luck to Little Journey. (December 2012)

Bridget Beier, From Buckaroo, Winston (Opie), and Callie (Robin). (December 2012)

Emily Buckley, from Bren’s foster to adopt family. (December 2012)

Jill Snyder, Beau – Dixie and Extra remain in my heart! (December 2012)

Jean Harris, In honor of Cindy Vet for taking such good care of my furkids. (December 2012)

Kelly Eargle, Happy Birthday to our sweet Aunt Pat!  We love you — Al – Kelli and Jake (November 2012)

Betty Petrea, Happy Christmas. You were on Cori’s wishlist. Love – Marie and kids (November 2012)

Merry Christmas! Gail Baumgardner (November 2012)

Mindy Belt, for Journey! (November 2012)

Deborah Yates, for Journey’s medical costs. (November 2012)

Joseph Coletti, for Journey’s surgery. (November 2012) 

Meredith Anton, In honor of Milo — the precious baby girl queen. (November 2012)

Annette Toland, In honor of Suzanne Patterson. (November 2012)

Clara Melton, named a gray male from Furkids’ Thanksgiving pull – Bud, in loving memory of the best cat ever! (November 2012)

Kelly Linton, for the Thanksgiving cats! Please name two cats – one Gerry & one Satchel – in honor of two of ours that are no longer with us. We adopted Ava (formerly Ada) from Furkids. She’s doing fantastic – along with our 3 other guys Garcia – Shake & Bean. (November 2012)

Amanda Bollen, I am thankful that you were able to save all those kitties this year! Happy Thanksgiving! (November 2012)

Karen Avery, I am giving and sending thanks for the precious lives Furkids will be saving this Holiday. (November 2012)

Jessica Brown, Happy Thanksgiving to the new additions– may this donation help them get healthy! (November 2012)

Kim Long, Happy Thanksgiving! Amazing job saving all those kitties! (November 2012) Kim, we miss you in Atlanta!

Katherine McLennan, Happy Thanksgiving! Nice work saving the 39 kitties! (November 2012)

Christie Cabe, For the Thanksgiving Pull.  Good luck! (November 2012)

Christa Aaron, For the Thanksgiving kitties :) (November 2012)

Sharon Foster, For the Thanksgiving Kitties. (November 2012)

Andria and Dan Clark, For the Thanksgiving Kitties. (November 2012)

Kenna Simmons, For the Thanksgiving cats from Floyd County. (November 2012)

Pat Moore, for the Thanksgiving cats! (November 2012)

Lynn Koch, For the Rome rescues – I’d like to name one Cupcake! (November 2012)

Kara Berlin, For Thanksgiving shelter rescue. (November 2012)

Erin Watson, For Thanksgiving rescues. (November 2012)

Helen Kay Heimmer, named a calico from Furkids’ Thanksgiving pull – Ashley, in loving memory of another dearly loved and deeply missed, Ashley. (November 2012)

Kate Spillane, In celebration of our grandkitties’ first birthday.  They were adopted last December as “Olivia” and “John”. (November 2012)

Jackie Lloyd, In honor of Furkids’ volunteer, Matt Bodkin. (November 2012)

In memory of the Dude – a Furkids alum and the finest cat anyone could ask for. He left us too soon and we’ll miss him so much.–Ted Friedman and Kate Lewis (November 2012)

Carla Henderson, In memory of Inky. (November 2012)

Becky Penar, in memory of Jackson, the baddest tripod ever. (November 2012)

Joan Karpeles, in memory of Midgie. (November 2012)

From the office of Troy H. Schulman D.D.S. for our Animal photo contest!! (November 2012)

Cynthia Musgrove, in honor of Bailey and Cara, the sweetest cats in the world, 1993 – 2011. (November 2012)

In loving memory of Stephanie Bridges. Jamie our love and prayers go out to you. We will miss Trouble,  she was a special gal.  Love, Steve and Debbie Polson. (November 2012)

In memory of Stephanie Bridges. My heartfelt sympathy goes to Jamie. Trouble will always be loved and missed. God Bless, Rose Menditto (November 2012)

Renee Palmer, For Hannah and Erika…in loving memory of Bandy who lived 18 wonderful years! (November 2012)

Chris Patten, this is in the name of Darlene Wagner, she is a Furkids volunteer – a great person with a big heart! (November 2012)

In loving memory of Nike on behalf of the AT&T Mobility Integration Center. (November 2012)

Barbara Orloff, in memory of Carol Purdy’s sister, Pat. (October 2012)

In memory of Marple. Love, Bonnie and Robert. (October 2012)

Mark Light, in honor of Sophie Minsk’s bat mitzvah. (October 2012)

Mark Probst, in honor of Norah Wagoner’s birthday! (October 2012)

Fran & Stu Elzenstat, in honor of Sophie Minsk. (September 2012)

Stephen Corbett, in memory of Tigger, a beloved cat, 1990 – 2008. (September 2012)

Amy DeLettera, In memory of our beloved, Bruiser. He was the Thrift Store ambassador for almost a year. We love you and will miss you every day. (September 2012)

Great charity Sophie, Love Marcy, Mike and Halle Louza. (September 2012)

Mary Henderson, in honor of Einstein, Noah and Ellie. (September 2012)

Linda Voccio, in memory of Juliet Henderson’s cat, Seymour. (September 2012)

Beth Minor, for all the sweet furkids! (September 2012)

In memory of Lisa Van Welf-Vaz. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. Salmon Barton & Associates, LLP (Lew Salmon) (September 2012)

Carson Pease, Happy Birthday, Paula Smith!  Love, S&C (September 2012)

Connie Downing, in memory of Amanda Daniel (a cat lover). (August 2012)

Scott & Michele Foust, in honor of Bob & Pat Bittinger. (August 2012)

Debra Robinson, in memory of Magic – a special cat that taught my friend to love cats – she left a mark on the cat world. (August 2012)

Karen O’Neal, in memory of Rocky Locher. My best friend, Pat Locher, lost her cat, Rocky, August 2, 2012. He was a very loving big boy! He was a stray that ended up in the most loving home ever. Pat spent two years dealing with his megacolon issues but, in the end, he could not be saved. We miss you Rocky! (August 2012)

Stephanie Friese Aron, in memory of Roscoe (who later became known as “Short Furs” and then “Loyals”) Friese. We are grateful to Furkids for connecting Emily and Roscoe, and for their time together. Short Furs will be deeply missed by our family, especially by Emily, Deon, and Roscoe’s surviving twin brother Romeo (aka “Long Furs”). (August 2012)

Jill Aller, in honor of Sylvia Miles and in memory of her father, James Mock, Sr. (August 2012)

Elizabeth Singleton, in honor of Beth Hawkins on her birthday for all the love she gives to the furbabies. (August 2012)

Joseph Wooddy, Thank you, Ann Jackson, for taking care of us! Love, Macie, Elsa, Tug and Tux. (August 2012)

Jennifer Jones, Thank you for all you do in taking care of the animals! (August 2012)

Jacob Gill, in honor of Isaac Wallack’s BIRTHDAY! (August 2012)

Ellender Webb, in loving memory of Casper and Fanny, beloved companions of Pamela Michelle Quillen. (August 2012)

Pamela McQueen, Thanks for all you do! (August 2012)

Jim Graubard, in honor of Karen O’Neal’s birthday! (July 2012)

Kursten Schuetz, in memory of Marion W. “Buck” Minor. (July 2012)

Marilyn Hughes, in memory of AngelMax, beloved puppy of Carol. (July 2012)

Mary Henderson, in loving memory of Einstein, my angel on earth now in heaven. (July 2012)

Patsy Dobson, in honor of Judy and Janet Taylor. (July 2012)

The Wake Forest Ladies of the Lake, in memory of Elizabeth (Lib) Jordan. (July 2012)

Philomena Moss, in memory of my baby, Jack. (July 2012)

Natasha Dedijer-Turner, In memory of Misha. We love and miss you MishaCat! (July 2012)

For Emma Torti, she made me cry! & for Alfie, whom I brought in (whom lived with me for 2 weeks & I thought was a boy. Opps!) -Marcie Aaron, saver of the 30+ orange tabby kittens :) (July 2012)

Bonnie Weiner, with much gratitude for our Lola. She’s wonderful! (June 2012)

Rosemarie Mason, in memory of Midnight. (June 2012)

Jen Graves, in honor of Joanna Wallack. (June 2012)

Ellen McKinnis, in memory of Tim Heinlein. (June 2012)

Elizabeth Spratlin, in memory of Henrietta’s Henre’..a part of her heart. (June 2012)

Rita Campbell, in memory of Ruth Vet. (June 2012)

In memory of James Webb Mock. La Nora we love you very much and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love Dean and Paul. (June 2012)

Tom & Linda Buby, in memory of Eileen Neff. (June 2012)

In memory of Ruth Vet. Stephanie & Peter. (June 2012)

Alexa Wolford, in honor of Beautiful Malia. (June 2012)

Lani Paxton, in memory of Ruth Vet. (June 2012)

In Memory of Ruth Vet from Mary Ellen, Betsey, GraceAbounds,Boone, and Cleo. (June 2012)

In memory of Ruth Vet. Cris & Randy. (June 2012)

Jean Harris, in memory of Ruth Vet. (June 2012)

In honor of “MIMO”…the 6 week old kitten rescued from the storm drain by my dear friend, Michelle Griffin! Thank you!!! Laurie Filsinger. (May 2012)

In memory of Eileen Neff, love Gayla and Larry. (May 2012)

Irma Walker, in memory of Eileen Neff. (May 2012)

Martha Dennison, in honor of Dobie’s birthday! (May 2012)

Margaret Misegades, in memory of Rambo, beloved dog of Thomas Blaisdell. (May 2012)

Barbara Ray, in memory of Nick Littlefield. (May 2012)

Dina Walton, in memory of Michael, beloved Furkids cat. (May 2012)

Charleen Seidel, in honor of Dawn the dog. (May 2012)

Elizabeth Garrett, in memory of Barbara Rosenman. (May 2012)

Sydney Davis, in honor of Buz Davis on his birthday. (May 2012)

“The Flying D. Family”, in memory of Ken Lord. (May 2012)

Randy Tanner, in memory of Ken Lord. (May 2012)

Mark Price, in memory of Eileen Neff. (May 2012)

Jennifer Yin, in honor of Vanessa who was much loved by the Purcell family. (May 2012)

Judith Langston, in honor of Kate Branch Browne and in memory of Pearla. (May 2012)

Nelson & Barbara Stewart, in memory of Ken Lord. (May 2012)

Martha Staples, in memory of Ken Lord. (May 2012)

Paula & Rodney Pridgeon, in memory of Bill Littlefield. (May 2012)

The Manganelli Family, in memory of Callie Opferman. (May 2012)

Ben & Michelle Melton, in honor of their grand-cats, Edward, Byron, and Marlowe D’Cruze (all adopted through Furkids). (May 2012)

Andrea Varrone, In loving memory of Ann Phillips, survived by her three amazing daughters.  Special shout out to her daughter, Jeanne. (May 2012)

The Senate Flower Fund, in fond remembrance of Bill Littlefield. (May 2012)

In memory of our dear friend Bill Littlefield. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Bev, Stephanie and Wells. He will always be loved and missed. St. Thomas will never be the same. Love Maureen and Bob. (May 2012)

Deborah Waller, In memory of Bill Littlefield who loved his puddy cats – Love Waller and Mark. (May 2012)

Steve Jones, In memory of Eileen Neff. (May 2012)

In memory of Eileen Neff. – Angel and Ace. (May 2012)

Krista Hughes, in loving memory of Eileen Neff. (May 2012)

In Memory of Eileen Neff, Lisa Miller. (May 2012)

In Memory of Eileen Neff from JR, Linda and Jade. (May 2012)

In memory of Richard (Bill) W. Littlefield, Jr. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace and love. Glenn and Jolinda Harper Elmore. (May 2012)

The Knapps make this donation in honor of our good friend, Nick Littlefield. We will miss you so very much. (May 2012)

We make this donation to honor the memory of our friend and animal lover, Bill Littlefield. We like to think of him as having joined his beloved kitties, Puddy and Punkin. With deepest sympathy to Beverly, Stephanie, Wells and Lindsey. Our Love, Len and Anita Bittner. (May 2012)

In memory of Bill Littlefield– a wonderful boss and mentor. With deepest sympathy to Beverly, Stephanie, Wells, the cats, and the rest of Bill’s family. Love, Gwin Hall (May 2012)

Jacqueline Grayson, for the sweet cats and kittens. (May 2012)

In memory of Eileen Neff from Tom and Lucy. (May 2012)

In loving memory of Bill Littlefield and to his wife Beverly with deepest sympathy – Cody, Josh and Vivi Hughey. (May 2012)

In memory of Bill Littlefield. Supported Furkids from beginning, adopted one of the first rescued cats. He will be missed. Deepest sympathy to his wife and family. Kathleen (May 2012)

In memory of Bill Littlefield an animal lover and an accomplished gardener.  The world could use more men like him.  With deepest sympathy to his wife, Beverly, and his entire family, Greg & Camille. (May 2012)

Michael Monahan, in memory of Eileen Neff. (May 2012)

In memory of Eileen Neff – Mike and Jon (May 2012)

Sorry we couldn’t make the 10th anniversary celebration. Thanks for all you do and thank you for saving my Priscilla! Melissa Moskalik (May 2012)

To all of our furry friends: Wishing each one a sweet 4-ever home!!!  Cole & Ella Martin (May 2012)

This donation has been made in memory of Bill Littlefield. Our hearts and prayers are with Bill and his family.  From your friends at Yahoo!. (April 2012)

In memory of Eileen Neff from Sandee and Roland Smith. (April 2012)

Steven Winokur, in memory of Eileen Neff. (April 2012)

Melissa Buchheit, In memory of Ken Lord. (April 2012)

Thomas Reynolds, In memory of Eileen Neff. (April 2012)

In memory of Yvonne Dulany, given with love from Jan Rush and Suzanne Peterman. (April 2012)

Lisa Millard, in memory of Eileen Neff. (April 2012)

Sara Hutchinson, Slappey & Sadd, in memory of Bill Littlefield. (April 2012)

From Bill & Christy in memory of Eileen Neff. (April 2012)

Mike England, in memory of Nick Littlefield. (April 2012)

Charlotte Swanson & Claudia Evans, in memory of Nick Littlefield. Though we will miss your warm smile and kindness, we know you are in a better place, and we are sure there will be black and white kitties there for you to love and care for.  Till we meet again, my friend. (April 2012)

Judith Milling, in memory of Nick Littlefield. Blessed prayers go with the family. Memories always stay in the heart. (April 2012)

Erin Russell, in memory of Nick Littlefield. (April 2012)

Dana Starr, in honor of my little Ninja, Harland and Maximillian. For the short time I had you, you were well loved. (April 2012)

Dan, Judith, Tessa and Lucas Johnson, In Loving Memory of Nick Littlefield. (April 2012)

Tanya & Al Walbrun & Sherry Green, in memory of Nick Littlefield. (April 2012)

Margaret Rothman, in fond memory of Nick Littlefield. (April 2012)

Paul Glickstein, in honor of the 25th wedding anniversary of Linda McCulloch and Michael Gaston. (April 2012)

Mellman/Nathan Family Fund, in honor of Mei Nathan and Rose Nathan. (April 2012)

Sheila Hendricks, Cynthia Revo, and David Payne, in memory of Lorri Cruse. (April 2012)

Lea Tedder, in memory of Marion W. ”Buck” Minor. (April 2012)

Tom & June Purcell, in memory of Emily Fritzler. (April 2012)

Diane & Marvin Bernstein, in memory of Richard Mahon. (April 2012)

Jennifer & Kirby Spivey, in memory of Snow Spivey. (April 2012)

C. Boatwright, in memory of my, Sweet Kitty – the best friend I ever had. (April 2012)

The Psychology Department of Morehouse College, in memory of Barbara Rosenman. (April 2012)

Martin Rosenman, in memory of Barbara Rosenman. (April 2012)

Erin Metcalf, in memory of Van Go. (April 2012)

Sandra Murray, in memory of Jana Murray. (March 2012)

Frederick Augustine, in memory of “Buck” Minor. (March 2012)

The Windermere Chicks, in memory of Marion “Buck” Minor. (March 2012)

Barbar Orloff, in remembrance of Rascal, a resident of Room 10 at Furkids. He was a beautiful cat, both in looks and in disposition. I will sorely miss him. (Feb. 2012)

Candace Bourg, In memory of Jessy Brown, my friend Patti’s beloved sweet girl who brought many years of joy to her life.  I wish her peace and comfort at this difficult time. (Feb. 2012)

Thomas & Gloria Kemp, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Feb. 2012)

Patsy Stephens, in loving memory of Marion W. “Buck” Minor. (Feb. 2012)

William Fowler, in memory of Emily Fritzler. (Feb. 2012)

Lucile Elkins, in memory of M. W. Minor. (Feb. 2012)

Alice Zerof, in honor of Marcia Parker. (Feb. 2012)

In loving memory of Jana Murray, from the Fike kids – Chris, Ken, Ned, Nancy and spouses. (Feb. 2012)

Jean Bender, in memory of Jana Murray. (Feb. 2012)

Liz & George Cherry, in memory of Marion W. Minor. (Feb. 2012)

Kay Warbington & Chuck Stotts, in memory of their dear friend, LeRoy Smith. (Feb. 2012)

Jean Harris, in memory of Jazzy. (Feb. 2012)

Lynn Denney, in memory of my cat, Bobbie, who died on December 20, 2011. She was FIV+ and I would like my donation to be used for the FIV+ cats, in her memory. (Feb. 2012)

Charles Smith, in honor of Polly Turner, my friend and a lover of cats. (Feb. 2012)

Jean Spruill, in memory of Rikki. (Feb. 2012)

Clae Joselove, In loving memory of Daisy and in honor of Dina and Dr. Gordon for all of their help and support. Furkids is truly an amazing place and I’m proud to help support it. (Feb 2012)

Elizabeth S. Smith, Happy birthday to my sister Louisa, my favorite cat lady. We wish you all the best in the up coming year. Love Sheridan and Miles (Feb. 2012)

Wynette Higdon, In memory of Mrs. Ruth Phillips, who rescued, raised, and loved innumerable cats over her long life of almost 97 years, on behalf of MuMu, Coco, Romeo, Hans, and Fritz. (Feb. 2012)

Emilie Friese, in honor of Max. (Jan. 2012)

Peggy & Sherwood Merchant, in memory of Thomas Beecher Leathers. (Jan. 2012)

Anne Sayre, in memory of Thomas Beecher Leathers. (Jan. 2012)

Melissa Greene, In Honor of Barbara H., kitty protector extraordinaire; and in memory of Rosie, the sweetest of cats. (Jan. 2012)

Deedee Murphy, In memory of Thomas Beacher Leathers (Jan. 2012)

Ginger Chapin, to sponsor the pull for a cat from Henry County Animal Control, a female Tortoise Shell cat whom Renee Cardona rescued for Furkids. I named her “Olivia” when I saw her beautiful face. Thank you for rescuing her. She will have a loving and joyful home. (Jan. 2012)

Joyce Reynolds, in loving memory of Kurt C. She was a member of our family for 19 years. (Jan. 2012)

Paul Nichols, Latté had the best forever home any pooch could have. Thank you, Bettina and Evan, for adopting her and letting me get to know her. I’ll always miss her sitting under my feet during Giants games. All my love, Paul. (Dec. 2011)

Judy Zaban, in memory of Emily Anne Fritzler. (Dec. 2011)

Cynthia Warner, in memory of T. Beacher Leathers. (Dec. 2011)

Karen Colberg, in memory of Thomas Beacher Leathers. (Dec. 2011)

Sydney Davis, in honor of her brother, Buz Davis, as his Christmas gift! (Dec. 2011)

Dee Dee Murphy, in memory of Thomas Beacher Leathers. (Dec. 2011)

Jim Morrison, in memory of my pretty girl, Rest in Peace, AC. (Dec. 2011)

Sue Schroeder, in the name of Alyssa Tirrell. (Dec. 2011)

Mark Minor, in memory of Willow and Attila Barron. (Dec. 2011)

Bob & Lisa Senn, in memory of Miss Priss, our Ragdoll kitty. (Dec. 2011)

Mark Merchant, in memory of Thomas Beacher Leathers. (Dec. 2011)

Peter Weimann, in memory of Matilda, age 20, and her screech when begging for a treat, and her sweet son Romano, age 19. (Dec. 2011)

Cathryn Johnson, in memory of Zeke, Abby, Harry and Sam. (Dec. 2011)

Mary Huber, in memory of Felix, a very good dog. (Dec. 2011)

Erin Mitchell, in honor of Gilbert whom we adopted this year from Furkids, and all of the other sweet kitties! (Dec. 2011)

Barbara G in memory of Persi. (Dec. 2011)


Barbara Waring, in memory of Sutter and Chaz – the best tuxedo kitties in the world! (Dec. 2011)

Jacques Dion, in memory of Bozo and Taos, and in celebration of Yumi and Kai whom we adopted from Furkids 25 months ago! (Dec. 2011)

Barbara G in memory of Limey Mugwumps. (Dec. 2011)


Jim & Carol Armes, for the cats of Furkids. (Dec. 2011)

Janna Karp, in honor of faithful Furkids volunteer, Chris Karp. (Dec. 2011)

Elyn Macek, in honor of Siena (aka, Furkids’ Isabella). (Dec. 2011)

Sandy Levitt, in memory of Nitro Kitty. (Dec. 2011)

Donald Henderson, in memory of Thomas Beacher Leathers. (Dec. 2011)

Laura Tenenbaum, in memory of Cathy and James’ kitty. (Dec. 2011)

In loving memory of Emily Fritzler from John and Jansen McCreary. (Dec. 2011)

Janice Shipway, in honor of my daugher, Michelle Manno, dedicated Furkids volunteer, from her mother and her sister, Janice and Haley. (Dec. 2011)

Susan Weiss, in memory of our beloved fur baby, Thommy, gone but never forgotten. (Dec. 2011)

Elizabeth Smith, I give this in memory of my amazing cat, Mouse, who passed away a year ago. Also noted are all the amazing cats who have touched my life. Thank you Furkids for all you do and thank you for my new beautiful kitten, Sparrow/Renee. – Sheridan and Miles. (Dec. 2011)

Stacy Denton, in memory of Coltrane. (Dec. 2011)

Kathy and Mike Couch in memory of Thomas Beacher Leathers. (Dec. 2011)

MaryAnne Brown, in thanks for my two boy cats from Furkids – Thomas and Hansel – whom I renamed Handsome. (Dec. 2011)

Linda June Blazer, in Memory of my Beloved, “Harmony”. (Dec. 2011)

Angela Martello, in memory of Miles. (Dec. 2011)

William & Virginia Medcalf, in honor of Jon Milavec. (Dec. 2011)

Caitlin Dooley, in honor of Barbara, Furkids Adoption Counselor, who helped us with the adoption of our cat, Sloan. Thank you! (Dec. 2011)

Dana Starr, in memory of Newton. (Dec. 2011)

Lori Landis, in memory of Emily Fritzler. (Dec. 2011)

Heidi Plumpton, in honor of Swaantje Sass. (Dec. 2011)

Carol Stark, in honor of Joyce Reynolds, dedicated Furkids volunteer. This is her Merry Christmas gift! (Dec. 2011)

Betsy Barb, in honor of Joyce Reynolds Birthday! (Dec. 2011)

Carol Stark, in honor of Joyce Reynolds, dedicated Furkids volunteer. Happy Birthday! (Dec. 2011)

William Lasseigne, III & Ms. Jacki Jaynes, in memory of Emily Anne Fritzler. (Dec. 2011)

Richard Bernal, in honor of Dina Walton, who was such a big help in the adoption of Linus and Victor. (Dec. 2011)

Hali Larson, in loving memory of Malcolm L., taken from us much too soon. Thank you for being such a good friend. (Dec. 2011)

Stephen Streiffer, in honor of Jenny and Nathan Mascaro. (Dec. 2011)

Jared Travis, in honor of Baxter. (Dec. 2011)

The Chaliff Family, in memory of Emily Fritzler. Your smile will be missed by all. (Dec. 2011)

Bruce Kalmin, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Dec. 2011)

Kate Hutto, in honor of David Steger. (Dec. 2011)

Linda Cooper, in honor of Rubye and Wayne Reid. (Dec. 2011)

Tracie Hollis, in memory of Josie and Indigo. (Dec. 2011)

Bridget Beier, Merry Christmas from Buckaroo, Callie and Winston – to all the kitties at the shelter still waiting for their forever homes! (Dec. 2011)

Donna Overall,  I adopted my cat Rachel Meowdow (she was called Ami when I got her) through Furkids at the PetSmart on Cobb Parkway. I’m so glad she had you to care for her until she found her forever home. Blessings on the work you do. (Dec. 2011)

Judy Francis, in memory of Emily Fritzler and in appreciation of her dad, Richard. With love and prayers, Lily Francis and family (Dec. 2011)

Deborah Yates, in loving memory of our family cats, Kira who passed away 4-27-11 at age of seventeen, and Kalar who passed away 12-12-11 at the age of nineteen. We miss them so much. (Dec. 2011)

Brian Porter, in honor of our beloved, Luna that we adopted from you many years ago (in 2002)! Merry Christmas to you and all the kitties! (Dec. 2011)

Martha Miller, thank you for all you do! (Dec. 2011)

Anita Lynn, in memory of Puff Lynn. (Dec. 2011)

From, Big Al (Albuquerque), Onyx, Xena, Casper, Mr. Sprinkles, Velcro & Turra Atkinson. (Dec. 2011)

Rhonda Houk, in honor of Schatzi Houk (Dec. 2011)

John & Jansen McCreary, in memory of Emily Fritzler. (Dec. 2011)

Margaret Howard, Christmas gift for Max Howard and Diane Bray in honor of their two Furkids “Alumni” Callie and Geronimo. (Dec. 2011)

Bijan Eftekhar family Christmas donation. (Dec. 2011)

Rabeth Walker, in memory of Puffin, a 3 oz. baby kitten who crossed over the rainbow bridge. (Dec. 2011)

Esther Moszkowicz, In memory of Phyllis and Sharon Rose. (Dec. 2011)

Debbie Chartash, In memory of Emily Fritzler. To Heather and David, I am so sorry for your loss. I know she will be missed. Please know I am thinking of you. (Dec. 2011)


Elaine Muir, from Molly for all of my rescue dog friends. (Dec. 2011)

Benjamin Elliott, Merry Christmas Lee and Charis!!! (Dec. 2011)

Svetlana Titova, We wish all of you at Furkids a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012! (Dec. 2011)

Margaret Wood, in memory of Emily Fritzler, a great friend who will be very missed. (Dec. 2011)

Robin Sterling, in memory of Smokey, who walked up our driveway one day and stayed for 18 years. (Dec. 2011)

Meredith Cornett, in honor of Jo Ann Bowdoin-Aynsley in lieu of Christmas gifts – the biggest cat lover we know :-) (Dec. 2011)

Mary Weidemeyer, in honor of all the cats who deserve good homes and the humans who help them. (Dec. 2011)

Jennifer Wood, In loving memory of Patsy and Livy. (Dec. 2011)

Scott Beamer, Merry Christmas! (Dec. 2011)

Piper Burnette, in memory of my beautiful Daria: precious cat baby and forever friend. (Dec. 2011)

The kitties of the lakes of highland, in honor of Michael (7041) (Dec. 2011)

Steve Brickley, in honor of Kate & Mike Browne. Merry Christmas! (Dec. 2011)

Jo & John Collins: In loving memory of our beloved, Shelly. We miss you and will see you in heaven. (Dec. 2011)

Jo & John Collins: In memory of our beloved cat, Jake. We miss you and will see you again in heaven. (Dec. 2011)

Barbara Orloff, in honor of the birth of Wyatt Mathews, born 11/19/2011 to Melissa and Doug Mathews. (Dec. 2011)

Harry Siegrist, in honor of Radar. May God bless him! (Nov. 2011)

Lorna Linhart, in honor of the recent marriage of Dr. Lori Lucas on 11/11/11. (Nov. 2011)

Kathryn & Steve Mettler, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan’s wedding, 11/11/11. (Nov. 2011)

Phil & Zoe Lancaster, in memory of “Yikes!” the cat. Beloved feline companion of Lee Gallo and Alan Burrell. (Nov. 2011)

NAI Brannen Goddard, LLC, in memory of Enrico Mastrocola. (Nov. 2011)

Terry & Margaret Stent, in memory of Carla Dee Hardwick. (Nov. 2011)

Elizabeth Steinhaus, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Rosemarie Lerza, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Jaime Ackerman, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Hental & Lina Karsan, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Julia Salter, in memory of Sparky — best doggie crooner ever! (Nov. 2011)

Margaret Watkins, in Honor of Ann Cobb, a cat lover, celebrating her 60th birthday! (Nov. 2011)

From the Horack family in honor of Lori Lucas & Mark Jordan’s 11/11/11 wedding!! Congratulations!! (Nov. 2011)

Andrew Stephens, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas & Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Patrice Campbell, honoring the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan on 11/11/11. (Nov. 2011)

Rachel & Bernard Webster, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. Congratulations! (Nov. 2011)

Melinda Mistr, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

April Johnson, in honor of Lori Lucas & Mark Jordan getting married! (Nov. 2011)

Measha Dancy, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

God bless you both, Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan, in your marriage and for your thoughtfulness of those that will benefit from your generosity, Ron and Susanne Mabini. (Nov. 2011)

Scott and Carole Foster- In honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Judith Flair, in celebration of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan on 11/11/11. May you be blessed with many years of happiness and health! Judith (Nov. 2011)

Joyce Peji, in celebration of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

April O’Callaghan, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan’s wedding. (Nov. 2011)

Allison Bower, in honor of Lori Lucas and her marriage to Mark Jordan! (Nov. 2011)

Wendy Templeton, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan’s wedding. (Nov. 2011)

Barbara & Alan Kaplan, in honor of the marriage of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Nov. 2011)

Suzanne Dickinson, in memory of my mother Addie Mae Bordeaux and her way of celebrating my birthdays. (Nov. 2011)

Elyse Glaser & Klaus Guenther, in honor of the wedding of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. May you always be as happy as you are today. Love, Elyse & Klaus. (Nov. 2011)

Sue Trotter, in memory of Mary Virginia Allen who adopted and loved dozens of lucky kitties for over 50 years. (Nov. 2011)

Randi Isaacs, in memory of Patrick, the beloved cat of Katie Ghertner. (Oct. 2011)

Sheryl Dickman, In celebtration of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. Wishing them years of wedded bliss!  Love, Steve & Sheryl. (Oct. 2011)

Jules Borghardt, in loving memory of Penny Han-Barthelemy. (Oct. 2011)

The Lucas and Fowler Families, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan’s wedding, 11/11/11. (Oct. 2011).

Bill and Christy Adams, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan’s wedding 11/11/11.(Oct. 2011)

Mary Pitcher, in honor of the wedding of Dr. Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan on Nov 11, 2011. (Oct. 2011)

Diane Wisebram, in honor of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Oct. 2011)

Amy Loar, in honor of Sarah Lewyn on her Bat Mitzvah! (Oct. 2011)

Ann Strock, celebrating Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan, 11/11/11, Congratulations!! (Oct. 2011)

Jennifer Anderson, in honor of Jessica and Matt’s wedding! (Oct. 2011)

David Saltzman, in honor of Sarah Lewyn on her Bat Mitzvah! (Oct. 2011)

Ellen Koransky, in honor of the wedding of Lori Lucas and Mark Jordan. (Oct. 2011)

Betty Schuder, in honor of Sarah & David Wargon and their volunteer work with Furkids (Sept. 2011)

Alison Dealy, in honor of Anita Lynn’s birthday! (Sept. 2011)

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Helfman, in memory of Oreo (Sept. 2011)

Daniel & Beth Umstead, in memory of Fred. (Sept. 2011)

Carolyn Branch, in honor of Kate Branch-Browne & Jessica Stephenson and your great work! (Sept. 2011)

Jill & Chad Benko, in honor of Lori Lucas & Mark Jordan. (Sept. 2011)

Lauren Osborne, in honor of Lori Lucas & Mark Jordan. (Sept. 2011)

Jean Krugman, in honor of the wedding of Jason Mahn and Alexandra Outlaw. (Sept. 2011)

Jane Bick, in memory of Sangria. (Sept. 2011)

Suzanne Dickinson, in honor of RC’s 13th birthday. (Sept. 2011)

Leah Adams, in memory of Haley (11/16/00 – 6/23/11). (Sept. 2011)

Judy Burge, in memory of W. Lee Burge on the third anniversary of his death. He didn’t love cats, but he loved Sam Shelton! This is for him! (Sept. 2011) Note from Sam: And I loved him! It was a privilege and honor to have worked for such a great man of honor and integrity. They don’t make them like Mr. Burge anymore.

Betty Dunnigan, in honor of Tara and in remembrance of Rusty. (Sept. 2011)

Susan & Richard Mueller, in honor of Ann Sikes’ volunteer work. (Sept. 2011)

Dianna Bolick, for emergency fund, in memory of Bonnie Ford. (Sept. 2011)

Lisa Loewenstein, in honor of Anita Lynn’s birthday! (Sept. 2011)

Daniel Wesner, in honor of Anita Lynn’s birthday! (Sept. 2011)

Rustom Maneksha, in memory of Meatball. Congrats Aaron and Sarah. RJM (Sept. 2011)

Jean Harris, in memory of Jing Jing (Sept. 2011)

Adrienne Steele, in honor of Jessica and Matt’s wedding (Sept. 2011)

Sheri McGee, in memory of Brandy (Sept. 2011)

Barbara Orloff, in memory of Cole Porter the beloved feline of Suzanne, Steve and Aidan Zigler. Cole Porter was a unique and wonderful kitty and will be sorely missed. (Sept. 2011)

Betsy & Jacob Bottomley, in honor of Jonathon Purdy’s 10th Birthday! (Aug. 2011)

Linley Jones, in honor of Anita Lynn’s birthday (Aug. 2011)

Cheryl Hagedorn: In memory of Jemma Biel. (Aug. 2011)

Gillian Ross in memory of Allison Rae Baduria (Aug. 2011)

Tracey Lang: In loving memory of our beloved cat Bailey who is gone but never forgotten. (Aug. 2011)

Sydney “Skippy” Davis, in honor of Donna & Mike Russell and their help with Carport. (July 2011)

Patricia Scott: In memory of Bonnie Ford and with gratitude to Furkids for taking her kitties. They will be well cared for, I know, and you undoubtedly gave her great peace of mind.

Barbara Orloff: In honor of Suzanne Zigler’s birthday, June 16th.

Jennifer, a donation has been made to Furkids in memory of your precious GeorgeCooper. He and his brother, Beau, are now Guardian Angels for all the precious kitties here on earth — Cynthia Pierce

Paul Pion: In Memory of Bonnie Sue Ford From ISG/VIN

Valerie Dawson: In loving memory of Virginia Kell

From Holly Crenshaw and Jen Christensen: In honor of Ginger Cain and Miles Smith

Katherine Branch: In memory of Bonnie Ford. Thank you for helping her with her 19 cats in her greatest time of need and giving her peace at the end of her life.

Diana Bolick, in memory of Bonnie Ford

Patricia Mayfield, in memory of Bonnie Ford

Svetlana Titova, in appreciation of the Furkids staff and volunteers for everything they do and for saving our two wonderful kittens, Sasha and Punchy!

Hali Larson, in memory of Diana T’s cat, Tess, who went to kitty heaven after 14 years on this earth.

Shirley Tauber-Nguyen, in honor of Chantal Anderson’s birthday

Barbara Orloff — in memory of Cosmo, the beloved King Charles Cavalier spaniel of Alison and John Kelly.

Barbara Orloff — in memory of Julia Worrell’s brother Paul who has since passed away.

Lisa Meyer — in memory of Bonnie Ford, towards the care of her cats and in honor of all of the cats that she has rescued.

Deborah Koontz & Marcia Fye, in remembrance of Buster, beloved cat of Linda McGehee and Caroline Joe.

Annette Dercole — in memory of Bonnie Ford

Donna Thompson — in memory of Bonnie Ford

Susan Weiss — in memory of Bonnie Ford

Janese Parker — In Memory of Batty, a wonderful friend for 17 years

Jacque Knight — in memory of Ginny and Sam

Renee Cardona — in memory of Cyrus

Peg Walter — in remembrance of June Anderson

Jean Caldwell — in remembrance of Virginia Crocker Kell

Mr. & Mrs. E. Fay Pearce, Jr. — in remembrance of Virginia Crocker Kell

Mr. & Mrs. William Collins — in honor of Rubye Reid

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goggin — in memory of Virginia Kell

Billie Jean Frady — in memory of Virginia Kell

Sally Waldron — in memory of Virginia Kell

Laney, Boteler & Killinger — in memory of Virginia Kell

Dr. & Mrs. Lillian Grovenstein, Jr. — in memory of Virginia Kell

Millie Rovny — in memory of her Nasty Cat, a BIG cat with an equally big heart

Meredith Turner in honor of Modi, my beloved kitty

Sue Trotter, in honor of Furkids volunteer, Jessica Stephenson, for the work she does for Furkids.

Scott Beamer — In memory of Sherman, for his 18 years of unconditional love

Barbara Orloff — in memory of Louie, the beloved English Mastif companion of Leah, Bruce and Rachel Stanley. Louis was so sweet, gentle and loving that everyone who knew him adored him. He will be greatly missed!

Lucy and Mike Kerman — in memory of Mary Beth Harrington

Tracie Hollis, shelter sponsor on November 22, 2010

Al Lindseth — in memory of Mary Beth Harrington

Valora Strickland — in memory of her little buddy, Barney

Lisa Loewenstein — in memory of Furkids supporter Larry Levan.

Tammy Haiden — in honor of Dr. Mel Gordon and Deb Thomas

Patricia Miller — in honor of Lisa Senn for all her hard work and dedication to Furkids

Sylvia Hom — in honor of Sabrina Hom’s birthday

Sarah Downer — In loving memory of Barnaby Downer. He was a true angel and friend. He will always be remembered with love.

Don & Tara Muenz — in remembrance of Shadow

Lisa Crowder — in memory of her father, L. D. Crowder

Kellie Landreth — in memory of her father

Martha Camp — in honor of Willie for Christmas, her Furkids adoptee

Bunny Gauntt — in honor of Loretta for Christmas, her Furkids adoptee

Joan & Albert McGovern — in honor of Jeani & Tim McGovern

Jennifer Yin — shelter sponsor October 20, 2011, in memory of beloved, Mini Yin.

Susan & Curtis Brown — in honor of Martha Camp

Susan Groszkiewicz & Teresa Gann — in memory of Sara

Robin Kirkpatrick — in honor of Jet and in memory of Wally … two of the world’s most wonderful fur kids!

From Linda Blazer in memory of our beloved “Harmony” and in honor of Samantha Shelton who graced my life and Harmony’s life with our precious female “Melody” in 2002.

Alison Moore in honor of Jennifer Engelstad, Mango and Lassi

Liz Hearing – as a Christmas gift for Rosemary Drake, in memory of her precious Leo

June Burson – in honor of Pat Locher

Martha Taylor – in honor or Cindy Gustafson for Christmas

Kent Denton – shelter sponsor February 28, 2011

Kent Denton – shelter sponsor April 16, 2011

Kevin Kell – in memory of James Lewis Waldron – a great friend and a devoted cat lover.

James & Eleanor Henderson III, in memory of Mary Beth Harrington

Katie Downer – A donation to the Phoenix Care Fund in honor of Barnaby.

Heather Kannam — in memory of her wonderful kitty-lover sister-in-law, Audrey Burns McCutchen, and her special cat Tiger.

Laurence Tuten — in honor of his adopted kitty, Onyx. “Onyx is a GREAT kitty!”

Sharon Blumer & Marcia Parker — in memory of “Miss Kitty’, the beloved pet of Sandra Bragg and Marianna Wilson

James, Ken, Katie & Mary Pittman — in memory of Stanley the Cat

June Cornuet — in honor of Cody and in memory of Buckwheat

Dennis Larson — in honor of Hali Larson

Ann Dozier — Shelter Sponsor for September 13, 2010 — in honor of Rebecca Holland

Christina Weinstin — in memory of Priscilla Zettler Greenley

Joan Beck — in honor of Rubye Reid

In memory of Nicholas Rodbell — your family loved you so much! Love, Kristy, Quito, Josie and Margaret Anderson

For my friend Stefanie Elder — in memory of her beloved dog Sammie, from Lisa Loewenstein.

Barbara Orloff — in loving memory of Rey

Our hearts and prayers are with you and we know you miss and love Tigger – Love, Kim and Melinda

Frances Statham — in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Andrea and John Pruitt — in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Helen Faser — in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Frances Morgan — in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Gisele & David George — in memory of Ginger

Pat & Tom Locher — in memory of Anthony Rich Carani

Esther Moszkowicz — in memory of Sharon Rose Charlene

Martha Camp — in memory of Steve

Cindy Hall — in memory of Steve

Debra Cartstens, on behalf of Mark McDonald, beloved animal lover

Marjorie Smith, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Harriet Sessoms, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

William Mitchell, Jr., in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Balser, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Melinda Sue Stumm, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Bernadette Balestreire, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Marsha Grout, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Patricia Harmon, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Carol Sharkey, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Eleanor Troutman, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Teresa Breckenridge, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

David York, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Necia Kelleher, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Debra Carstens, on behalf of Mark McDonald, beloved animal lover

June and Don Day, in memory of Priscilla, beloved feline companion of granddaughter, Cindy Zettler-Greeley

Martha Camp, in memory of Furkids’ beloved feline friend, Steve

Cindy Hall, in memory of Furkids’ beloved feline friend, Steve

Ginger Reid, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Esther Moszkkowicz, in memory of Sharon Rose Charlene

Gisela George, in honor of King George

Temme Barkin-Leeds and Steve Leeds, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Ann Hays, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Doris Shelton, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Nova Jane McCombs, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Diana Bradley, in honor of Rubye Reid’s birthday

Rebecca Hall in honor of Elizabeth Bosserman

From Crystal Russell, in honor of Joan and Roy Scarborough who have rescued and raised many cats. 

Dedicated to Zevo and North Dekalb Vet Clinic for the wonderful care they provide to our cats — Janiene

Lynna and Toby Murphy “In memory of Menu, a sweet soul who has left rainbows in our hearts.”

Jackie Johnson in memory of Irene Hilliard, “Nana.”

Yuko Mizuno in honor of Sarah.

Elizabeth Ramsey in honor of a sick stray cat kindly euthanized at no charge by Village Vets.

In memory of little Rooney who will not be forgotten. – J. Stephenson

Memorial donation in memory of “P. C.”, beloved pet of Don & Jacque Knight

The Kibby Family in rembrance of Flower, a truly beautiful cat.

Amy Swartz in memory of Sandy Hartman

Felicia McAleer in memory of Shari Johannes, Founder of Dog Pack Rescue in Calhoun, GA

A special donation in memory of Cindy from Dana Jolivet.

A special donation from Heather McClain and Mary Donahue, in memory of their sweet feline children, Katie and Bonzai and of our special friend, Sandy Hartman.

In honor of Mary, Chino and Biscuit – by Pam and Lexi

Suzanne and Steve Zigler, in loving memory of Pouncival Orloff

Bernadette Saviano in memory of Sandy Hartman

Joe Phelan in honor of Jitters

Jennifer Morton’s purchase of a Kuranda pet bed, in honor of Macs Rumbaugh

Alan Burrell & Lee Gallo, in honor of Zoe Lancaster, owner of, on her birthday!

Robert Burns, Daniel Falkler and Susan Falkler in memory of Sandy Hartman.

Felizitas Standeford in honor of Sir Piglett

Luigi and Mary Borri in memory of Sandy Hartman

Sarah Osburn in memory of Sandy Hartman

John Kimberling in memory of L. D. Crowder

Nancy and Dunbar Jewell, in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Wisebram

Paula Smith shelter sponor December 25, 2009, in honor of the Hoops and Hawgs! Three years in a row! Thank you!

Mary Weidemeyer shelter sponsor January 23, 2010

Carlton Fields, P.A. January 4, 5, 6, 2010

Nicole Neill December 10 & 11, 2010

Matt Maxwell shelter sponsor

Elyn Macek shelter sponsor

Kristin Maxson shelter sponsor June 7, 2010, in honor of Nancy Andre’s birthday

Kristin Burns shelter sponsor June 17, 2010 in honor of Nancy Andre.

Christine Umstead in honor of Dan Umstead

Joslin and Matt Maxwell, shelter sponsor in honor of our adopted kitty – Lil’ Man.Thanks Furkids for all that you do!

Marissa Camrud in memory of Georgie

Susan Haynes in honor of Felicity

Scott Stafford in memory of Sandy Hartman

Dan Nickless in honor of David Steger

Bridget Beier for Buster, one of the world’s best dogs ever, who owned Lynn Kear and Kimber Herndon

Marietta Slemp in memory of Robert Zahner

Joe & Terri Lombino in memory of Angel. Have a blessed Christmas!

The following in memory of L. D. Crowder:

  • Paula La Frenierre
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bob Foster
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim Keller
  • Mr. Thomas Lamb
  • Ms. Jeanne Pearson
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Shaw
  • Ms. Barbara Snelling
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Shortridge in rembrance of Jeeves

Barbara Snelling in remembrance of L. D. Crowder

Marissa Camrud in memory of her beloved, Georgie

Doris Godwin to honor Frankie

Sharlene & Robert Foster in remembrance of L. D. Crowder

Nancy & Bob Stanley in remembrance of L. D. Crowder

Susan Meyers in memory of Sampson

Jim & Pat Keller in remembrance of L. D. Crowder

Boyd & Deborah Rogers in remembrance of Pippin and Pearl

Martha Taylor in honor of Cindy Gustafson, as a Christmas gift because of her love of cats!

John & Carolyn Fellows on behalf of Alison & Jason Fellows

Beth & Chris Bruck in honor of Rubye & Wayne

Reid, as a Christmas gift

William & Virginia Medcalf in honor of Lynn Harris Medcalf

In memory of my Uncle L.D. who loved animals and especially his cats.  We’ll miss you. Love always, your niece Janet.

Shirley Williams in memory of L. D. Crowder

Pauline and Bob Weaver in memory of L. D. Crowder

Dennis Cherry in memory of L. D. Crowder

Dr. & Mrs. Onno VanAssendelft in memory of L. D. Crowder

Erica Stagg in memory of Gidget Girl Santaniello

Gisela Brinkmann in honor of Patches and Winston Steger

Linda & David Steger in memory of Kitty, beloved pet of Gisela & Ulrich Brinkmann

IntercontinentalExchange in honor of Jennifer Maze

Barbara & Roger Orloff in memory of their son Pagoda Foo Pouncival who died on 12/12/2009. He was the most beautifuland brilliant Birman to grace this planet and the heavens above.

Terri Brunson, in memory of beloved Furkids Cheese, Angel and Flame.

David Tucker, for Ken in memory of Buddy.

Jacques Dion in loving memory of my two cats, Bozo who passed away last December at age 16, and Taos, who passed away this month, on November 12 at age 17. I had had them since they were four weeks old.

Danielle West in memory of Alleycat, my sister-in-law’s sweet kitty.

Danielle West In loving memory of Amber; Eric and Judy’s sweet kitty

Kathi Lienemann in honor of Piper & Mo; 2 kitties I rescued and found homes for.

And Lusee & Snickers, my two girls!

Kate & Beau Hutto in honor of David Steger.

Kellie and Donovan Buckley in honor of Tracy Reidenbach’s birthday!

Barbara Orloff in loving memory of Zelda Zigler, beloved canine companion of her dear friends Suzanne and Steve Zigler.

Furkids would like to thank the Ziglers for adopting Sinatra and giving him such a wonderful home!

Julie & Roger Bassett, in loving memory of Little Bit, Lucky, Spot and Four Eyes

Joy & Tom Webb, in memory of “Charlie”, beloved pet of Jacque & Don Knight.

Sharon Murphy in honor of Meagan and Mandy, adopted in May 2007.

Claire Monyak in honor of Matt Seaman’s Bat Mitzvah.

Donna Morrow in memory of two special cats, Murphy and Garbo, beloved pets of Brenda Barr.

Rebecca Henry in remembrance of Richard Santry

Maureen Richardson in memory of Charlotte, a beautiful calico, beloved feline companion of Anne-Marie Batal

Michelle Cooley, in honor of Kimberly Brigance’s beloved kitty, Mr. Frisky.

The Davenport Family in memory of our beloved, Shadow

Ann Phillips & Ray Edwards in honor of The Lloyd E. Russell Foundation

Celestial Healing Wellness Center in loving memory of our beloved pet Zeta

Caroline Helfgott, in honor of Matthew Seaman

Jackie Martin, in honor of Cole and Ella, Furkids adoptees

Autrey Mill Middle School, in remembrance of Sandy Contreras

Alice Miller in honor of Tracy Miller’s birthday, Furkids volunteer extraordinaire!

Sheri and Steven McGee in memory of our beloved, Brandy

Susan Colegrove in rembrance of her beloved kitty, O’Reilly

Joyce Cleveland in memory of Babe

Beth in memory of my best kitty pal Bob, (2/89 – 1/09) through college, my first apartment in Atlanta, 7 years in NYC and finally our home back in Atlanta.

Didi Hopper to remember Jasper the cat

Kim and Glenn Barnett in memory of our special pet, Oscar.

Kristine Hansen Dederick in sweet loving memory of Mickey, Charlie-cat, and Cummings

Jonathan Martin in loving memory of Cleo Reynolds- Martin

Diedre Hopper in honor of Ella

Joyce Cleveland in memory of Babe

Barbara Robinson in appreciation of Bert (aka alph-bert and berberberber-Bertie-cat) for many priceless moments of laughter and love.

Natasha Crupko/David Kurtzon in memory of Janet Pilarski

Emma Clarke for the FIV house, in memory of Bandy, in the name of the Walston Cats. From Blade and Family.

Ashley Filip in honor of the famous Pippy, the Songwriting Cat.

Ashley Filip in loving memory of Murray Filip.

William & Virginia Medcalf in honor of Lynn Harris Medcalf & Jon Milavec

Karen Elich in loving memory of Tanman

Donna Kuenzel in memory of Sammy, my kitty who passed away in November from liver cancer

Darby Mori in loving memory for Sir Merlin (1/30/06), Squeak (2/13/01) and TenSpeed (2/15/01). Squeak (aka Rainbow) and TenSpeed (aka Cassie) died from smoke inhalation when our home was destroyed by fire on 2/13/01. I will always treasure their love and remember how loving and funny each of them was. Sassy still calls out for her boyfriend, Sir Merlin at night. I look forward to seeing them again on the other side

Marsha Diane Driggins in loving memory for Sir Merlin (1/30/06), Squeak (2/13/01) and TenSpeed (2/15/01). Squeak (aka Rainbow) and TenSpeed (aka Cassie) died from smoke inhalation when our home was destroyed by fire on 2/13/01. I will always treasure their love and remember how loving and funny each of them was. Sassy still calls out for her boyfriend, Sir Merlin at night. I look forward to seeing them again on the other side

Susan Meyers in memory of Sampson and Bingo, our loving kitty and dog lost in 2008. Still in our hearts.

Lynn Daniel in memory of Miki and Mini who left such large marks in the hearts they touched, especially their mommy’s.Thank you for sending Sweet Pea and Doodlebug down in your places.

Heather Kodman in honor of Scamp.

Katharine Field in honor of Nancy Field.

Rachel Saloom in honor of Susan Williams, in loving memory of her precious cat Scaredy.

Mary-Elizabeth Ellard in honor of Dr. Hayes at Ansley Animal Clinic, Atlanta, GA.

Given in loving memory of our boy Ringo. We miss you, Jessica, Dale, Colton, Ruby, Ripley, and Tina

Martha Miller in loving memory of Lucy, Linus and Maggie.

Louise Tillman in honor of Hartley

Troy and Shauna Matteson in memory of our beloved and best buddy, Kyber!

Carol Baker in memory of a special cat named, Norge. Beloved feline companion of Karen and Paul Fincannon.

Lisa Shackelford, in memory of Princess, my sweet kitty girl who passed away on April 30, 2008; I’ll see you, Charlie Brown and Freeway at Rainbow Bridge.

Laura Moakler, in honor of my mother, Melinda Clapp, and in memory of her wonderful kitties, Seaweed, Boaz, and Buford.

Stephanie Abualia in memory of Mini, Kwan, and Deek.

Kelly Theresa Linton, In honor of Satchel who we lost last month to CRF.

Keely Smith in memory of my cat Tibalt who died from feline leukemia.

Liz Kinder, in memory of Silver, my brothers family cat who recently passed away.

Jean Davis, In loving memory of Samantha (Sam) who for almost 18 years let Jonathan & Jeff live with her and take care of her. She will be missed.

Karin Flutsch in rememberance of my greatly missed and beloved cat, Santis.

Susan and Garrett Meyers, in memory of our beloved Sampson.

Cathy Loew in honor of The Miler Family’s beloved dog, Lucy.

Sara Foster in memory of Squiggy – such a handsome kitty who fought the good fight as long as he could; also in honor of Trish and Lily, who took very good care of him.

Sara Foster in memory of Pierre – a very sweet boy who also fought the good fight as long as he could; also in honor of his foster mom, Leslie, who even though she only had him a very short time, loved him very much.

Sara Foster in memory of JoAnn – a beautiful momma kitty who had five very beautiful babies and took care of them the best she could – she left us way too soon, but she will be remembered

Barbara Orloff in memory of Simba Pantera Orloff who died on 4/25/08. With his boundless love, he graced my life for 14 years. He was my true miracle and will be missed eternally.

Kim Brigance, in honor of Bastille, for Michelle Cooley.

Ellen Lenart in honor of Melissa Carman’s birthday

Beth & Jerry Reeves in honor of Curt Gorman’s birthday

Keely Smith in memory of my cat, Tibalt

Shirley McDonald in honor of Andrew Luck

Jackie Martin in honor of Cole & Ella, Furkids adoptees September 2006

Janie Wright in memory of Bud, a most special cat and to honor the birthday of my daughter

JoAnn Manning in Remembrance of Camille Landreth.

Mary Kohler and Dan Ball in memory of Barbara Walt’s beloved cat, Mouser.

Susan Widmayer in memory of Camille Landreth

ESA Anesthesiology Group at Johns Creek Hospital in memory of Camille Landreth

The Division of Aging Services – Planning and Evaluation Section would like to make a donation in honor of Beverly Littlefield.

Anonymous in the name of Rita Waller

Reid Tatum in the name of St. Martin’s Episcopal School Faculty and Staff

Lynn Hood in the name of Holley McBroom

Alison Moore in the name of Jennifer Engelstad

Denise Wellenstein in the name of Janet Hull

John Williams in the name of The Galdo Family

Michelle Andreucci

David Dubrow in honor of all the cats who need homes and love! And in remembrance of all my cats I had growing up and now.

Virginia & William Medcalf in honor of Jon Milavec

Sandhya Ballal for abused and homeless animals in the name of Payton, my rescue dog

Renee Palmer & Patsy McGirl in memory of Chester Hunsacker. Because Christine Hunsaker and her staff at Paws, Whiskers and Wags Pet Crematory have assisted so many pet owners through the grief process, we want to honor her through our contribution to Furkids. In death, Chester reminds all of us that our pets accept us as we are, and leave us forever changed.

Karen Chambers in honor of Meredith Emerson

Emily Martin

This Kitty Angel is for Brownie, Pixel’s sister, who also passed away this fall at the age of 18.

This Kitty Angel is for Pixel, who passed away in October at the age of 18.

Nancy Martin in honor of Joy Martin

Christian Weitzel in memory of Meredith Emerson.

Holly Graves in honor of Lisa Walston and in memory of Bandy and to help the FIV+ kitties.

Selwyn Simmons in honor of Dr. Mary Mascheck

Sue Crane, in honor of Theresa, Lynn, Beverly and Rick

Denise Wellenstein, In loving memory of our sweet baby, Cricket.

Karen Elich

William Alamillo in honor of Dr. Diane Wisebram

Regina Price in memory of Kalika

Julie Mckenna in honor of The Ricard Family

Julie Mckenna in honor of The Johnston Family

Beth Bruck, as a Christmas gift in honor of Rubye Reid

Jean Hilburn in honor of Susan Stallard

Sandra Thompson in honor of her sister, Linda Keown

Sue Crane, in memory of a cat hit by a car who died in my arms

Jean Davis, in memory of Buster, son of Jonathan and Jeff

Clint Martin, In loving memory of Laura Steele. Your memory will live on forever in our hearts and through the lives of our animals.

In memory of Nina, beautiful kitty companion of Ellen Crane

In memory of Millie, beloved kitty companion of Susan Biggs

Randye Lloyd in memory of her precious, Clairette

Jean Davis in remembrance of Max Davis, my beautiful and loving Siberian cat

Gary Harden for Smack2 and her kittens: Mickey, Minnie, Inky, Binky, Pinky and Clyde

Billie Bennett in honor of Adi Feinberg

Hali Larson in memory of Bandy

Sandy Cruty in memory of Rita Hewitt Swann.

In loving memory of Laura Steele. Her kind heart will always be remembered through the life and love of her sister, Shelton.

Emily Steele in memory of Laura Elizabeth Steele who taught me the unconditional love of animals.

Camilla Cruikshank in honor of my favorite Pekingese who died three weeks ago: Jeffrey Lawrence Dew.

Mary E Davis in memory of Alexis, a beautiful Persian whose mom is Lynne Boykin from Florida.

Renae Glass in remembrance of Buddy, beloved canine companion of volunteer, Lisa Senn.

Renae Glass in remembrance of Maylee, beloved feline companion of Teresa Hayles

Renae Glass in honor of Doris Godwin, Furkids volunteer

Marcia Resnik

Jennifer Feliu in loving memory of Andre Quincy (“Q-ee”) and Claire (“Poopie”). Being able to love you for sixteen and fifteen years was not long enough.

Laura Butler in memory of Scout, “a beloved cat {who} died this morning.” (July 19th, 2007). His mom is Dianne DaLee of Mableton, Ga.

Ellen Cross in memory and honor of Bailey, a very elegant and loving Furkids cat. Banks, Biddle and I will never forget the gift your presence gave us.

From Christina Resnick Stark in remembrance of Max – the best cat who ever lived!!

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mills in honor of Squeak

Tricia Webster in honor of Darby Mori

Anna Kathryn Hodges in honor of Delaney Zinn’s Sixth Birthday!

Diane Brennan in remembrance of Rowdy – the BEST cat ever!

Art Zografos in remembrance of Fucci, Buffy, Mouse and Ruby

Rick Custer in honor of Doris Roy

Jane Royal in memory of Polly Cat

Jean Davis in honor of Max Davis

June Swan in memory of Wilbur Swan

Norma Franco in memory of Lucky Franco for Elliott

Jackie Martin in honor of adopted cats, Ella and Cole

Randye Lloyd in, In Memory of Clairette Donation

Linda & Jack Pannell in remembrance of Elizabeth, G.K. and Charlie

Karen & Ryan Cramer in honor of Lucy

Connie Rude in memory of Pepper Rude

Karen Steinger: In honor of April (aka Joni), adopted by Jim Giles and Karen April 1, 2006 and in honor of Zorro and in memory of Wallace

Celia Hauschild, in honor of Ethi Slavin

Lee Smith in honor of Danny & Beth Umstead

Tara Scofield in remembrance of Lambert

Donna & Donal Niederkorn in memory of Heather Daniels

Margo Mills In honor of Squeak

Kathy Layden in remembrance of Wildman Roane

Brian Sites in memory of Wile

Samantha Worthen in honor of Furkids friend and volunteer, Jen Kelley

Jim & Paige Powers in memory of Duke.

Yoshimi Hosoda in honor of Heather Daniels

Mark Slater in honor of Heather Daniels

Jill Sullivan in honor of Lisa Crowder’s birthday

Bob & Maria Sanders in honor of Diego, adopted from Furkids 11/13/05

Gail Sisson in memory of Furkids friend and volunteer, Peg Jones

James Pate: In Memory of Mattie Pate, beloved cat of Velera Pate.

David Chastain in honor of Precious

Cebo Price in memory of Wisp. He was a cat that I found in the road after he had been hit by a car, who turned out to be FIV-positive. He was such a sweet, brave cat. I was lucky to have him for a couple of years before he died.

Cheryl Miller in honor of Skyla

Jan Wright in honor of Mary Baker for her 55th birthday!

Joanne C in celebration of Gail J’s Birthday

Barbara Amaker in honor of Karen O’Neal

Glen Scott: In honor of Tricia and Rascal

Dorothy Goodwin: In memory of Forest

Judy Welzenbacher & Julia Hartman: In memory of Bingo.

J. Leigh Moore: In honor of Bhakti

Elizabeth Lucas: In memory of Emily.

Sue Northington: In honor of Susan Stallard’s Birthday, Furkids volunteer

Jennifer Yin: In memory of Toby Koo

Gail Gaither: In memory of Emily. Our sweet, feisty feline companion

Leigh Ann Dickey for Brinksey – still my little boy; so sweet.

Cindi Kisiel-Smith in the memory of our friend and fellow voluteer, Wayne Bailey.

Renee Cardona, Kayla Hammonds and Hannah Cardona for Dartanion – we love and miss you!

Lisa Johnson for Moe- You are my special little guy. I have cried countless tears for you. You did not enter this world nor leave it unnoticed. You have entered my heart and there you will stay forever. Love, Mama.

Carl Kiplinger in memory of Tiger.

Karen Stewart in memory of Jennie Burgess.

Laura Butler in memory of Mac and Rosalind Prince

Katherine Muir in memory of Georgette

Judith Dean in memory of Shelby

Lillian Hamilton in memory of Katie Hamilton cat.

John, Janet, Chris & Matthew Tyler for Tigger -In memory of our beloved Tigger and to honor our new furkids Ginger and Julio.

Cynthia Hubler for Roxy and Gable

Lisa Walston for Bono – We love you and still miss you every day.

Catherine Butler for Sam- In memory of Sam, my 12 year old cat, who crossed the rainbow bridge a week ago.

Andrea and Dick Wuori for Willis and Bullet

Nadine Strickland for Rumplestilzchen ‘Rumpy’ Strickland –- the most wonderful cat there ever was


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