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We are pleased to share a comprehensive listing of the Furkids staff and volunteers who are in managing roles throughout the organization’s two shelters, FIV house, 13 adoption centers, and Thrift Store. 

Thank you to all of our staff members and volunteers for their amazing efforts each day to carry out our mission and who make Furkids such a wonderful organization!


Samantha Shelton
President & CEO


Melvin Gordon, DVM
Ethel Taylor, DVM (Volunteer)
Lauren Frost
Marketing & Promotions Manager




Cat Team
Jeani McGovern 
Veterinary Technician and FIV House Manager 





Leah Stanley 
Volunteer Coordinator (onsite)
Belinda Kach 
Volunteer Coordinator (virtual)
Terri Brunson 
Cat Shelter Operations Manager





Dana Starr (Volunteer)
Foster Home Manager 
Jennifer Turover (Volunteer)
Photographer, Adoptable Cat Listings, FIV House Co-Manager
Jessica Stephenson (Volunteer)
Adoption Team Co-Leader, Edgewood Petco Manager
Julia W. (Volunteer)
Adoption Team Co-Leader, Midtown PetSmart Manager
Joyce Fetterman (Volunteer)
Purrkids Program Manager





Cat Adoption Center Managers (Volunteer):
Lauren Harrington, Sandji Chavis, Sheilah Tomberlin
Perimeter PetSmart Co-Managers 





Julia W. and Michelle Manno
Midtown PetSmart Co-Managers 






Barbara Koll and Lynn Stroud
Northlake PetSmart Co-Managers 





Nicole Neill and Jennifer Turover
Mall of Georgia PetSmart Co-Managers 





Liz Mays
Smyrna Petco Manager
Ellen D’Orsi
Buckhead PetSmart Manager 
Brenda Labee
Holcomb Bridge Petco Manager





Aydee Overholt
Edgewood Petco Manager
 Stacie McTeague
Smyrna PetSmart Manager
Amy Hoehne
Alpharetta Petco Manager 
Alan Gorlin
Buckhead Petco Manager 
Tamara Prasad
Sandy Springs Petco Manager


Dog Team:
Tina Ghering
Adoption Manager
Vivian Aaron 
Community Outreach Coordinator




Mary Jo Cox (Volunteer)
Foster Home Coordinator, Photography & Videography, Adoptable Listings, Adoption Counselor
Rhonda Palladi (Volunteer)
Volunteer Manager






Thrift Store:


Amy DeLettera 
Store Manager
Geri Miller
Ellen Lenart 
Scott Hembree
Driver and Logistics
Susan Hunt (Volunteer)
Other Important Staff:
Chris Cota
Webmaster and Technical Support
Mike Langley
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Concern for animals is a matter of taking the side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done.
- Harriet Beecher Stowe

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal.
- Proverbs 12:10

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