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Successful adoptions and happy animals are at the heart of what we strive for at Furkids. One of our greatest joys is hearing from new parents about how the newly adopted kitties and doggies are doing in their new homes!

Here are some of our many success stories.¬† We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! If you have a happy “tail” you’d like to share with us about your Furkid, please e-mail us with your story!


Adoption Information:

Roma (now Jasmine)

“Lucy is on the left and her new ‘sister’ Jasmine (Jazzy) is on the right.¬†They are learning to love each other.

Right this minute they are chasing each other around the house and howling like tomcats.

Oh, the joy of kittens!!!”


Davy Jones

Our popular and sweet little Davy Jones is now known as “Deuce.” This picture of him truly shows how happy and relaxed he is in his new home with his new doggie.


Weiler has been renamed Oliver. 

Here he is in his forever home on his screened-in porch.  He has carpeted ramps on which he can scamper up and down to get all the best views of birds and squirrels.  Not to mention the wonderful fresh air.

His adopter says, “Let me add one more to the list of people who deeply appreciate what you do.”

-Bill R.

Grace and Hessie



We have renamed Hessie “Zoey” and the two are a complete blast. They play around the house like crazy. ¬†Our boys adore them and it seems the two kittens love the extra space. ¬†They are also getting on well with Baxter, the Lab. ¬†He seems at ease when he is out during the evening, not worrying about them at all.¬† So everything is going well.

We are collecting quite a few “amazing” shots as you can imagine with sisters. ¬†One minute they’re chasing each other, next minute they are asleep in each others arms, or one of ours. ¬†It’s hilarious and touching.¬†

1 – This was sold in the store as a “dog bed” – seems our cats don’t agree!¬†
2 РZoey (Hessie) Knows Her Mice 
3 – Sisters at Rest. ¬†Not five minutes before they were bashing each other’s ears – now they are having a rest.

- Andrew and Nicky

 Brett & Jenny

Renamed Franco and Bussie

The kitties are doing great! It took them literally half an hour to get used to the house and since then they’ve made themselves perfectly at home!

Bussie loves to sit on the stool we put in front of our french doors and watch the birds and squirrels. Franco loves to zoom around the house chasing his toys or imaginary bugs. They are both very curious and anytime we open a cupboard or closet they immediately climb inside. They are also very cuddly and find their way to our laps as soon as we sit down — and start purring loudly. The pattern seems to be run around and play for half an hour, sleep for half an hour, then repeat. Too cute!

We are so happy to have them and adore them completely.

It’s obvious to us that whomever was their foster family did a great job of handling them and getting them used to people so please let them know that we are grateful for that.

– Annie


Felicia and Farkle


Here are some pics of Felicia and Farkle those little cuties. We are uber happy to have them and they are sweet and playful. Farkle is eatin, drinkin, smokin and playin cards every day. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. The kittens are more than we had hoped for.

– Colleen and Clark

Snowball, Pickle, Boots

I first got to know about FurKids several years ago when the semi-annual ‚Äúyard sales‚ÄĚ started — I was so happy to find an animal charity that could directly benefit from sales of used items. I met Sam Shelton that day and loved her vision for the shelter.

At the time I had recently adopted a FeLV+ kitty knowing she would have a shorter life. Over the next few years, I kept up with Furkids and (though I could not adopt) and started telling people about it. I took their donations up to the market, and convinced my father to sponsor the shelter for a day in lieu of gifts for my and my sister’s birthdays this year.

Sadly, my FeLV+ kitty passed away in December 2010. She had a good life and I have no regrets for taking her. But I wanted my next adoptee to be with me for longer than 7 years, so I wanted to adopt a kitten. The policy of requiring a kitten to have company made perfect sense, so I selected two littermates (then named Snowball and Pickles). After several conversations with Barbara (my adoption counselor, who offered great advice on preparing to bring them home), the day came to pick them up.

There were five in the rescued litter, two had previously been adopted together (leaving the two I chose and their brother Boots). They had all been in foster care since they were born, and it was time for them to get more exposure at the pet stores to increase chances of adoption. But that meant if I left with the two I initially picked, I would be leaving the last of the litter alone without his any of his siblings for the first time in his 3 month life. The thought of leaving him alone and in a cage for the first time in his life broke my heart. Though I knew it would be a big transition going from one adult cat to three babies, the decision to take all three of them home I made pretty quickly.

They are now six months old, getting so big, and all are doing wonderfully. They have very distinct personalities and balance each other well. They are now called¬†Pepper¬†for his ‚Äúkicked up‚ÄĚ personality (Snowball),¬†Piper¬†because she pipes up the most (ie the loudest – Pickles), and¬†Parker, because he‚Äôs calm, mature, and laid-back (Boots). Although it is sometimes difficult to manage three active kittens (I only have two hands!), I have absolutely no regrets.

PS. I rarely have to pay a pet-sitter when I travel because I have several volunteers. And it’s mainly because of Parker, who I had not originally planned to take home. He is everyone‚Äôs “favorite”. But everyone loves them all and how sweet they are together. Thank you to all the volunteers and foster volunteers for doing such great work.




Amber has been doing great! She is slowly easing into life with us, and continues to be sweet and pleasant. Almost 2 weeks after moving in she took to sleeping at the end of the bed near our feet (she was so cute at first– she didn’t seem to know how to walk on the bed and she’d very tentatively put her feet down. Now she’s an old pro).

She’s adorable when she plays, and she loves to play! I have bought so many toys (maybe too many).¬†


Jesse and Billy


Furkids Note: In August 2011 we profiled 5 kittens that were rescued and had horrible eye infections.  Here is an update from the adopter of two of these precious kitties:

The kittens, Jesse and Billy, are doing great! They have really adjusted to life with us – and they are hilarious. We’d forgotten how much energy kittens have. We have lots of play time with them, but their favorite game is chasing each other!

Their most recent adventure is the sink – they love the faucet. We are very happy to have them, and so grateful to FurKids for rescuing them.

Thanks again for everything,


Abby Black


It has been a few years since I adopted Abby Black and renamed her Tabitha, but I had to send an update. When I came to FurKids I explained that I had to have a cat that would be able to hold her own against my dog, Aurora. Aurora is known for not always getting along with other animals. Aurora is turning twelve soon and while it took some time, she and Tabitha have really bonded in the years that I have had both of them. When I come home my cat is usually waiting for me at the door, but as soon as I let Aurora out of her crate Tabitha chases after her and they usually share a head nuzzle before going their separate ways.

I have attached a picture of the two of them eating/drinking together to show how well they have integrated. Each year for the holidays the three of us squeeze into my Mustang to drive to Florida. She’s a patient traveler as well.

I started my own business two years ago and I work out of my house. Tabitha and Aurora both often stay in my office with me during the day. Sometimes, Tabitha does get jealous of the laptop though, so I attached a second picture of her sitting with me in my family room. She likes to cuddle when I watch TV, but when I’m working while watching TV, it becomes more difficult, so she made the best of the situation.

Tabitha, Aurora and I all thank you for all the work that you do.

– Pamela L.



I just received the Furkids Newsletter and wish I was back in Atlanta. I would love to volunteer and help! I was transferred to Philadelpia and my adorable Baha is my constant companion! She is so good and sweet!

When she was due for her shots I took her to a “Cat’s Only” vet here and it was very hot in the summer. While waiting in the room for the vet, Baha found a cool place in the sink. I thought you might enjoy this picture.

I’m so grateful to your organization and my adoption of my Baha!

- Andrea L.

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