Cat Adoption Application

Co-Applicant Age
Co-Applicant Occupation
Street Address
Zip Code
Cell Phone Number
Home Phone Number
Email Address
What is the name of the cat(s) you are interested in?
Are you willing to allow a representative from our rescue organization to visit your home by appointment?
Please check the primary reason for adopting this pet
Do you own the residence where the cat will live?
If you rent, how long have you lived there?
What is the Landlord/Management Company name and phone number?
Is a pet deposit required?
Number of adults in household?
Do any family members have pet allergies?
Do any children live in the house?
If so, what are their ages?
Please list the pets currently in your household and their age and name and if they are declawed and/or spayed/neutered
Where will this cat stay?
Were all previous pets spayed/neutered?
What is your veterinarian's name and phone number?
What pets have you had before?
Where are they now?
What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving a pet up?
If other, please explain:
Do you have a doggie door?
If you are unable to keep your pet for any reason at any time will you return the pet to us?
Will you declaw the new cat?
How did you hear about our organization
If other, please specify:
Typing your name will serve as legal signature. By signing, I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers. Falsification of any of the above information will be grounds for disallowing the adoption of rescue pet and possible removal of sai

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